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A Journey Through Sheltered Eyes Chapter 6

Book By: RachelAnnGaumont

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I woke up with Patch's arm wrapped around my side. I looked at it and paused, I was debating on moving it away. But then he woke up and muttered "mmm, good morning beautiful." I smiled an just relaxed. "Morning." I said back. I sat up and took my hair out of my messed up pony tale and brushed my hair.
We grabbed an early breakfast at the egg flipper shop, it was like a hot dog stand on the side of a park but instead it was in a trailer behind a truck. The man smiled politely as he handed us our french toast sandwiches. We sat at the nearest picnic table. "I know it might be hard to discuss right now, but.." Patch looked at me as i stopped in my mid-sentence. I continued "what was the best thing about Joesephine?"
I sucked back a gulp of tears wanting to cry out. He nodded slightly. He set down his sandwhich and whiped his hands off.
"I have to say she was one crazy lady. But the thing I liked best about her, man that's hard. I loved that woman, she was like my mother. But I think I liked how obsessed she would get over her witch things or my powers, powers in general. She was really involved with the whole supernatural way of life. It was very interesting. She used to tell me myths and stories she researched on a lot. She made life very entertaining as a kid. I am gonna miss those stories. Everything about her I will miss." He put his head down, and sighed back tears.
"She sounds like quite an amazing woman. I wish i could have known her longer and have gotten to know her better. We got along quite well." He smiled and lay his hand over mine on the table.
"I'm sure she would have looked as you as one of her own. She will be missed." He grinned at me. I smiled back and started to eat my sandwhich.

. . .
The mall was crowded with people from all over town. We were pushing our way through crowds to get by. "This is unbelievable!" I said, trying to push people out of my way. Patch put his hand on my shoulder, but I shrugged it off. Something just wasn't secure about us, and I felt all weird around him just like when we first met. "Something wrong?" He asked me.
"No. Just. I feel a little weird right now, it will probably wear off by tonight. Don't worry about me." I said heading into the bathroom.
When I came back out, Patch was gone. My phone started buzzing.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey, I noticed you aren't in the best of moods, which is totally understandable. So I decided to take a stroll through the park out beside the mall. You can take the vehicle back to the hotel if you'd like. I will be there later tonight." He said.

"Alright, thanks. See you soon." I said and hung up.
Something was going on with both of us, but alone time might be best after Josephine's death. I remembered how her death happened and shivered. I pushed it out of mind when I drove onto the highway.

When I got back to the hotel, I locked up the car and brought my bags inside. The lobby was still empty and almost too quiet, the hostess was in another room folding laundrey and watching "The Walking Dead". I grabbed my key and made my way to my room. I heard some weird noises coming from the room next to mine. I threw my stuff inside and put my ear up against the wall for better sound. It was a thumping and something else i just couldn't make out. I went and listened from the door instead. Then I heard it; thumping and grunting. I knew what that was so I walked away.
Back inside my room I just lay on the bed and watched the news. They announced another robbery at a few gas stations and grocery stores. Nothing special, same old same old. Then something else caught my eye, there was a news report being studied by the search and rescue about Deemetrie Pilgrym. My eyes shot open and I sat up. This only meant one thing. That they could find him before us, before we could cure him with the potion Josephine gave us. He would die if they got a hold of him. They couldn't get him to the hospital in time. I phoned Patch. But it went straight to voicemail. Where was he? I layed down and just decided to wait for an hour and if he wasn't back i'd have to go search for him. I drifted off into blackness.

I drove around for nearly an hour searching the streets of the small town. I stopped at the park down the road from the mall. The last place he was going to be and I walked around but couldn't find anybody, then I noticed a small western looking bar right across from the park. I walked in and everybody stared at me dramaticly then went back to what they were doing. I walked up to the bartender and asked a few questions. He shook his head, "not that I know of, sweetheart. But then again, I have a terrible memory. Ask Susie, the stripper in the corner there, she doesn't miss anybody on their ways in and out." He nodded over to the left side of the bar in the corner near the bar there was a small cage with a beautiful short skinny girl dancing like she's waves on the ocean.
Susie yelled down, "who ya lookin' for sweet cakes?"
"My friend who came in here, dark hair bright grey eyes and around 5`8?" She studied me seriously.
"Hmm yes. He walked across the road, that's the last I've seen him. Sorry hun." She said.
I nodded. "Thanks." And ran out the door.

I walked around for about half an hour searching for him. I went into the bathrooms I searched around the playground, the sitting area. Then I found a pathway going out on a long stretch. I followed it and it brought me to a large tunnel, where the walkway continued through. I saw a figure laying on the ground. I ran up and there he was laying on the ground unconcience. I knelt down and moved him over trying to shake him and wake him up, then I noticed he had writing on his face. I pulled out the flashlight on my iPhone and shawn it on his face. The writing was in black sharpie and it read; 'Loser swag yolo'. I sat there and started laughing, knowing he wasn't harmed.
I brought Patch back to the hotel, he was barely awake when we got there, although he was able to walk with my help. I helped him into the bed and made a pot of coffee and handed him a cup and sat in the chair across from the bed.
"What happened?" He asked groggy.
I smirked to myself. "You were passed out ya drunk." I said to him.
Then I noticed the writing on his face and went to soak a cloth. I came back and started to rub the sharpie off his face, it mostly smeared everywhere, creating black streaks.
"What are you doing?" He asked trying to push me away, unsuccessfully.
"Some kids decided to write trashy words all over your face while you were passed out in the park. Karma's a bitch, eh?" I said laughing wiping away the last of the marker.
His face looked darker with all the smudges, but they would easily come off once he had a shower. Which was something he really needed. I sat there and watched him stare up at the ceiling limp. "Well." I said to him.
He glanced up in my direction and said, "what?"
"Are you going to tell me what all this wondering off and drinking is about?" I asked as he fell back into the pillow.
"No. Not really." He said.
"Patch. What happened?" I said.
"I was upset, I just lost the only family that I knew of or that wanted to see me, and also you've been acting all weird around me like the beginning of this trip." He said. I heard him take a deep breath and sigh.
"I'm sorry," I say looking down at my coffee swirling around in the cup.
I got up and rinsed out my cup and went into the bathroom. I had tears coming down my cheeks without realizing. I wiped away the tears with toilet paper and tried to breathe.
I turned around and bumped into Patch. I looked up at him and one last tear fell from my eye, he wiped it away with his thumb. "I love you, Aurore. Since I first layed eyes on you, I haven't gotten you out of my mind. I can't imagine being any happier without you." He said quietly only for me to hear.
"I..." Before I could finish he kissed me. Hot and firey his lips on mine he kissed hard and hungry. How much I just wanted this guy, everything about him gave me goosebumps.
Patch picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he held me up against the wall and kissed me harder, rubbing his hand along my curvy sides. Then he picked me up and brought me over to the bed and layed me on the bed, he tore off his shirt and climbed on top and smiled at me as he kissed me again, more fire added to the haze. Until we were both breathless, he pulled back and I pulled off my shirt and smiled at him, he took my breasts in his palms and rubbed them in circular motion kissing my neck. He reached around my back and unclipped my bra and I let it fall gently off my arms. Then I took off my pants and he pulled me closer and started kissing my stomach around my belly button down to the top line of my thong. He got up and layed me down and went on top of me and pulled my thong off and threw it on the floor and kissed his way down and started to lick my clit very slowly and then he started to finger me gently and slowly as he licked, making me moan hard. He only teased for a little while longer then crawled back up to my face and started to kiss me hard again, I kissed him back and started to undo his pants as he pulled away and stripped till he was bare skin. I smiled at him and I crawled over to him and started to rub his length, and my god he was big. I looked up at him. Then I took him in my mouth and started to lick in circular motion on his head and sucked hard smiling up at him. I started to rub him and suck harder licking at the same time. He smiled and moved the hair out of my face letting me take control.
I smiled and took him out of my mouth, and stood back up and kissed him hard. Patch pulled me close and layed me on the bed rubbing my breasts and kissing me hard and passionately. He teased by sticking his head in me gently then he went in fast and hard and then he kissed me again. He went slow, hard, and passionately then we both finished at the same time, Patch said, "I love you, Aurore Pilgrym." Then he lay beside me and cuddled me in his arms until we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up more refreshed. I saw a tray with french toast, pancakes and an omlete sitting on paper plates with a cup of orange juice on the side. I looked at Patch as he turned off the tv and sat beside me on the bed. "Ever had breakfast in bed before?" He said smiling. I grinned
"No. I have not. But I can't wait to try it." I said and leaned him to kiss him.
After we fininshed he took care of the mess and then I got dressed and we packed up everything.
"So where are we going next?" I asked as we got in the car.
"Are we going to find Deemetrie?" He asked me.
"Actually! Speaking of that, I was watching the news yesterday, and they know about Deemetrie's missing case. And they sent out a Search and Rescue team to search for him."
"But they could kill him by trying to get him to the hospital. Which is why we need to find him, so we can..."
"Give him the potion that will heal him as Josephine said. Yes." I said continuing.
"Well we need to find him. He's somewhere in Colorado in a cave right?" He asked serious.
"I think so. That's where i hear his ghost. We just got to figure out where it is." I said.
We drove around, I had a map in my hands looking for the place when we entered the next town.
"Why don't they label caves on this dang map?!" I said frusterated reading over everything twice.
"Don't worry, we can always ask around." Patch said as we drove through the town.
We pulled up to an old museum that was open all day.
"What are we doing here?" I asked looking at him.
He shrugged his shoulders. "Just thought we look around and get some questions on that cave. Don't think a museum would be a good place to start? It's the history of a town, right?" He said smirking at me.
We walked in and they had Footloose playing just at the point you could hear it. Me and Patch started dancing a bit together to the song and everyone looked at us weird. We laughed and looked around at the statues and paintings. Then we came a cross an employee washing the glass windows to the sculptures. "Excuse me, mam?" Patch said politely.
"Yes?" She said with a smile.
"Where can we find any caves around here?" He asked.
The girl gave us both an odd look and smirked then said "well you see, theres multiple different ones around this town. And cool history fact, you're lucky you came to this town and asked instead of any other in Colorado. We're the only town with those famous caves in all of Colorado." She said delightfully.
"Okay, well we just need to know where these caves are, do you know?" He asked.
"Well yes of course," She said walking into the office and brought a map and she used a red sharpie to circle the locations of where the caves are." She said handing us the map and adding on "good luck." As we walked out the door.
"That lady is way too involved with history." Said patch as we got back in the car.
I leaned over and kissed him softly, then he pulled me back and kissed me harder drowning me in his passion. The we seperated and he smiled.
"You're just impatient. I understand how she was doing it. She was talking about somehting she was interesting in. That's just how girls are. We go off talking about things we're interested in and we don't even really realize what we are even talking about, or how much we talk about it." I said laughing.
He nodded. "I'll keep that in mind," he said winking at me as we got back on the road.


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