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Mr. Player Play My Game----------Character Pictures

Book By: ririsobessiontobooks

Rose Perkins is fed up with the sexy Spanish player Ashton Dominguez. First he looks down her shirt. LITERALLY. Then he volunteers to be her partner in drama club for the final project of the quarter. And he thinks he can flirt with her and then go grope up the school slut Destiny!?! Well Mr. Player let's play my game so I can introduce you to Rose the bitch. The bitch who hates your guts but falls for you anyways.

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altMila Kunis as-------Rose Perkins is a senior at Fairland High. Her single mom raised her up after her abusive father leftwhen Jimmy was born.She has brown hair, violet eyes, and is 5'4.
altWilliam Levy as--------Ashton Dominguez is a major player and would stop at nothing to get into a girl's pants. Both of his parents own a successful insurance company which explains why he values his possessions and wealth.He has brown hair, brown eyes, and is 6'4.

altUnknown as----------Lacey Duval is Sun's two year crush. She's friends with Rose and loves to write poems. She is blond, has blue eyes, and is 5'5.

altAishwarya Rai as------------Mia Toleni is best friends with Sun and Rose. She hopes to become a model someday. Her dad owns a prestigious Italian boutique. She has dark brown hair, grey eyes, and is 5'5.

altJoshua Anthony Brand as---------Sun Melrose is Mia's and Rose's best friend. He has had a crush on Lacey since sophomore year. He has black hair, blue eyes, and is 6'2.
altRomulo Pires as----------Eric Sanders is Ashton's best friend. He's a player but chooses to be more caring about dumping the girl. He has brown hair, green eyes, and is 6'5.

tumblr_lil0j11bs11qbfppso1_500.pngAriana Grande as-------Mel is Ashton's ex.

altParis Hilton as-------Destiny is a slut. She would stop at nothing to make sure Ashton's hers.

altTaylor Lautner--------Faun Rivers is the quarterback of the football team. He has black hair, midnight black eyes, and is 6'2.


(Onward to Prologue)

(Sun of a Gun by: Oh Land)

SunnyBoy, I love you! You got us tickets to go see Usher backstage?" Rose screamed and launched her arms securely around Sun's neck in gratitude.

"Oi, Rosie get your man arms off my sexy neck!" I gasp in utter horror and pout in disappointment.

He chuckles at my expression and ruffles my hair playfully. " Aww, did I hurt wittle Rosie's feelings?" He cooed. I laughed at his attempt to cheer me up. My birthday was coming up next week and he had acted like I didn't have one until today. He flashed me a warm smile as we headed outside for lunch. Mia my other best friend, had gotten held back by her science teacher.

I skip around campus tugging Sun with me in the process enjoying the sunshine on my tan skin. I go to Fairland High as a senior. Me and my family all live in South Carolina so we are all close knit with each other yet we've lived here for all our natural born lives. Some of her family are from Brazil making her part Brazilian but my story went farther than my family. They extended to my two best friends Mia and Sun.

When I had first started preschool I was the odd one out because of my violet eyes. My classmates had whispered and snickered under their breaths calling me names like witch. Sun had just moved in from California so no one talked to him either. Even though we sat at the same time table for arts and crafts he still didn't talk to me and I liked it that way. Two outcasts sitting at the same table. Until we went outside for recess.

I was swinging on the swing set allowing my mind wander to my dad yelling at my mom for signing me up for preschool. His veins protruding from his neck as he brought forth his hand across her face. She dropped down on the floor tears welling up in her eyes. I had stood there my tiny body trembling watching as my dad spit on mom and walk away like nothing happened. I was brought back to reality when I was pushed off the swing set.

"Oof." I winced as I covered the purple bruise forming on my knee on the verge of tears. My eyes looked up and they widened when they caught sight of Sun Melrose. "I'm sorry if I hurt you Rosie but I wanted to say your eyes are beautiful." He explained my face turning beet red at his compliment.From there our friendship had blossomed. We were lucky enough to get the same classes until high school.

In freshmen year, Me and Sun had two classes together so we only got to hang out during lunch period. Mia was a transfer student who came from Italy. She was stunning. She had full pink lips, high cheekbones, and a body I even envied.I assumed firsthand she would be a stuck up b*tch because of her beauty.During locker break though,Sun came up to me .

" Rose!" I turned around arching my eyebrow at Sun's disheveled state.He reached me pulling my small frame into his arms giving me a bear hug.He pulled away and said, "Okay so there's this new girl. Her name's Mia Toleni. Damn she is hot. I swear Rose you would go lesbian for this girl."I gave him a are-you-serious look and busted up laughing. He frowned at my shaking figure not taking me seriously. At the end of the hallway I could hear the click clacking of high heeled boots.Mia was walking down the hallway and everyone parted like the Red Sea in Galilee.

With her supermodel strut, Sun had quit his frowning and had stared at her with his mouth hanging open. I was surprised though that he didn't drool. He ran up to her in haste and kneeled down on her Juicy Couture boots with his eyes gleaming in adoration as he said, " Ohmigosh, new girl your so hot chica." She stared down at Sun in confusion her cheeks heating up under her dark brown hair. A laugh erupted out of my mouth like several others. She raised the heel of one boot bringing it crashing down on Sun's groin. He yelped in pain sputtering curses. She then resumed her strut hips swaying, Armani bookbag bouncing off her back.Later on after lunch, she became friends with me in chemistry and she gradually became to accept Sun's stupidity since he was my bestie.

Me and Sun were currently sitting on a bench waiting for Mia to show up when I caught a glimpse of dark brown hair in my peripheral vision.

"Mimi!" I yelled arms flailing to indicate our location. Her eyes scanned the area as she sprinted over to us. She plopped down in between Sun and me.

"So, why did you stay back?"

"Um….er……well Dr. Elise said she was putting me in honors science." Mia explained a blush rising to her cheeks in embarrassment.

Rose's eyes widened in happiness as she nudged Sun to get his attention.

"Did you hear that Sunny? Mia'sgoing to be in honors with us." He nodded his headonce and went back to concentrating on his game of Temple Run on his IPhone. Fingers tapping away. I turned back to Mia with hope in my eyes.

"Why you blushing Mia? It's time to par-tay!" I exclaim then proceed to gyrate my hips in excitement starting the beginning of my happy dance.

Sun chuckled at her retreating form. Rose was running around campus shaking her tail feather at people passing by outside. "You now Rosie is crazy sometimes, Mimi." I explained to Mia who was staring at Rose with a frown on her face. Mia stared at me and yelled to Rose's retreating form, "Rose! You crazy jerk come back here. Don't you see the way people look at you." I laughed at the way Mia's lips pouted at the end of her sentence.

Mimi thinks I'm crazy? I ponder the fact for a moment and yell back "Yolo". Yes its overrated but I'm feeling lucky today anyways. Sun chokes back a laugh. Mia stares at me like I'm her failed parent. Who cares when I'm having fun I thought.

My long legs take me flying across the green grass my head tilted soaking up the afternoon sun until I trip over a massive figure that immediately bolts up while I try to regain my balance by putting both feet on the ground.

"What the hell dude!? Why you running around like you bipolar or something?" A sexy, drool worthy, Spanish accent found its way to my ears.

The guy's murderous, chocolate, brown eyes glared into mine menacingly. Wow. I think I just peed my pants. Fantastic. My eyes wander and take in his full pink lips and brown hair. Realization hits me full force. His lips curl yet taunt me with a sexy smirk as I shamelessly check him out.

Stop checking him out Rose! He's the enemy I drone internally. His eyes held a mischievous glint. I try to sustain the anger that boils within like a flood on the horizon. Time to introduce the player that squashed thousands of hearts to Rosie's inner b*tch. I glare at the smirk plastered on his face. My arms crossed over my chest in defense. His eyes flickered down to my chest and stayed there longer than necessary. I fume silently as his eyes slowly make its way back to my eyes. A full fledged smirk graced his lips in satisfaction.

They ways I could torture a pretty boy like him. His eyes widen in shock when she flipped him the bird. Rose smirked at him innocently so she could bring her knees to his precious family jewels. He hunches over out of breath sputtering foul names to the fiery woman smirking above him.

Rose kneeled down patted his head and walked back to her best friends. Knowing fully well that she trespassed in the enemy's territory but he deserved it. He took Mia's virginity. Tears sprung in her eyes at the sudden thought. The typical high school party. He poisoned her drink with the date rape drug and bam. Mia comes running to her eyeliner running down her face. Blood staining her clothes. Sun blowing a fuse when he heard that Ashton raped Mia cause she refused to have sex with him. Ever since then she vowed she would..........

I, Rose Perkins, has dishonored the most arrogant, conceited, sun of a gun, player in the school.

Ashton Dominguez.
So what do you think? Comment? Fan? Bad or Good? I really think the think change of point of view sounded wrong. I'm not sure I'll be worrying my butt of if my writing doesn't sound good anyways.

A/N- So this is like a tidbit into my life so you could get to know me better. Today it rained so hard that the power went out three times in one hour. Me and brothers huddled on the couch for dear life..lol. I screamed like no tomorrow. I was writing on the computer and it turned off the first time. I freaked out. NO!!! I wrote like 7 pages on works for nothing and then my computer recovered it. Hee hee.C:


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