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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 1- True Love)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

a fanfiction love story about Josh Ramsay,
i hope you enjoy it chapter 2 will be posted later on!

Submitted:Apr 28, 2011    Reads: 300    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Found love, Josh Ramsay

Chapter 1- True Love

I woke up with sun shinning in my eyes and me half on the bed, and the other half on the floor! Today was the day, today i was going to my first Marianas Trench concert but of course i've always been a fan by heart!

Eventually i was able to drag myself out of bed and find some clothes to wear. i checked myself over in the mirror, spiked and straightened my hair and put on eyeliner and mascara along with some purple eyeshadow and lip gloss! i was almost ready for the concert, when my cell phone rang, i flipped it open and hit talk...,

"Hello?" i said in a hushed tone.

"hey, it's Khessy!"

"oh,hey what's going on?"

i sighed, " nothing really, i was wondering if we were still going to hang out at the concert today?"

"yeah, for sure!" i replied with a smile

"got to go, see you then!"

ok,bye!" i sighed, and layed down onto my bed

when i sat up, i looked around and sighed contently nothing was more perfect than the sun shinning through my window and the birds chirping their beautiful song!

i got up, grabbed my black vest and light blue high top converse, my car keys and headed out the door! i was going to pick up Khessy before we headed to the concert, i was so excitied i couldn't keep still so i grabbed a CD and popped it in and of course i had to listen to Marianas Trench to calm myself down but i cranked it louder and continued driving!

as i reached Khessy's house, i seen her running down the sidewalk in the direction i was driving. i stopped and rolled down the window, i did'nt even have to say anything by the time i turned around she was already sitting in the passengers seat!

"hey", she said with a smile

"why were you running?" i said as i pulled away from the curb.

"i wanted to beat you there!" she said with a warm smile

i laughed, she smiled...,

when we reached the concert hall, i found a parking spot and parked the car! we got out and headed inside, as we walked in i noticed a familiar figure, tall, black like hair and skinny jeans! this only ment one thing, Josh Ramsay was standing only a few feet away from me and Khessy and i couldn't belive what i was seeing!

i tapped Khessy on the sholder, and pointed into his direction, we both smiled with delight!

"what should we do?" she asked with a smile

" i don't know, but just cause, i'm going to pretend to accidently bump into him and slip my phone number into his pants pocket!" i said with a crocked smile

"do you think he will notice if their is someone's hand in his pocket?" she said with a puzzled look

" i'm not sure unless i try, right?" i said with a sigh

"go for it!" she said with a smile and a raise of her right eyebrow.

i walked slowly, closer and closer trying not to attract any attention to myself. i looked around looking confused so that i look like i bumped into him by accident! as i walk closer i got nervous, and started to wonder about things like "what if he catches me in the prossess?" or "what if i faint by the sight of his heavenly green eyes?" as i was off in my own little world i didn't notice i was tripping and someone caught me before i fell to the ground!

as i slowly open my eyes, i'm surprised to see the person that caught me from falling happened to be Josh! he smiled at me, "are you ok?" he asked, a small girly giggle bursted out of me and i started to cry! he helped me stand up and handed me a tissue, i thanked him and we looked into eachothers eyes...,

to be continued( chapter 2 will be posted soon!).......................,


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