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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 14- The trip of love)

By: romanceWjoshramsay

Page 1, what exciting adventure will they encounter on their romantic road trip? find out what happens to Josh and Stella on this next chapter!!!

Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 14- The trip of love

as i poured the glass of orange juice, the sunlight shawn through the window and was shining apon Josh's manly structure.

i looked at him with a smile, he seamed so focused on his work and so dedicated to finish his song! but he didn't realize how HOT he looked in the haze of the sun reflecting off of him. it was like he sparkled in the sunlight, his hair flowing in the breeze of the open window and from this moment it just seamed appsolutly perfect!

he looked up from the lyrics and smiled, "what is it?" he asked as he tilted his head in question.

i giggled, "you just look so HOT and sparkle in the sunlight!" as i gave him a warm smile.

he laughed and his smile widened, "really?" he asked as he moved closer to me.

i nodded with a smile, he brushed my hair away from my face and raised an eyebrow with a smile.

he kissed me so passionatly, his lips so warm and gentle on mine and i wrapped my arms around his neck.

he picked me up, still kissing me and took me to the living room and sat me on the couch. i sat on his lap, lost in his eyes while our kissing turned intense resulting in him nibbling on my ear again!

i giggled with delight, he kissed my neck and i nibbled his ear. he let out a slight groan and licked my neck.

i sniffed his neck, smelling the sent of his sweet musk colone. i looked into his eyes and kissed his nose.

i got up off the couch and looked out the window, to smile at the beautiful morning.

i turned to Josh with a smile, "today is a great day to take a nice road trip!" as i sat beside Josh on the couch.

he looked at me with a smile, "where should we go?" he asked as he moved closer to me on the couch.

i was caught in thought for a moment,then turned to him, "we could hit the road and just visit different places or even visit nice, romantic, natural places like the grand canyon or Niagra falls!" i said as i pulled him tightly closer to me.

i leaned in closer to his lips and stuck out my tounge, licking his firm lips. then i bit his bottom lip and gently stroked my hand across his cheek. i quickly kissed his lips, then hopped off the couch and ran off to my room, giggling!

of course Josh followed, but before he got to my room i closed and locked the door behind me. i laughed as i fell on my bed. i heard him knock, i smiled and opened the door.

he walked in with a smile and i quickly ran around him and ran downstairs, laughing so hard my ribs hurt!

he just stood at the top of the stairs, shaking his head with a smike apon his face.

i fell on the couch, unable to control my laughfter any longer! Josh walked down to the couch and stood there with a smile, watching me have one of my giggle fits! my laughfter caused him to laugh as well, resulting in him falling to the floor laughing!

we both couldn't stop laughing for at least a half hour. when we finally stopped laughing, both of us sunk into the couch with a sigh.

he turns to me, "what was that all about?" he asked with a serious look .

i smiled, but my jaw was still full of pain from laughing so hard, "i wanted to have some fun!" i said with a sigh

he looked at me with a slight smile, "i see, so if were going to hit the road, we better start packing then!" he said as we made our way upstairs to start packing............,

to be continued.................................., (chapter 15 is coming soon!)

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