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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 2- The connection)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

hope u enjoy the second chapter of my fanfiction love story!

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Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 2- The connection

as we looked into eachother's eyes, i felt a connection like we were ment to be together! when i looked away from his gaze i noticed Khessy standing there with her mounth wide open staring at the both of us! i took a step back and shyly put my head down blushing, i thought to myself that was far to weird and unexpected! still caught in Khessy's surprised gaze, we both shook her to bring her back to reality! i looked up and seen Josh looking at me, he smiled and turned to look away.

to my surprise i think Josh felt that special connection to, because he kept looking into my eyes and giving me that sweet smile of his!

during the concert, i swear he was looking at me the whole time, i got a stange feeling everytime he looked at me..., like he wanted me!

i went backstage to talk to him after the show, i tapped him on the sholder and he spun around and gave me a big, warm smile! then he wrapped hi arms around me and gave me a friendly, but warm hug! he stood back and held out his hand, " i forgot to introduce myself i'm Josh!" i grabbed his firm yet soft hand, " hi, i'm Stella!" i let go of his grip and looked away!

he held my face and turned me to look at him, i looked into his eyes and he smiled at me! he leaned in closer and his soft lips touched mine, the kiss was passionate and i felt that same special connection, i felt when i looked him in the eyes! we only met for 3 hours and we were already making out!

when he pulled away his hand was still resting on my face, i stepped back and turned away blushing! he turned to look at me, " Stella, did you feel the connection between us?" he asked with a puzzled look. i smiled at him contently, " i swear i felt something special between us!"

we stood there, looking into eachother's eyes, smiling! he held out his hand and took mine into his, we walked out of the concert hall with big, warm smiles on our faces! we walked to where my car was parked, he got in the back seat, Khessy was waiting for me in the passenger's seat. " Khessy, i'm going to drop you off at home, if that's ok with you?" i said with a smile, as i pulled out of the parking spot.

" yeah, that's fine i guess" she said with a suspicious look.

" great, oh yeah Khessy, this is Josh!" i said with a smile.

" oh hey, i'm Khessy!" she said with a smile as she held out her hand to him.

" hey, nice to meet you!" he said with a warm smile as he took her hand.

she pulled away and turned around, we stopped in front of Khessy's house and i handed her, her things from the back seat. she took them from me, then opened her purse and took out a pad of paper and pen.

she turned to Josh with a smile, " i'm a huge fan, could you sign this for me?!"

" sure, anything for a fan!" he said with a smile as he took the pad and pen from her hands.

he signed the paper and handed it back to her, she took it in her hands, looked at it and let out a tiny girly squeal! we looked at eachother and smiled!

she got out of the car with a big grin on her face, once she left the passenger seat, Josh got into the front seat and smiled.

i pulled away from the curb and drove home, i smiled contently at him and he smiled back....,

to be continued............., ( chapter 3 is in the prosses of a rough draft at the moment, but will be posted soon!)


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