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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 4- the relationship)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

this is where i decided to put an intersting twist on the story, i hope u enjoy it and please comment on my awesome fanfiction love story!

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Found love, Josh Ramsay

Chapter 4- the relationship

he holds me in a warm hug, after he lets me go, i go upstairs to change to some fresh clothes.

as i get ready i can hear Josh singing at my piano. a tear falls on my cheek, and i smile at the sound of his sweet voice! when i walk downstairs, i lean against the piano and smile! he looks up at me and smiles, " do you like it, i thought it could be our song!"

" i love it, it's perfect!" as i looked into his eyes

" the song is called beside you, i wrote it a few years ago for our second album!" he said as he continued to play the beautiful song.

" i was thinking we could go get breakfast!" i said as i sat on the piano bench beside him.

" hows starbucks sound?" he asked with a smile.

i giggled and smiled, " sounds good to me!"

so i grabbed my purse and keys, and locked the door behind us. we got into the car, and i popped in a CD surprisingly it was a Marianas Trench album! Josh turned and smiled at me, he began singing along to each song that played.

when we reached starbucks, i parked the car and we made our way inside holding hands.

we ordered a milkshake to share, and a couple chocolate chip muffins.

we sat down and sipped the creamy milkshake, he looked into my eyes, " Stella, i'm invited to an after party tonight and i was wondering if you would go with me as my date?" he asked with a sweet smile.

" oh, Josh i would love to be your date to the party!" i said with a smile.

he leaned forward, pulled my hair behind my ear and looked into my eyes and smiled. when we finished our shake and muffins, he headed home to get ready for the party.

before we went home, we stopped by the motel where the other band members were staying, so that Josh could get some of him clothes and other nessesities! we also stopped at payless and shoppers drug mart to get some new shoes, my makeup and spiking pomade!

we made our way home and went inside to get ready. i had the perfect dress, it was black with a funky blue flower design, thin straps, and black crinline around the bottom! i matched it with my black fedro hat and open toed black, wedge heels and sparkly black nylons!

finially it was almost party time, i walked into the bathroom to do my makeup and spike my hair. i entered the room to find Josh leaning over the counter with his face in his hands!

i walked in and gave him a hug, he turned to look at me, his face red and blotchy from crying.

" Josh what's wrong?" i asked him in a hushed tone.

he sniffed, grabbed a tissue and whiped his tears. i took the tissue from his hand and brushed his bangs away from his face, which revealed blood all over his lips and chin from coughing up blood!

" Josh!" i said to him as my eyes started to well up with tears.

" what's going on?" i whimpered as a tear started to roll down my cheek.

he looked at me with puppy dog eyes, then coughed spitting up blood again, i grabbed a towel and ran it under hot water and started to clean up his face.

" i'm calling an ambulance, were not going to that party if your sick like this! i said as i dialed the phone.

a reseptionest answered the phone, " hello, what's your emergancy?"

" my boyfriend's coughing up bood, and i need an ambulance!!!" i said in a paniced tone.

" help is on the way!" she replied

" thanks, bye!" i said into the phone, then i helped Josh downstairs and we waited for th medics to arrive!..............,

to be continued....................., ( chapter 5 will be posted soon, at the moment its still in the prossess of a rough draft!)


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