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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 6- baby please come home)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

in this one u really see Stella's emotional side, as she waits for Josh to come home from the hospital!

Submitted:May 1, 2011    Reads: 156    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 6- baby please come home

when i got home, i unlocked the door, closed it behind me and ran upstairs to my room.

i broke down, crying on my bed thinking of how this could happen to Josh, not now!

i picked up the phone and dialed Khessy's number, she picked up the phone and answered, i started to cry again.

" Stella, is this you? what's wrong?" she asked in a concerned tone.

i sniffed and whipped my tears with a tissue, " me and Josh were suppose to go to an after party tonight..........," i paused to blow my nose.

" and what happened?" she asked still surprised.

" i went in the bathroom to check up on him to find him crying with his face in his hands.........," i trailed off, the mer thought of Josh made me burst in to tears..., i continued,

" he had been coughing up blood for the last half hour and his face was white as a ghost, i called for an ambulance and to my surprise the doctors told him that he had an infection in his liver, squeezing his lungs and causing him to cough up blood!" i started to burst into tears again.

the phonewas silent for a while, then she replied, "oh my god where is he now?"

i sniffed and a tear rolled down my cheek, " they had to do 3 surgeries on him this month, so hes lonely there in the hospital!" i said in a hushed tone.

" when is he going to be home?" she asked concerned.

" they said he'll be done in 2 week weeks!" i let out a big, heavy sigh.

" oh stella, i'm sorry is there anything i can do?" she asked

i hesitated for a moment, " i could really use a friend's company right now cause i don't think i'll be able to get through this on my own!"

" i'll be right over, but first is there anything you need me to pick up for you before i get to your house?" she asked still concerned about my lonelyness.

" well it might be good idea if you bought alot of tissues, and might as well grab 2 weeks worth of our clothes and nesesitiesfor yourself cause i'll be needing your comforting to help get me through this!" i said with a small laugh.

we hung up, i let out a sigh. i look out the window and notice how beautiful it is outside, it would have been the perfect night for me and Josh to have a picnic!

i think about Josh's warm embrace and sweet smile, a tear betrays me and rolls down my cheek. i hear the door bell ring and spring to my feet, and invite Khessy in the house.

" you seem happier!" she said with a smile as i took her suit case of things and put them in my room.

" i was just thinking of good memories me and Josh shared and how it would be the most perfect night for me and Josh to have a picnic! i say with a huge smile.

" here's the tissues you asked for! she said with a small giggle.

i look out the front window, and sit at the piano, and start to sing " baby please come home"...,

" all the church bells in town

they're ringing a song

what a happy sound

baby, please come home!

Now the snows coming down

and i'm watching it fall

watching the people around

Baby, please come home!"

i stop playing, a tear falls onto the piano...........,

to be continued.............., ( chapter 7's rough draft is in the prossess of writting!)


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