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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 7- love has regained)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

when Josh finially returns home anything can happen!

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Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 7- love has regained

during the past two weeks, i've been an emotional wreak! it's great that Khessy stayed with me through it all even though i've screamed at her many times! but today was finially the day Josh was returning home!

i was the most happiest person filled with egarness and excitment! Khessy and i got in my car, to go pick up Josh from the hospital! but something caught my eye, on the riverview mirror hung a silver chain containing a ring! i smiled and another tear fell.

when we got to the hospital, Josh was waiting for us outside. i climbed out of the car and raced over to him, as i was caught in his warm embrace, tears betrayed me and rolled down my cheeks.

" i missed you so much!" i said as i continued to cry.

he held me tighter, " i missed you to Stella, but we managed to get through it together!" he said with a warm smile.

i looked up at him, " it was more than the both of us, to have toget through all this!" i said as i smiled at Khessy in the car.

he waved to Khessy to come share the hug with us, " we wouldn't have gotten through this without you, Khessy!" he said with a warm smile as he gave her a hug.

we all got into the car, and i smiled at the ring again. Josh saw me looking at it and took it off the mirror.

" i got this for you before i was taken to the hospital!" he said with a sweet smile as he put the ring in my hands.

i smiled at him and another tear betrayed me and rolled down my cheek. he whipped away my tear, and kissed my forehead.

" read the engraving inside the ring!" he insisted with a smile.

i turned the ring over and squinted to see the tiny calligraphy writing, it said.....,

"If your heart wears thin ,

i will hold you up ,

and i will hide you when it gets to much"-♥Josh

i smiled, " oh Josh, our song!" my eyes started to well up with tears.

he brushed my hair away from my face, and his soft lips touched mine, within our embrace more tears fell and i felt like i never wanted to let him go!

he was mine once again, and i was happier than ever!

as i drove home, " Beside you" came on and i smiled as a tear fell onto the steering wheel.

he looked into my eyes and smiled, and hung the ring back on the mirror and kissed my cheek.

when we reached my house, i unlocked my door and went to the kitchen. Khessy went upstairs to pack her things and Josh was sitting on the couch watching tv.

i was packing my picnic basket, i thought tonight would be the most perfect night to have a picnic in the park with Josh. i smiled at the thought of looking up at the stars on a picnic.

Josh walked into the kitchen, then stopped for a moment to see what i was doing, " Stella, what's all this for?" he asked with a susicious smile.

" it's a surprise for you, but i'll tell you anyway!" i stopped and smiled, " while you were at the hospital that first night, i looked out the window and noticed it would have been the perfect night for a picnic in the park!" i said as i smiled at the picnic basket infront of me.

he looked up at me and smiled, " your doing this all for me?"

" of course, i love you and i thought the park would be romantic at night for a picnic!" i said as i kissed his cheek and smiled..........,

to be continued..................., ( i'll start the rough draft of chapter 8 soon!)


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