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Found love, Josh Ramsay ( Chapter 8- Romance)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

what romance will happen next between Josh and Stella?, who knows?! why don't you read and find out! lol XD

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Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 8- ♥Romance♥

he hugged me with thanks and a happy tear fell apon my cheek.

i finished packing the picnic basket while Josh made a fruit salad, he was always so generous and he always looked out for me!

nothing could be more perfect than our love for eachother!

i smiled at him, " where do you want to have the picnic in the park?"

he looked up from the fruit and smiled, " i was thinking the willow trees underneath the cherry blossom, would be perfect!"

i thought about that place, how perfect it was and with a perfect view of the stars. i smiled and sighed contently, " that place is perfect and so quiet!"

he smiled and looked into my eyes, " i know, i thought the same thing and the best part is it's a secert spot that no one knows about!"

i laughed and he smiled! Khessy walked downstairs with her suitcase in hand, she smiled at the sight of our laughter and the picnic basket between us!

all of us grabbed our things and left the house, before Josh and i went to the park, we dropped off Khessy at her house.

then made our way to the park. we walked together hand in hand as we made our way to our secret, special spot! it was as beautiful as i remembered, a lush cherry blossom surrounded by willow trees and a beautiful meadow around us! the most romantic place there could be for a perfect picnic!

he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. he picked a daisy and put it in my hair, he smiled.

he pulled my hair behind my ear and smiled sweetly. i pulled myself closer and looked deeper into his beautiful green eyes, then my lips touched his and i stood there loved in his warm embrace! we sat contently underneath the cherry blossom and i opened the picnic basket, and fed Josh a stawberry from the salad!

he grabbed a grape and fed it to me, i kissed him again but more passionate than before, i felt like nothing could break us apart!

i was falling deeper and deeper in love with him, i would be heart broken if anything happened to him!

we continued feeding eachother fruit and snuggling up together underneath the tree. i felt so safe in his warm embrace.

i leaned in closer and snuggling up to him, lying my head on his sholder. he smiles at me and kisses my forehead, " Stella, i never want to lose you and i would never do anything to hurt you!" i smiled contently.

we look up at the sky and watched the sunset, and as the sun lowers in the sky, Josh kisses me and i feel a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart!

we watch the sky slowly turn dark, then we gazed up at the stars and smiled. i ended up falling asleep in his arms, but he gently carried me to the car and drove me home.

i woke up in my own bed, confused. there was no sign of Josh anywhere in my room, i walked downstairs to see Josh still passed out on the couch! i tapped him on the sholder and he slowly opened his eyes, rubbing them from sleep, " morning!" i whispered.

he smiled and pulled me closer to him and gave me a long, passionate kiss......................,

to be continued................................., ( chapter 9 will surly be posted soon, like today!)


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