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Found love, Josh Ramsay (Chapter 15- Hitt'n the road)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

what trip will they travel on? what will they encouter?! find out what will happen in this exciting love story!

Submitted:May 14, 2011    Reads: 144    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 15- Hitt'n the road

as we grabbed our suitcases and packed the car, we marked the map and hit the road.

i rolled down my window and let my blonde hair flow in the breeze. i turned to Josh with a smile, he looked so HOT in his leather jacket and skinny jeans! yet we smiled at eachother contently and continued driving.

first we had to stop at the motel, to let the guys know where we were going, just in case they needed to contact us! we unlocked the door and walked in, hand in hand! we smiled at eachother, "guys can we talk to you for a minute?"

"better be important!" i heared someone shout from the other room.

i see Matt drag himself off the couch, Mike walk in from the bathroom and i see Ian come from the kitchen, with a burger in hand!

we smile at eachother and then looked at them, "were going on a road trip for a couple of weeks and heres our cell phone numbers if you need to contact us!" we say as Josh hands Mike a slip of paper.

they smiled back at us and pulled us into a warm group hug.

i looked at them, "i'm glad you guys understand, we will send you a postcard when we can!" i smile with a smalln giggle.

as we left, hand in hand, i heard the guys shout, "have fun!" i smile.

we got in the car and blasted the stereo, playing Marianas Trench of course! i smiled at Josh and kissed him on the cheek, as he pulled out of the parking lot.

as our plan, we decided to take a trip to a beautiful meadow that we knew of, that's just on the outskirts of town!

when we got there, we drove the car behind a tree and smiled. we got out of the car and grabbed the blanket from the back seat.

we walked through the meadow to a nice little hill and layed out the blanket.

we sat down and snuggled colse, Josh put his arm around my sholder and i leaned in closer and snuggled in to his chest.

he looked up at me and kissed my forehead, i pushed him over, hanging on tightly to him as we rolled down the hill together.

laughing and giggling down the hill, we both finally fell to the bottom with a "THUD!"

i wrapped my arms around his neck, as he caried me up the hill with a smile. i looked into his eyes and snuggled my head into his neck, breathing in the sweet musk smell of his colone!

when we reached the top, he set me down on the blanket and sat down close beside me. i pulled him tightly closer to me, the pushed him down, pining him to the ground. my hair flowing in the quiet breeze as i brought myself closer to his gentle lips and at that very moment everything just seemed so perfect!

i slowly pressed my lips against his and ran my fingers through his silky hair. i bit his bottom lip and licked his top lip, pressing my body closer to his. he wrapped his hands around my waist and started to kiss my neck! my breathing turned hard, as my heart began to beat faster!

the sun started to lower, as the air started to turn cold. i snuggled in closer to keep warm, he took off his leather jacket and wrapped it around my sholders, then kissed my forehead, picked up the blanket and then we made our way back to the car.......,

to be continued......................................, ( chapter 16 is in progress!)


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