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Found love, Josh Ramsay (Chapter 17- Lovin' vegas)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

what love will happen in this romantic trip to vegas?
'member what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!

Submitted:May 17, 2011    Reads: 131    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Found love, Josh Ramsay Chapter 17- Lovin' vegas

i made my way up the elevator, wiping the remaining tears from my face.

as the elevator opens, i see Josh at the end of the hall and i ran for him with open arms!

i ran straight into his embrace causing him to stumble back a little, i took a deep breath of his colone and kissed his neck with the gentle touch of my lips!

he held me tighter and stroked my hair, running his fingers through it! his gentle touch was so soothing and relaxing!

i took a hold of his tie and pulled him into the room, he raised an eyebrow and smiled! closing the door behind us, as i grabbed his hand and lead him to the bedroom!

i sat him on the bed and went to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. when i came out of the bathroom, i was wearing a silk night slip and a light shade of blue lip gloss, knowing blue is Josh's favourite colour!

a curious smile wiped acoss his face as he raised an eyebrow. i pushed him over onto the bed, starting to slowly unbutton his shirt and licking his neck!

he pulled me tighter to him, our bodies so close to eachothers. i thought about this for a moment, thinking if our relationship has bloomed enough to feel comfortable doing this with Josh! i looked into his eyes,

"Josh, i love you but do you think were ready to take our relationship this far?" i said in a soft hushed tone.

"i love you too stella, and if this is how we want to express our love for eachother then it's fine with me!" he said as he pulled my hair behind my ear.

i pulled his tie, to bring him closer to my face and i kissed him passionately, running my fingers through his hair, exploring his mouth with my tounge!

our kissing turned intense, soon enough we found ourselves under the covers making out. Josh was naked exept for his socks and all i was wearing was my silk night slip with no underwear underneath!

i snuggled in tightly closer to Josh, as he continued to gently kiss my lips. he made me feel safe and he wanted me to enjoy every moment! i felt like i was in my own little world and that there wasno one else but me and Josh snuggling in bed together! i knew that i was truly happy and that Josh was "THE ONE!"

my heart started to beat rapidly, as i felt the warmth of Josh inside of me. our physical love was special and warm, nothing could change this warm, fuzzy, butterfly feeling i was experiencing as Josh continued to gently move inside me!

as a moan escaped from my lips, i was kissing Josh's chest, nibbling on his ear and feeling the warmth of friction between us!

our love for eachother intensified, as we contiued to stay close in embrace with eachother. when we were done, i snuggled in closer and laid my head down on Josh's bare chest as he continued to play with my hair!

soon enough we fell asleep in eachothers arms, happy and content with ourselves!

when i woke up, i was still laying on Josh's bare chest. when i slowly sat up, Josh rolled over to the other side and still being bare naked, he didnt seem to care.

i ran my fingers gently through his hair and kissed his cheek. his eyes slowly fluttered open, wiping his eyes from sleep. he looked up at me and smiled slightly, then he rolled over holding me tight in his embrace........................,

to be continued......................................., (chapter 18 is coming soon)


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