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Found love, Josh Ramsay (Chapter 21- Pregnant love)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

pregnant? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat stella's 2 months pregnant and having morning sickness! what's next??!

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Found love, Josh Ramsay Chapter 21- Pregnant love

weeks continue to fly by, but i swear today was the worst of it!

i woke up sweating next to Josh feeling quizzy, i nudge him awake and start running to the bathroom!

he follows, and neels beside me rubbing my back and whispering to me that i'm going to be ok because he's not going to leave my side!

when i finish, he gently helps me up and grabs the heating pad cause now my back in killing me! i take a couple Advil and gently climb back into bed.

as the sun shines through the curtins, waking me. i get the wierdest craving for ice cream and pickles! i get up and brush my teeth 3 times, trying to get rid of the discusting after taste from my experience last night!

i wake Josh, so that he can come with me to my ultra-sound appointment cause according to my calender, i'm 2 months pregnant!

i get dressed in a long t-shirt, Josh's big hoodie, a knee long, free flowing skirt and my pink high top converse!

once we eat a small fruit breakfast, i kiss Josh's warm cheek as he opens my car door for me. he smiles and kisses my forehead as i slide into the passenger seat.

on the way there, the cramps start as i feel the baby slightly kick! i look up at Josh with a big smile, when we stop at a red light Josh lays his hand on my abdomain, feeling the sensation of our baby moving!

he sighs and looks into my eyes, and smiles. when we reach the local health center, i ran to the bathroom again! Josh can't follow cause it's a local woman's washroom, so he just stands outside the door and gently talks to me while i upchuck this mornings breakfast!

when i finally finish, i present my health card to the nurse at the front desk and sit to wait for my turn! when my names called, i grab Josh's hand and don't let go!

in a large room, i'm lying down on a long cushioned bed infront of a whole bunch of wires and machines! the nurse asks me to relax and stay calm as i nod in agreement. Josh sits beside me and holds my hand, then the nurse comes wheeling in another machine.

she plugs it into the wall and turns it on.

she gels the scope and asks me to lift me shirt, then places the scope on my abdomain and presses a button on the machine.

an image appears on the screen as she moves the scope around on my abdomain.

Josh's face lights up in amazment, as an image of our unborn baby appears on the screen. a tear rolls down my cheek,

"i never imagined something so perfect!" i say to Josh, as more tears stream down my face.

Josh kisses my cheek, as we continue to watch the image on the screen move around. when the ultra-sound is done, the nurse prints an ultra-sound picture of the baby and puts it in an envolope for me to take home!

once we reach home, i sit on the couch with Josh,

"i wonder if it's going to be a goy or a girl?" he asks looking into my eyes.

"i've already choosen a name for a boy and a girl, Amber for the girl and James for the boy!"

we smile and wrap our arms in eachother's embrace..................................,

to be continued.............................................,(chapter 22 will be posted soon!)


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