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Found love, Josh Ramsy ( Chapter 5- the bad news)

Book By: romanceWjoshramsay

posted and ready to read and comment, hope you like and crave for more!

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Found love, Josh RamsayChapter 5- the bad news

when the medics arrived, they strapped Josh onto a gurny and made their way to the ambulance. he reached his hand out, " Stella, don't leave me!" he said in a ragged voice. " Josh, i will never leave you, i'll be right beside you!" i said as i grabbed my purse and coat, and chased after Josh.

" Stella!" he whispered in a ragged tone.

" Josh, i'm coming!" i say as i jump into the back of the ambulance.

" how are you feeling?" i ask him as i brush his bangs away from his face.

" i could be better, but now your here theres nothing to worry about, well exept my lungs hurt! he says with pain in his voice.

when we reach the hospital, they rush him in and do several tests. i sat in the waiting room wondering if the man i love is going to die or not, then about 2 hours later the reseptionest stands up and calls my name, " Stella, Josh would like to see you!" she said with a smile.

she leads me to a room and i open the door, Josh looks up at me, his face pailer than ever! i run to his side, and sit on the bed, " i told you i'd be right beside you!" i say as i kiss his forehead.

he smiles at me but i can tell he is weak and sore, i've never seen jim in this much pain before which made me break down and start to cry by the sight of hi pain!

he reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear, looked into my eyes and whispered in my ear, " hush, now it's ok!" as he stroked my back, " its going to be alright!" he smiled.

" what's the damage?" i asked as another tear rolled down my cheek.

" i have an infection in my liver that squeezes my lungs causing me to cough up blood!" he whispered to me, with a hurt look in his eyes.

i sniffed, " are you going to die?" i asked

" no but i need 3 medical procedues done this month!" he said with a sad look on his face.

" we'll get though this together, and no matter what i'm never leaving your side!" i said as i gave him a small hug.

he smiled slightly, " Stella, i never want to lose you, i love you to much!"

tears fell apon my cheeks, " Josh, i'm falling deeper in love with you, and i never want to let you go!" more tears fell, as he brushed my hair away from my face.

the nurse walked in, " Stella, i'd have to ask you to leave were about to start his surgery!"

" when will i get to see him again?" i said as my eyes started to well up with tears again.

she smiled, " all his surgeries should be completed in about two weeks, then he's all yours!"

i sniffed, " i'll pray for you every night, and no matter what i'll be right beside you, in here!" i say as i point to his heart and smile.

he smiles back and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, " i'll always be thinking of you, because i truly love you alot, Stella!"

a tear fell as i smiled and looked into his eyes, as i left the room i heard him say, " Stella, i love you and don't forget it!"

i thought to myself, how could i live without Josh's smiles and warm hugs. then i reminded myself, " Stella you have to get though this, for Josh!"

i smiled to myself and drove home..........,

to be continued................................, ( chapter 6 is in the prossess of a rough draft, will be posted later!)


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