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Love Of A HighSchool Type chapter 2

Book By: RoseOfPink

she is now going to her new school. What might happen? :D

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Chapter two : Suspicious Boy

.... *It's time to wake up, time to wake up* my alarm woke me up, I look at my alarm it was 5:00 am. I am still sleepy, once I looked at the cieling. I remembered the dark blue hair guy, who saved my from the bad guys. I cant stop thinking about him cause he really does reminds me of someone. Oh well, time for the first day of school. I stood up and fix my bed, took a shower, wore my White and Pink t-shirt and dark blue jeans (short). Went down then ate my break fast. I grabbed my bag and scroller.

"Dad, Mom I am going." I shouted so that my parents would hear me. "be careful and meet new friends.' mom said. I nodded, as i walk out of the house, I turn around and wave. 'Dont forget to write us." dad shouted. " we will miss you honey!" they both shouted as loud as they can. "I promise to write, Mom Dad I will miss you!"I shouted back with tears on my light brown eyes.

I stood at the bus stop waiting for Kie. " Lucy! are you ready?" kie asked with excitement. "Kie! i thought you weren't coming. I am indeed very Ready!" I excaimed, we were both on fire again. Then the Service Bus came. We went together and sat at the 2nd to the last, double seat. We were laughing because of our corny jowks. It was very noisy inside the bus and it was kinda cool. Then suddenly i can feel someone coming towards me, all girls was shouting. "Here, thanks for the help." he said and handed my back with a handkerchief. I faced him, in my shock it was the boy, the boy who saved me before. At first I didn't notice it was mine. "No, please accept that as a gift." i smiled. " Well, you know, there are few sand in this handkerchief. Then i cleaned it up" he said and wink at me. Arghhhh I hate him! "well, if you dont want it, I just get it back!" I said irritatingly. So I put my hands on my handkerchief which his hand was under. Then, suddenly, he grabbed my hands so firmly. " Did I said that I dont want it?" He grinned.. I blushed suddenly, It's like an indirect Holding hands, you know what I mean.... He laughed after seeing me blushed. "I knew you would blush, Try putting on a clip in your hair, It might look cute on you." he said racing his hand goodbye "argggggg." i said softly.

"You Know him?!!!!" girls shouted. "Yeah, why?" i was curious. "He is one of the hottest and cutest guys in our school" A girl said. "Really? that jerk? that perverted jerk?" i said in my mind. "IKR! he is a smart one too, he plays Basketball and soccer." another girl replied. "No girl canbe so close to him or even talk to him cuz he is like.. SO HOT!" another one again. "What was his name again?" I asked. "YOU DONT KNOW HIS NAME? He is KAITOH !!!!!" They all shouted. "Sorry for asking." I said softly, Kaitoh? . Finally, the bus stopped. We arrived excactly 8:00 am, I stepped outside the bus with Kie. We couldn't believe our eyes. The school was so big and fancy.

I walked around with kie, hoping we will find our dorms. "This is pretty cool" Kie exclaimed." IKR ! It's like a palace!" I excitedly said. Wewalked and walked and walked, and wannaknow where we ended up? We ended up seeing the boys dorm. It was their PE time, so they just need to change so they went to their dorm. We were so lost. "Are you lost?" a kind voice of a boy said. When we looked at him, he was so worried about us "Yeah we are new here, that's why" Kie said sadly. "We were walking and ended up here." I softly said and looked down. Then I fell like someone was holding my hand. He held my right hand with his both hands. "Dont worry, I am here for you, I'll help you." He said kindly like the wind breeze. our Momento was really nice.I looked at him, he has short Shaggy cute Blonde hair and hasLight blueeyes with a nice smile. He is like my prince charming in the fairy tails.

He looked into my eyes but I gazedon different direction.Is he going to let go of my hand? I wish no.We were really having our moment. but then, "REALLY?!" kie shouted which broke our scene. "argggghhhhh" i said on my mind. " Yeah, follow me." he smiled.It was getting late for school, I knew the 1rst class should be over.The boy grabbed me and putting me by his side. Kie waslooking at both of us and Smiled like an Idiot.

to be continued....... ps comment :D


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