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Love is beautiful or is it?

Book By: Rosi12cutie

16 year old Eva Trinidad Peláez badly wants to be taken by her boyfriend French Simon Hughes Jordan. Eva does everything from skimpy dressing to "forgetting" to wear a bra. Will Eva get what she wants or is her boyfriend not what she thinks he is?

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I opened my eyes slowly taking in every detail of him from his chiseled feautures to his muscle bound legs. Man was he really hot. I couldn't take it I wanted him, but he always seemed to be risiting. Any time I mentioned sex he would go all distant and make an excuse. I sometimes wondered if he didn't like me that he was only dating me for my popularity. I sighed I may be popular, but I've never had sex I was waiting for the right guy and he seemed like the right guy. He was sporty, funny, nice, charming, and lots more. *RING* Oh holy fuck class is over I have no idea what Ms. Brooke said for the past hour. This is going to be a difficult year. If I keep on googling at Simon in all our classes together I will be down in 7 subjects out of 8. "Bonjour mon doux" Simon said in his uberly sexy french accent. I know what since I have a french grandmother, and she uses this when she wants to give me sweets, but when Simon says it oh, baby ooh lala I'm gone. I heard a loud cough and was snapped back into reality.

"Oh, sorry baby what was Ms. Brooke saying anyway" I said as innocently as possible. "I caught a little, but not all could you help baby"? Simon smiled damn he's so hot. I linked my arm through his own. His arms were so smooth yet strong. I would really love his arms on my body. What did I have next anyway? Math or Engish? Oh, well I would find out later from Valencia. Anyway, now was lunch me and Simon time the time were we go out together for the 1 hour 45 minutes.

Simon and I dropped off our Science books and manouvered through the horde of students to the car park to Simons lamborghini Gallardo. I slid into the front seat it was furry and warm as usual. I imagined myself on a furry, and warm bed moaning as Simon touched me then the engine reared to life, and I back to reality. Simon drives with the most precision as if he'll lose control at any moment. I love his carefulness, but it would be fun if he wasn't so careful. We pulled up to" Meaty cheesos" where we normally go for lunch. As usual Simon opened the door for me and offered his hand so sweet.

"Ahh, Simon and Eva the usual coming right up" Mr. Cheesos said. He loves us since we are the best paying customers, and he was my dad's college buddy. As usual Simon pulled a seat for me, but this time I "mistakenly" dropped my purse, and bent down in front of him. I was wearing one of those short loose skirts. I could feel his eyes on me and his breath quicken. "I need to use the bathroom" he quickly said, and stormed off. Damn, not again I need to step up my strategy, and I know just the way. Simon returned after about 30 minutes looking quite better. We ate the rest of our meal in silence, and began to walk to the car when Simon started wheezing and choking. He was having one of his fits were his veing pop out. His eyes are blood shot red and he screames. I tried to help, but as usual he pushes me away quite hard pleading for me to go and I go. I finally have an Idea better than the one I had before a very good idea.

The next day he comes to school like nothing is the problem like he's all cool and alright. I walked up to Simon smiling oh God I couldn't wait for tonight. "So... baby what do you think of spending the night on daddy's yatcht he's okay with it" I say sweetly blinking my eyes vigourosly. Of course Simon hesitated then I put on my "I'm so gonna cry face", and like always he agreed. I jumped up in joy pecked his cheek and ran to Art class.

The rest of the day took on forever and ever and ever. It felt like the day was eating away at me, and in avery bad way. *RING RING RING* yes, finally class and school were over I ran to the yatcht to prepare everything, but before I did that I ran and put an invitation in Simon's locker stating the room, time and venue. This was gonna be so fun.

OMG it's 6:30 pm and Simon will be here at room 58 any time soon everything is set, but me. I hurry and leave the door open. I take off my clothes, but my skirt (I take my pants off too). I hurry into the bathroom and lay in the lavendar bath OH damn I can hear him. "Eva, the door is open" He says. I keep quiet and lay in the bath until he opens the door, and sees me. He sterts a half fit, and I pounce.Shaking everything I got. Simon tries to run, but I hold him down. Simon eventually gives up and strips me off my remains. I strip him until it's only his boxers I tug at it, but he refuses. How are we supposed to have sex if he refuses to take of his boxers? I pull until it goes of and damn I scream his...his OMG it's huge, and practically dazzling. Simon pulls me close taking my face in his arms and kissing me passionately then the time has come. Did I just scream? Yes, I did it was so huge I was screaming like a mother fucking 4 year old. I was also kicking, and thrashing I wanted to stop, because Simon was in his fits. But his fits seem to make him look stronger and harder. Simon holds on to me and bites me right on my fucking neck. Damn it's blood, and he has fangs, and the whole world swoons around me. So, this is how you feel after sex my friends never said it felt like this that the guy got all vampirey once he tastes you. I close my eyes my strenght going, my head hammering, and the faint crying, and begging of Simon.

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