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Summertime Never Felt So Wrong Without You

Book By: RyansGirlFOREVER1993

Chase and Kristen were best friends for four years, until Chase started acting odd and suddenly ended their almost five year friendship.

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Chase Tucker & Kristen Dunn were best friends for 4 years, they'd always spend time together, they'd always tell each other everything that was weighing on their minds, then one day that all fell apart.

*Chapter 1*

Chase would always come over in the early morning and make breakfast for her & her family, but he didn't show up, Kristen stumbled while still wrapped up in the fog of sleep, down the wooden stairs into the family room, she tripped over a plastic dog toy which squeaked with such a high pitched sound it had awaken her from the blanket of sleep in her mind. She spoke aloud to herself, "Well, looks like I'm awake so no coffee to shake that drowsiness feeling off…" she stumbled into the kitchen and found Chase sitting in my dad's lazy chair. Kristen jumped out of her skin, surprised Chase did show up today, but she paused to think over Chase's strange behavior for a moment, normally he'd call to let her know that he's on his way, which he never did today. Kristen watched Chase get up out of my dad's lazy chair, he's not staying, the little voice warned me from the back of my mind and I - like always - ignored it. Chase had his hands shoved into his front pockets of his dark-washed blue jeans, this isn't normal, the voice suddenly advised my brain. I was almost a foot shorter than Chase, he was 6'5, while I was 5 feet nothing, so I had to arch my neck to look at his face.He glowered down at me, and I looked back up at him with confusion, what the hell is wrong with you?! I wanted to yell at him. I opened my mouth to speak, but the words came out of his mouth like they were my own, "we needa talk, Kris." I looked back up at his face, he had his eyebrows creased together like he wasn't so sure about something, which, -- for him -- happens a lot when he's deciding to let go of something or… someone.My mind was racing, God please, please tell me this isn't happening! "Well lets hear it." I thought those words merely got past my lips, but somehow I guess they did slip out. Chase looked at his ratty, old Chuck Taylor black high-tops then to me.His voice finally broke the extreme silence between us, "Kristen, look… you were an amazing friend to me these past four years together, but I'm just done being your friend because I just need my space to breathe… I know that this is going to hurt you, but I don't care, so I just came by to say my good riddance to you, tell your mum and dad I won't be around anymore. Goodbye Kristen." And just as he came, he left; unknown, slyly, & silently. I just stared at the shutting front screen door then watched Chase slam the front door behind himself. My knees wobbled, finally I fell to the hard wooden floorboards and put my head in my hands and cried viciously, filled with fear and pain. "Chase…" his name escaped my lips in agony, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that he was gone. I slowly started to get up, I heard my parent's bedroom door close, I whirled around to see that my mom had came out wearing a sundress I bought her last year.I let the hair fall around my face so she couldn't see that the whites of my eyes were red from crying so much, and the that tears streaked my cheeks. Chase was my best friend, now he's what to me if we're not best friends and what am I to him now? Am I really nothing to him like he said? Mom looked at me with a questioning lingering in her eyes and it was like I could hear her ask without her even speaking. I lowered my head so she couldn't see my pain-filled eyes, but it was no use, she lifted up my head by my chin with her gentle, soft, warm hands. I looked at her, pleading to let go, she didn't and I knew she wouldn't.She spoke gently, "why are you crying, Kristy?" I shut my eyes tightly, hoping Chase will come back through the front door and wrap me up in a loving, strong hug and say he's sorry and he won't ever leave me again, but he's long gone, long gone with his love and my heart.I opened my eyes after what felt like forever, mom was still looking at me, I tried to hide my pain, no matter how hard I tried the tears came flowing down my cheeks. I finally found my voice to speak, "mom, I'm fine, really. It's nothing, Chase and I just had a… uh… misunderstanding, everything will be fine by tomorrow morning." I said that to make her back off from worrying and also to tell myself a lie to make me feel a little better.One thing I was questioning is, will everything be alright by tomorrow morning? Will Chase be back in my arms? Or is it all over forever? The next few days dragged on until I couldn't handle it anymore, I called Chase. One ring, two rings, three rings... "I thought I told you to leave me alone?" He still had my number saved. "Um... I'd like to talk to you about what happened." "What is there to talk about?" Then he hung up.


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