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-Help Me Name My Story-

Book By: Sarah Howard

Kathleen is in Love with John, who is 29 years her senior. This proves beb be looked down upon even in 1858. A witch puts her under a trance to find the true meaning of love and who she should be with. Kathleen awakes in 2013 only 2 years older and meets all kind of new people and things. Soon though Kathleen will realize what love is. The trouble is keeping that love.

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Chapter One

I sat looking out the window thinking about John. He was loaded. I would never have to worry about money ever again. That felt so nice. I thought about how old he was.

Most people looked down on me because I am 16 where as he is 45.

I didn't see the problem with that. If a man had money to support his wife then age shouldn't matter. At least I saw how love worked.

Even my father looked down on me for accepting John's proposal. Lord knows my brother Jacob thought I could have done better.

But what they don't realize is that I love John… and his money.

I watched as John rode up one his Grey horse.

John's blonde hair had a touch of grey on the sides and he was visibly growing older with every day, but I loved him.

I watched as he got off of his horse passing it to Daniel our stable slave.

He seemed to promenade up the steps to the door before gently knocking on the door. I got up and walked as gracefully as possible to the door before opening it for him.

"Good afternoon Darling" John's rough voice made me smile "I was wondering if your father was here so I could speak with him of our wedding"

"Father is upstairs I could have him fetched for you though"

"That sounds lovely Darling"

I turned away from John and looked around the room for Anna our house maid. I met the dark brown eyes of the child peering around the corner of the door frame. I smiled at her and waved her over. Anna hurried over to me in her black maid outfit where she stood awkwardly in front of me. "Anna dear, would you go fetch father?"

"Yes'um" she said running up the stair towards fathers chambers.

Unlike all the other Neanderthals that roamed the south father, Jacob and I took good care of our niggers and we treated them with care. They were delicate beings skittish and dangerous if treated poorly. Just last year father's dear friend Benjamin was shot by a nigger when he was punishing that nigger's 'love'. Not that they know love like I do.

John's voice broke the silence "You treat them to nicely Darling. One like that should be whipped for being so nosey."

I turned smiling at him in the way any bride-to-be should smile at their future husband. "I will try to change my ways for you sweetie."

Anna returned quite fast and hurried over to me "Ma'am Mr. Walter said for Mr. John to come up to his room."

"Anna will you take John there?"

"Yes'um." She turned to John "Mr. John, Follow me."

Anna led John upstairs and towards Father's room.

I sighed turning and returning to my chair. I watched out the window as two red winged black birds flew around diving and dipping in unison before pushing themselves back up with their wings. I don't know how much time passed watching the birds but I didn't even hear the door shut when John left. I watched as he went outside took his horse from Daniel, Mounted the Grey mare and took off down the road.

I took my eyes off the birds and hurried upstairs to see my father.

I came to his large oak door and leaned my ear up against the door to listen and see if he was busy talking to anyone. I didn't hear any voices so I knocked gently on the door.

"Come in" The voice behind the door said.

I opened the door and went over next to my father plopping down on his bedside.

"What is it Kathleen?"

"I was wondering what you and John discussed."

Father let out a heavy sigh before answering me "He wishes to marry you in a little more then fortnight Kathleen."

I sat up with anticipation. I would be married to my love in only a couple of weeks. My excitement faded quickly though when I say the hurt in my fathers face. "Father, it will be alright John is a good man and I love him."

He scowled at this. "Kathleen you do not love that man. What your mother and I had was love. I still miss your mother. What you feel for Jonathon is nothing more then greed."

My eyes widened at how cruel my father was being. In my sixteen years of being alive he had never spoken to me like that. I could feel the tears piling up in my eyes and I quickly brushed them away. "I'm sorry father." I said before getting up and running out of his room and to mine.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I thought as I plopped down on my bed, Just wait until tomorrow.


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