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The True Love Story of Christian And Sierra

By: sexyprincessierra2013xoxo

Page 1, a love story.


There was this guy that met this amazing girl. They started off as friends, but then they fell in love. but after a few weeks passed by.. and they got closer and closer until it was valentine's day. He kissed her & she kissed him back. Sierra and Christian soon realized they had feelings for each other so they started dating. The love grew deeper every time I saw him. When I was at home all I thought about was Christian....just to see the smile on his face... the way he know how to make me laugh..It's a love story. I miss him when I'm not with him but I realize I'm having a fun time reading a book at home talking to friends on facebook. He is very sweet. He cares  about me..I believe when I think about him he is thinking about me too. He makes me feel like never before.... I don't know how to describe it.... I think it's Love. I love him. I just don't know how to tell him. He always know how to cheer me up. Everything just clicks. He has changed me... my life.. for good. I can finally be happy. I love him. I think he is extremely hot, his good looks are amazing. He impresses me. But today he took me by the hand & took me to the park. Then we lay down in the sun and he kissed me.... But when we kissed it felt like magic...He is an incredible kisser. He has a sexy ass that I sometime stare at when he doesn't notice. I've dreamed of having sex with him.. one day i'm hoping that will happen.  The way he grabs my ass turns me on.  This is a story of  a sexy beginning...

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