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On Swords Edge chapter 4

Book By: swords edge

same as the others

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Chapter 4
Sandra slowly came to a walk. She had ran for about a half a mile or so, she was still panting when she leaned on an old oak tree. She wasn't usually like this, she hardly ever ran this far but it was like she couldn't stop. it was like she was being pulled by rope that was tied through her body. it was a strong pull not the little pulls that you have at your heart or gut that you have to do something on your own will.
Not this, it was like she was her a puppet and had absolutely no free will. It toke every inch of strength and power to stop and take a breath. Even that didn't work.
Soon as she stopped she felt a hand grip her lungs and squeeze them only giving her a moment of rest then it pulled her back up again and she was running. As minuets past the pull suddenly stopped. Sandra tripped over a root just as it did. She fell to the ground with a thud, the ground was wet and cold. The impacted would have knocked the wind out of her to if there was any air left. Sandra laid there for a minute or two trying to breathe deep and slow breaths. She moved her arms up and down feeling the cold grass around her. When she got her breathing under control Sandra pushed herself up to one knee and heaved herself of the ground. Sandra leaned on the tree with one hand when she was sure she had rested enough to walk she pushed herself of the tree and began to walk slowly in the way she was running only minutes before. There had to be something over here if she was being pulled so hard, something! anything!
Sandra walked for a few moments before she tripped again, is just me or are the trees getting bigger and thicker? And their roots farther out of the ground? Sandra thought as she rolled over and laid on her back looking up at the topless trees. Sandra shrugged it off and got up. Sandra didn't want to think about it, her day was just to weird she didn't need it to be any weirder. I mean seriously! It can't get any weirder than it is now! And just like that it did. Sandra tripped over the biggest root she had ever seen and fell through a bunch of large, thick bushes. Sandra prepared herself for the thud of the ground, but when she did hit the ground she didn't stop falling or more like in her case tumbling. She had fell onto a steep slope, and a huge one at that. Sandra kept on tumbling painful down the slope hoping and waiting for the finale thud of even ground. like Sandra had hope the ground did come soon even though it was far below Sandra was just tumbling fast enough to hit it quicker. With a loud thud Sandra hit the ground, this thud shook every bone in her body to the core. Sandra scream from the pain. The scream echo back at her and then slowly faded. This time Sandra didn't shake it off, she just laid there sobbing painfully, there was a sharp pain her head that was almost numbed out by the pain her ribs, it was like lighting shooting through her chest trying to find a way out. Sandra laid there for a bit mustering up the courage to look at her torso, it toke her a few minutes but she finally opened her eyes and stared up at rock, she had fallen inside a cave. Sandra looked at her torso,
Well… Sandra thought they aren't broken and Sandra was right, she could still feel them and there wasn't any blood so that marked off the worse. Sandra looked around for her bag. She found it a few feet away. Sandra pushed herself up and
walked over to her bag.
Sandra kneeled and picked up her bag. She plunged her arm into it polling out her flash light. Before Sandra even got near the switch to see if it would turn on it flickered to life. Sandra shock her head making it hurt for a split seconded but then ignored that her flash light just turned itself on, she was just grateful that it worked. Sandra pulled her bag over her shoulders and began to walk.
She had both pain and excitement run through her as she got a little deeper into the cave. This was the cave may had been in! Sandra looked around smiling brightly, after a whole year she had found it!
But after awhile Sandra's head and ribs began to hurt too much so she looked for a rock. Sandra stopped and slowly moved her flashlight around looking for something that would be some what rock like. Then Sandra's light landed on a heap of black. Sandra slowly walked to it, her flash light on it the whole way. but as Sandra got closer the heap resembled more and more of a shape of a body. Sandra then began to run as she realized this. It only toke her seconds to reach the body of the boy in her dream. His black wings were at full length and some of the black feathers were covered in blood. Sandra looked at the boys face, he looked 17insh to Sandra just like in her dream. Sandra slowly put her hand on his face and down by the cut that ran along his chin and cheek.
the boys eyes shot open, his hand grabbed her arm. Sandra gasped and tried to pull away but the boy held her arm tight.
"you!" his voice was weak but still stern. "you! y-you were there!" he stammered Sandra had no idea what he was talking about she was to caught in his gaze, he had beautiful light blue eyes. Sandra pulled her eyes away from his and to the huge cut along his side.
"ohmygosh! Your bleeding!" Sandra gasped, she looked back at the boys face. He had stopped looking at her and was looking at his wound. He gave a grunt
"I suppose I am…" he said blankly, giving a hint of a hurt filled smile. Sandra jumped to her feet.
"I'll help you! If you want…" Sandra said shyly, the way he was staring at her! he nodded his head, He let go of her arm. Sandra quickly flung of her bag and pulled out her first aid kit. This is why I always have one with me! Sandra thought rapidly digging through the kit for pain killer.
"no, no, no, no,….. yes!" Sandra pulled out a bottle of pain killer she pulled of the cape and poured the liquid amount inside. "here drink this and just to warn you it taste horrible," she said, looking some more for bandages.
The boy toke the cap staring at it strangely as if this was the strangest thing he'd seen in his life, He then looked at her. Sandra looked up from what she was doing and smiled gently at the boy. " do Ya want to be in pain? If not I suggest you drink it," Sandra said impatiently digging once more for bandages. A few seconds latter, after giving a sigh of trump, Sandra pulled out a bandage role. But As she turned around she heard a gagging noise. Sandra looked at the boy, he had taken his medicine and was now gagging from the taste.
"you positioned me!" yelped the boy in his stern but still fairly horse voice. Sandra couldn't help but smile. She had finally decided this was a dream and she just had to go with the flow, mostly because this boy had never tasted bad medicine! Sandra closed the first aid kit and looked at the boy wide eyed, the cut on his face was healed into a scar!
Still thinking this was a dream Sandra pinched herself just to make sure.
"ow!" Sandra whispered now freaking out, this was not a dream. Sandra shook her head making it hurt again.
"is it alright if I can take off your shirt, I have to rap this around you." Sandra said simply. The boy nodded his head. Sandra looked at his hair trying to avoid his eyes, his hair spiked up high enough that I flopped down, She noted. She looked at his blood stained shirt. Slowly Sandra unbuttoned it not really sure of what she could do for this boy, who ever he was.
"my name is Andrea's, just so you know." Andrea's said looking at Sandra with kind eyes, they still made her heart skip a beat.
"well, nice to meet you I'm Sandra." she said grunting as she tried to rap the bandage around Andrea's.
"um… Andrea's can you lift yourself up a little so I can get this around you?" Sandra asked gently. She jumped as Andrea's's wings moved. Slowly his wings pushed his back up. "th-thanks," Sandra shook as she rapped the bandage around Andrea's's torso.
"so Andrea's, I know must not be from around here. I bet your parents are worried," she said trying to make him talk more to fill in the awkward silence. He stared at the ground frowning.
"no they won't.. I'm just another nobody," he said as Sandra finished.
"there, done!" she said cutting off the extra bandage with a small pair of scissors. She looked at him hopeful for any sign of gratitude, there was none. "Ummm…. Oh! Are you hungry? I have some bread!' Sandra said rummaging through her bag. She pulled out her two pieces of bread. Sandra sighed, they were flattened by the fall. "I'm sorry but they're kind of squished…." Sandra sighed pulling out a piece and handed it to the Andrea's. He narrowed his eyes and just stared at the bread in his hands. Sandra put her hands on her knees and closed her eyes sighing. She was tired from the events of the day and would love a rest more then any thing right now.
"are you going to eat?" Andrea's asked Sandra. Sandra looked surprisingly at Andrea's, he had still not eaten anything.
"umm… no you will need the food more then me," Sandra said once again closing her eyes.
"you know, my mom used to tell me not to talk to strangers…." Sandra said quietly laying her head back onto the rock wall behind her. it was cool and eased her throbbing head.
"man if she knew that I was talking to a stranger inside a cave! Wow would she ever be mad…." Sandra smiled at the thought of her mother yelling at her not to talk to strangers. Then the smile went away as she remembered that her mother would never yell at her again. she opened her eyes and looked at Andrea's nibbling at the bread that she had given him. slowly she put her hand to her ribs. She gently laid her hands on her side and push down to see if anything was broken.
"ow!" Sandra whispered taking in a sharp breath and gritted her teeth. They were broken alright. Sandra laid her head back and squeezed her eyes shut. Only to open them again to see Andrea's staring at her with a hint of pity in his eyes. Sandra would remember that, that was the first emotion he had ever shown her. Sandra stared at him in return. "what?" Sandra asked annoyed mostly from the pain. Andrea's looked down, "your hurt," he said his voice less horse now and more full and commanding. Sandra smirked and gave a short laugh.
"I guess I would be after falling down that slope. And any way you are more injured then me so get some rest, you will need it," Sandra said simply giving a smirk as she stood up.
"where are you going?" Andrea's ordered his voice sounding low and commanding, no hint of sickness or injury like it did at first. Sandra just kept on walking forward yelling behind her, "firewood!"
Sandra walked to the opening of the cave were she had fallen in. like she expected there was large amounts of branches among the piles of rocks. Most likely knocked down by her fall or from wind and storms. Breathing heavily Sandra began to pick up branches. She would need to have 2 arms full so she needed to put a bunch of wood under each arm. Grunting Sandra began her work.
Andrea's had watched Sandra leave, He was still in aw of her bravery of approaching him and even healing him too! and then the way she had spoken to him… she spoke as if he was just another boy hurt and in need of help. Andrea's was quite breathless. He had seen her in the land of forgotten. A land were the simple mind was said to go mad but she, she just walk around like it was a play ground! and she just stared at him and his brother fighting as if none of it mattered… but when the sword fell, when the sword fell she started to glow and the closer she got the brighter she got….. and when she absorbed the sword… she looked like the one of prophesy… Andrea's mouth hung open, Sandra was the one of the prophecy! The one that would end the curse and open the tomb of the first king! And that could only mean that if Andrea's had figured it out so has Arjun. As Arjun's twin, Andrea's knew only to well what he would do to get the sword out of her. yes, Andrea's would have to protect her… she will have to come back to the 3 kingdoms with him…. Andrea's pushed himself up and sat flat back agents the rough rock behind him. he looked at his side, the wound was rapidly healing. he was lucky that his brother used his magic to harm him, his twins magical sword was the only weapon that couldn't kill him. he would be able to return to his world tomorrow if the healing continued at this pace. But then again what about the girl? She is in no shape for walking let alone getting fire wood!
Oh way did he ever let her go?
"hey! I'm back!" Sandra yelled across the gap between them making Andrea's jump a little. He watched with a frown as Sandra slowly limp to him clearly in pain.
Sandra dumped the wood out of her arms and onto the cave floor. She laid her back agents the cave wall and slowly slid down sitting next to Andrea's.
"so? How is your cut?" she said to him enjoying the small hint of surprise in his eye but it quickly disappeared.
"good, very good," he said simply looking away from Sandra and at the pile of wood that laid at his feet. Sandra just looked at him and nodded her head. She looked around the cave landing her eyes on a pare of rocks laying just a few feet away. She stood up and walked calmly over to them. picking up two good sized rocks she walked back and laid them down next to the wood. Sandra gritted her teeth as she kneeled down to build the fire. She then slowly one by one laid the sticks down 3 big ones on the bottom and a bunch of little ones on top. when she was satisfied with the amount of wood Sandra picked up the rocks to start the fire.


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