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Human, Demon, and Back

Book By: Sylvermyst

This is a story I thought of randomly.
It's about a girl who has a unknown past.
Learning murders have recent happened and the killer unknown.
She starts to wonder about her so-called black outs of memory.
Is she the killer or will she be killed?

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Human, Demon, and Back

By: Sylvermyst

Chapter 1

"Who am I?" I asked people my entire life. Since when I began to speak. I've always wondered this being an orphan going from foster home to foster home. I always felt lost and was always depressed. They called dangerous because I accidently caused a fire. Was I truly dangerous? No, I was sweet and innocent the people at the orphanage said. But I didn't believe them. When I was finally eighteen, old enough by the law to take care of myself. I left the orphanage and for the first time I felt alone.I had no one to look after me or so I thought. It wasn't easy getting a job. When I did get a job. It was at a failing restuarant that would eventually go out of business. But seemed to but never did. The pay wasn't the best. But it paid rent and food for me to eat. Then these unexplained occurences of memory loss and deaths. I woke one day on my bedroom floor, wondering how the heck I got there. There was warm, moist blood on my clothes and lips. Was I the killer?, I thought gettting up. Then behind me I heard a voice.I looked behind me. I saw a guy in dark clothing and scars all over his face. What scared me the most was the blood on his lips. I backed away frightened.

"No, no I'm not here to hurt you" he said in a too sweet voice. "I'm Gabriel" he said.

"I already know your name, Esmerald".

"Why are you here? What are you going to do with me?" .

"I'm here to help, because of what lies within you".

"You are not human nor are you demon" he said sternly.

"What?" I asked in question.

What was this wack- a- doodle talking about?

"Your father is a demon and your mother is a human".

"They made you, you should not have been born" he said.

"But they loved one another, they didn't care about consequences" he continued.

"In the end, your mother died, your father left, leaving you at that orphanage".

"It would have been better if you had stayed with him but he was in pain of his loss".

"You are like me, living forever in this mortal world till the day you die".

"What do you mean like you?" I shouted.

"You like me one parent, demon, the other human" he said answering my question.

"You are a halfing" he said.

"You need blood to drink, to stay alive" he continued again.

"Is that why, the lost of my memory and the odd killings?" I asked.

"Yes" he said quietly.

"You need to come with me, I can help" he said.

Should I go with him, this guy I don't even know. But I had no choice in my opinion.

"Fine" I mumbled and followed. In my pocket just in case was a knife. I followed behind cautiously but also trying to keep up. He was fast. Finally he stopped. I was out of breath. We were at a house.

I entered the house cautiously. I kept my hand in my pocket. He led me into a living room and told me I could to sit if I wanted to. I sat. He went into the other room. A minute or two later, he came back. With him, he had a blood bag. I started to feel sick. He noticed my face. Then went back in the other room. Brought back a cup and a straw. "This will help" he said then sat beside me. I took the cup with the straw. At first, I thought I couldn't drink what was inside. But it actually surpising tasted good and sweet. I gave him back the cup. I felt stronger now. My vision heightened and the strength returning. "Better, Esmerald". I nodded. My hand was no longer grasped on the knife's handle.

"Esmerald, don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you" he said.

"How do I know I can trust you?" I asked.

"You don't but you should" he answered.

That made no sense. "Can you tell me more about them, my parents?" I asked.

He faced went tense like he was going to cry. "Um sure, what do you want to know?" he asked and answered.

"Do I look more like my mom or my dad?" I asked.

"Your mother" he answered.

"You have her hair, her eyes, (I started to smile) and her smile" he said.

"How did you know my parents?" I asked.

He looked down. "When we were younger, our mother's were friends".


I was so shocked. "You used to call me Gabby, it was simpler to say then Gabriel".

"Isn't Gabby more of a girl name then a guy's?" I asked.

"Yeah but that's not the point" he mumbled, "you were 7 at the time".

"How much older are you than me".

" I'm three years older than you".

"Ok" I said.

"So Gabriel,why did you now find me after all these years?" I asked.

"You're deamonic appetite is becoming stronger and I was wondering how you were I haven't seen you in forever" he answered.

"Deamonic appetite getting stronger? Is that why all of those killings? Did I cause them?"

Chapter 2

He looked at the floor.

"I don't know if you're the one feeding or not on those humans, you could only be eating animals right now for all I know".

"You'd start out small then work on bigger prey, I honestly don't know if you got to the level yet".

I mentally shook my head, Yuck! Eating animals fur and all. "How will you know if I'm *shiver* eating humans".

"Only one way to know to keep an eye on you".

Since there was still blood all over me either on my clothes or face I took a bath while he cleaned my clothes. It was quite awkard.I didnt really know what to think of being a demon and all. What would happen to me? Would I kill more creatures or if I was the one to blame more humans? I got out of the tub all clean and shiny. I wrapped a towel around me and awkard went out. I met Gabrielle in the hallway.

"Your clothes aren't done yet, till they are you can borrow some of my clothes".

He handed me a a shirt and a pair of pants. I blushed and said"thanks".

I went back to the bathroom and put the clothes on. The clothes were a little loose and awkard to wear. I went back out kind of embarassed to wear his clothing. I found Gabrielle in the kitchen making dinner. I sat down silent.

"Are you hungry?" he asked.

I gave him a respone of nodding my head. He placed a plate in front of me. On this plate was some eggs, bacon, and toast. He sat down in front of me. I played with my food a bit before eating it.

"Esmerald, don't worry about it the demon stuff, the noobies always go thru this alone if I had gotten to you sooner I would have helped".

I looked down at my now empty plate. "I went thru it alone too" he said.

I felt like he was trying to tell me it was ok but it didnt feel ok. I felt like a freak. Maybe I had always been one. "I know what you're going thru" he said and then placed his hand on my own.

"Don't worry you won't be alone anymore". I looked into his eyes and he looked sincere.

"Ok" I mumbled. I yawned.

"Tired?" he asked.

"A little bit".

"Well you can have my bed, I'll sleep on the couch".

"You don't have to I can sleep on the couch".

"No, no I insist".

"Well I guess so" I mumbled. First was borrowing his clothes, now his bed.

I layed on his bed. It was quite comfortable but very awkard with a captial a. I couldnt sleep so I decided to walk around. I found myself in his living room. He was sleeping like a baby. Lucky. Then again he didn't have a newly found fact about himself. He had known and gotten over the fact. While I was still freaking out about it. He looked peaceful yet yummy in a hot way. I watched him sleep. He looked like a child so innocent. He looked more memorable now. Here I was staring at a extremely hot man when I should be sleeping. god I was an idiot. I headed back to my room for the night and fell into a restless sleep.

I had weird dreams and Gabrielle was in them or younger versions of himself. I now knew what my mother and father looked like now. They had loved me so much. I looked more like my mother but I had father's eyes. Demon eyes. I saw him for who he truly was thru my childlike eyes. The tears in my mother's eyes and her saying good to me at the orpahange. I had only been 10. I woke up crying wondering why these memories were coming now. I held my legs against my chest. Why did the memories come back now?

Chapter 3

Yet I did not get my black out memories back. Were those memories too bad and needed to be block. I wipe away the tears it was still quite early. I walked by Gabrielle. He was still asleep. I kissed his forehead. Left him a note saying I was going home and not to worry. I walked out of there. I walking away from this demon stuff right now. I wasn't going to worry about. Thing is then a guy was walking behind me. I didn't notice till it was too late. He covered my mouth so I couldn't scream. I kicked him but it didn't seem to effect him.

He held on tight like he had super human strength. He must have been a demon. He smothered me till I collapsed. I don't remember what happened next too well. When I woke up I was in a cage. Well maybe not a cage it was more like a giantic doll house. Everything was made of plastic. The door and windows were locked. I felt so trapped.

I walked around bored and tried to get the heck out. But nothing seem to matter. Then I heard the door open. It was the man who had kidnapped me. He closed the door behind himself. He had a tray and on it was a cup with red liquid. "Here's your blood ration, it should keep you alive."

"Who the heck are you?" I shouted.

"Don't you recongize me, my dear".

"It's me, your father, pumpkin".

"I don't believe you, your way too young to be my father".

"I'm older than I look, dearie". "I'm 140 years old".

"If you are my father, why are you back now".

"To help you learn to kill, honey"

"Your the person who's been killing all those people"

"Ding ding ding, baby girl wins a prize, of course it's me". "

Why?" "Because I need to feed and to get your attention"

I backed off. I didnt want to be like this man, even if he was my father. He was a demonic beast who killed so many people. He was a serial killer.

"I'll be back, honey; places to be, people to kill" he said smiling. "Maybe I'll start with your friend, Gabrielle" He walked out smiling.


Chapter 4

I held my hands to my face. My face was covered in tears. Poor Gabrielle was going to be killed because of me. He never know how I felt.... No, I had to get the hell out of here. But how? Unless I could figure out to activate these so called demonic powers. I would have no chance in hell. I got on the floor and tried to think. I was hungry so freaking hungry. I drinked some of it and felt myself change a bit. I went to the door knob and twisted it off. The door popped open. I ran out. Now to try to save Gabrielle.

Gabrielle's POV:

Where the hell did she go? I looked at her little apartment. I was really, really, really worried about her. Was she alright? I could feel something wrong or was that a dumb feeling to feel? Why was I freaking out? Did I like her? Why was wondering if I had feelings for her? When had these feelings start? Did she feel the same? Why was I asking a bunch of stupid questions when I could be out looking for her? Then all of a sudden I turn around and this guy had been behind me and he had this creepy smile on his face. I then remember who he was. Her father. He must have been the one doing all the killings. Now he was going to kill me.

Where the heck was he? I was starting to get worried. I found my apartment and saw some blood on the ground. Well I think it was blood, it was silver. My only thought was it must be demon blood. It lead into an alleyway. I found Gabrielle. He was tied up and had duct tape on his mouth. I saw someone looming in the shadows. It was my so-called father.

"There you are, I've been waiting for you" he said not so cleverly. It just damn out right got on my nerves.

"Why are you doing this?" I said trying to be calm.

"Because she took you away from me all these years" he replied. "I never got to see you grow up or anything a father is suppose to do". "But she thought I was drinking too much blood and thought I'd be a bad influence". "So she took you away from me to that damn orphange".

"She obvious didn't care how I felt about it, so I went a little bit out of control..."

"You- you killed my mother didn't you".

"I didn't mean to, I was hungry and angry, it just happened so fast" he said. "Trust me, honey I react like any other demon but I at least wanted to know you and to teach you about who you were" "I tried to get you back but those humans wouldnt let me". "So I had to wait for so long" . "But now I have you, the thing stop me is this boy here".

"Don't you dare touch a finger on him or I swear on my mother's grave I will hurt you". "Why is this always like this" he was saying to himself. "I want to keep you safe, out of danger".

"You are the damn danger".

Chapter 5

He looked like he was about to go into a spasms of craziness or tears.

"Baby girl, I've only tried to protect" he said. He looked quite like he didn't know what the heck to do. He was twitching uncontrollable. While Gabrielle unsucessfully was trying to free himself. Then I remember I always kept a knife in my pocket.

"Come here, dad you need this, a hug"

"Just like your mother a very kind heart, the one of the things I loved about her human qualities" he said. He stumbled towards me. I came into his arms. I now had the knife in my hand.I kind of stumbled. But then I stabbed him in the heart.

"I'm sorry, daddy your reign of terror is over". He looked sort of shocked, scared, and relieved. He fell to the ground and died. Then his body turned into ashes. I cut Gabrielle free. My hands were twitching.

I couldn't believe I had really done that. I didn't know whether to scream or cry uncontrollable. I picked the second option. But not by choice. The tears were streaming along my face. I fell to the ground. I had killed someone. Was I like my father now?

"Come on, Esmerald, we've got to get out of here".

I didn't want to budge. So he took the knife away from me and put it in his pocket. Then he picked me up. I didn't fight it. I was too confused. I didn't know whether to feel relief or what the heck to feel at all. My father was dead. I had killed him. Gabrielle took me back to his apartment and put me on the couch. He pulled a blanket over me. I didn't want to look at him. He broke the silence.

"While at your apartment I got some of your clothes, so if you want to change and take a bath" "I'm going to also be making lunch" "You can just lay here if you want I completely understand" He kissed my forehead and went into the kitchen.

What seemed to feel like forever passed by and I finally got up. I found the clothes he was talking about and picked some. I took a bath and washed all the pain and blood away. Then I redressed and headed towards the kitchen with a heavy heart.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" he said quietly as he placed a plate in front me with some food on it.

"Better" I mumbled. I looked at my plate, picked up a fork and started eating. I just stared at my plate. I couldn't look at his face. I felt ashamed of my actions.

"Would it be alright if I asked you to start living here, till your mind is in the right place with all of this demon stuff".

"Sure" I mumbled. I don't think I could have dealt with it alone and my rent lease was almost up anyhow.

"Really?" he said kind of surpised. I gave him a look and headed towards the couch.

He followed me.

"Are you sure you're alright?" he said. I went under the blanket.

"Yes, I'm sure".

"Really?" he said sitting near me. He lifted the blanket and made me sit upright.

"Yes". He wiped my tears away and hugged me. Then he kissed me. I kissed him back and then pulled away when I couldn't breathe.

"Was that ok?" he asked, "I was just trying to...". I kissed him to shut him up. He sure did shut up.

Chapter 6

When I got tired, he carried me to his bed. I protested but he insisted I'd sleep on his bed. He pulled the blanket up till my neck. He was heading back to the living room but I said it would be alright if he slept in his own bed with me instead of that hard couch. He awkardly laid beside me. I was cold so I snuggled up against him. He started to get up. I frowned at him. Then I noticed he was blushing. He got back into bed still blushing alot. I laid my head on his chest.

He put his arms around me awkardly.

"Gabrielle, are you alright with this?" I said, "with me laying on you and being this close to you".

"Um kinda, it's just I'm um shy" he mumbled.

"Well you weren't very shy earlier when you kissed me, just saying" I said.

"That was different" he said, "I was trying to make to make you feel better". I got off of him and turned my back to him. "Esmerald, what's wrong". I kept silent. I got out of bed and headed towards the couch. "Esmerald, I don't know how I upset you but I'm sorry".

"You upset me by saying you were trying to comfort me".

"How is that bad?"

"Because I was upset and you could have tooken adavantage of me somehow".

"I wouldn't have done that".

"How do I know that".

"Because I really like you ok" he said out of breath.

We just stared at one another. He picked me up and placed me on his bed. Then he kissed me and he pushed me against the bed. I didn't fight it. I pull away out of breath. I smiled.

"I'm sorry for getting upset" I said.

"It's ok" he said out of breath.

"I'm sure your feeling better now".

"Yes very".

He smiled back at me. I tried to get my breath back. But he kissed me again.

"Gabrielle, maybe we should stop here because I'm tired" I mumbled.

"Why Esmerald?" he said. He look sad.

"Because we barely know one another and I don't want to get to far" I mumbled.

"Ok then would it be alright if I asked you to go on a date with me, so that we can get to know eachother better?" he asked.

"Sure" I said.

"But till then I think maybe we need to um sleep" I said.

"Ok, night then" he said. He kissed me. I pull away after a while and turn to be on my side. I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

"Night Gabrielle" I said sleepily.

"Night Esmerald".

Chapter 7

The next morning, I stumbled out of bed.Trying not to wake Esmerald, I tried to be as quiet as I could as demonly possible. I went to the front door to retrieve the daily newspaper I recieved every day to look human. That's when I heard that damn cat's mewing. Not again, I murmured. He was a cat unlike anything other normal cat I'd known. Probably because he had some demonicness in him. He slipped thru my legs and headed towards my room instead of my kitchen like he usually did. I hurried after him. But he jumped on to, into Esmerald's arms.

"Who is this little guy" she said coaxing him. The cat looked at me smirking.

"He just a cat that causes me problems left and right."

"But he so adorable" she said snuggling him in her embrace. "You have to give him some sort name".

"How about I call him Annoying because he surely is" I mumbled.

"Come on that is mean" I said."How about his name be Stormy because he's gray" she suggested.

"Sure, sweetie but I'm still going to call him Annoying".

"Come on don't be a sour puss, he a sweet adorable feline".

"Sure he is and that's why he eats my newspaper and drinks out the toliet". "I'm going to the kitchen to make breakfast, play with "Stormy"' I said grumpy.

I looked back he that cat had the biggest grin on his little gray face. Damn demon cat. I made eggs and bacon. I buttered the toast and got some orange juice in some cups. Then to be nice I got a saucer of milk for that cat. I entered the room and found she was still lovingly petting that annoying pest.

That damn cat a smirk on it's little face.

"Here honey" I said handing her plate. I placed the saucer of milk on the floor. The cat looked at me then the saucer and back to me. He leaped down and took a cautious lick. Then seeing it wasn't poisoned continued licking the cream.

"It's nice to see you trying to be nice to Stormy" she said.

author's note: what should happen next? maybe i'll pick ur idea


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