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Lilia and Ikrious The Untold Story

Book By: SynethGurl

This story is about two powerful gods coming together and finding love. A ancient love story that will continue on for the ages.

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First let me tell you who I am, I'm Lilia Mckenzie Sliverfang and I'm a goddess, So hard to believe right ? Well keep llistening you will be surprised. I'm 18 years old in this life but my story goes farther beyond the beginning of time. I'm not going to get into my birth and the miracles preformed. This story is about Ikrious and I. The love of my life and the moon in my night sky. He is a amazing person inside and out. Anyways the way we met is something that would require a open mind....Let me simply tell you the story.

It was a hot summer day in June and the year was 1214, You see I been having trouble sleeping in that life due to visions of people's death. Although one vision will change my life forever. I woke up with a start one evening due to a vision of the gorgeous man about to commite suicide in a meadow I been to a thousand times. Although fickle visions are though I didn't know when he would be showing up there. With that in my head I dressed quickly into a white night gown cause I normally sleep in the nude don't ask why it's quite comfy you should try it sometime. Anyways I walked out of my little house and started for the meadow jumping from tree to tree sneaking into the deepest part of the forest that surrounds the meadow.( Now before you ask me if I am spiderman or a spider monkey No this ability is just another ability of a Queen Vampire. It's called blinking). Back to the story! I waited all night and finally that's when he showed up. I watched as he bent down and prayed to the god's and begged to be returned when it was his time. We don't normally die us gods we have immortality although that is hard to explain cause we do die as mortals but we are reincarnated don't bother trying to understand. I jumped down 20 yards away as I watched him about to put the sword to his throat, I picked up a big hefty stone and chucked it at his wrist. I wasn't expecting to break it nor for him to look back at me either. It was love at first sight I swear. His eyes was the first thing I noticed how they sparkled with intelligence and determination and alot of pain.

All I remember after that is him hitting ground and passing out in what to become today our secret spot. I guess what you can say I did from there would be alittle funny but I freaked out and had a mini panic attack. I picked him up over my shoulder and carried him to my place and laid him in my bed. I healed his wounds with my healing powers and that's when I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in my bed right next to the man I saved, I couldn't help but to smile but I noticed he was staring at me. "What Are You Looking At?" I asked him. "You" is all he replied with a beauitful smile. I blushed and shook my head at this amazing stranger. I couldn't shake the feeling that he was staring into my soul that I thought was always so dark.

I got up out of the bed and walked outside letting the sun shine over my face, I smiled up and in that moment I realized I loved him. He came up beside me and I noticed he was smiling at me. "Where do you live?" He asked me with curiousity. "I live in a village with a poor expenses and our ruler doesn't care how we live" He got an odd painful look on his face. "Well my castle is just over those mountains" He said and that's when I knew he was our king and for some reason that struck me hard. "I'm so sorry!" I said immediately. He shook his hand and brushed off like it didn't bug him but something about his face said otherwise.

"We really should check and see if you had any injuries" (just alittle heads up you can never be to careful to who you reveal your secrets to and in this point I didn't know that the love of my life was a god) "I'm all healed see no bruises, no scars, no head injuries" He said with a slight sexy smart ass smirk. I couldn't help it but I grabbed him by the ear and pulled him back into the house while he was chanting " ow ow ow ow" over and over again. " Don't undermind me mister I'm the one that found you"He looked at me with a sexy look that pretty much said (Excuse me but I rule over these lands and you have no authority over me) Which earned him a glare in return while inside I was screaming for him to keep looking at me in that way.

I eventually got him to lay down on my bed, where I checked his wounds...what I found was shocking if not revealing! A bow and arrow tatoo'd behind his neck! "You know Artie?!" I screamed He looks at me alittle confused by that but it finally dawned on him "yeah she's cool people and a good time" Which earned him a slap across the face. "Don't speak about her that way and yeah I know she is a good lay been there done that" I said with a chuckle.

"If you know she is a good lay then why slap me across the face?" he said while he rubbed at my hand mark.

"I slapped you cause you slept with my best friend but that's besides the point who the hell are you" I all but yelled

"My name would be Ikrious Sliverfang and I'm a VERY powerful god" He said with pride...

"If your so powerful how come I never heard of you but I guess I can be polite my name is Lilia Mckenzie Greymarch nice to meet you"

He got up and out stretched his hand as if he wanted to shake mine , who was I to say no, So I shook his hand. Although I wasn't expecting to feel all of his power humming through my body from that one touch. I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips. Finally realizing what I just did, I covered my face to hide the blush creeping behind my hands. OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I thought. He looked at me with a smile that pretty much told me he meant to do that. He is so cocky but not in a i'm superior kind of way more like I know what I got and I tend to use it against you kind of way.

He walked back into my house and gathered his things sliently, with a more thoughtful look on his face. I could tell all the playfulliness that was in his actions seconds earlier are all gone. "Where do you think your going" I asked him. He didn't bother to say anything until after he picked up his sword and he was half way out my door. "There are things I must attend to, Don't think your kindness haven't touched me in ways I haven't felt in years. This is why I am leaving for your own safety" Then he vanished without a trace.

I ran to where he was standing hopeing for clues...But their weren't any to be seen. I stood there in dead slience looking at my surroundings. I realized he had no intentions of seeing me again. I walked into the house with his words still replaying in my head.


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