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The Kingdom(Faries #1)

Book By: Syrinna Sky

17 year old Tiffiany has always had that spark about her even though she lives a normal life. Until she meets the gorgeous Trevor who she falls for instantly but things aren't what they seem.When she finds out her whole life has been a lie shes then captured and brought to Samual "her father" who introduces her to the amazing and flirty Klaus,Who she grows to love.She discovers her true life that is full of adventure,passion and surprise but having the life she always wanted means giving up her love for Trevor.With her new life she would be experiencing war,danger and most of all Death.With the two guys willing to risk their lives for her.

Is she willing to let the two guys she loves die for her?

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The kingdom:
Chapter 1.
It felt like someone was watching me. But who would be watching me at this time of night? Esspecialy in the middle of the woods. I don't even know how I got here;
was I dreaming? I saw someone heading towards me, I wanted to move but I couldn't. Then I knew this was a dream. They got so close I could see them."Hey I'm Trevor" he said. He had black hair with green eyes. He looked so hot compared to my dirty blown hair with brown eyes. But what was he doing here? Or an even better question, why was I here? "Oh hey, i'm tiffiany." I said quickly.
"I saw you in the woods, you looked like you needed help," he says. "I'm fine," I say.
I tried to move again and this time I could. "I have never seen you around here before, and I have lived here my whole life.." I add. "Oh well, I'm new." he says, "I'm starting at richmond high, im in grade 12"."I go there!" I say. He smiles, "well I guess we will be seeing a lot of eachother than." "I guess we will, anyway I should be getting home." I say. He takes my hand and kisses it, having the biggest smile on his face. "See you around Tiffany," he says. I smile, and start waking home.But before I knew it I was in my bedroom.
Monday, the next morning, I got up and remembered everything. I hurried and ran to school. The bell rang just as I got there; first block was journalism. I walked in and Trevor was right there in the seat next to mine. So it wasn't a dream i thought. I walked over and sat down. He says, "told you we see alot of eachother." I smile, "So are you ready for our presentaion?" "ya. What are we doing?" he asks. I showed him the posters and we did our presentaion.Later on that day we went to my house."You have a gorgeous house Tiffiany" Trevor said."Thanks my parents are out all the time so i only see them like teo months out of the year, so its almost like me house" i said with a little smile. "How come your parents are never here, if you dont mind me asking" he said politely."Their the type of parents that could careless for their children" i said rolling my eyes.
"Oh well i know the cure for careless parents" he says with a wink.
on't believe him..was he lying? I hoped not. "Nice, how do you like it here?" I asked. "It's great, but im not staying here for long." he says. "Oh" i said with sadness.Allthough i havent known him for long I thought i had acually found a decient guy.
It was the night of our special dinner, well as Trevor put it. I was getting ready in my room, trying to decied what to wear. I really liked trevor, and hes 18 only a year older then me it was perfect so i had to look good for our first date i guess you could call it. I hear a car pull up in my drive way, it was trevor he looked so good in his hockey jacket. I ran down the stairs and out into his sports car,"Hey babe"."Hey" i said.before we droved off, he randomly just looked me deep into my eyes and said "you have lovley brown eyes",he smiled."Thanks" i said.Probaly blushing. Few hours went by we had the best time we ate at Denny's my favorite restrant, we drove to a park, getting out of the car i just had to say "this park is wonderful at night"."Well i had to take a wonderful girl to a wonderful place " he says smiling. he led me to a nice little hill,we were just sitting their when he just started to look at me.He grabbed me so tight and just held me in his arms for hours.Since that the feel of warmth makes me think of him. After hours of watching stars he drove me home.We were listening to she will be loved in the car,aparently he liked singing cause you could hear him singing "She will be loved-ddd".he wouldnt stop but that was ok because i loved the sound of his voice.We arived at my house. "i had a great time". "Me to " he says with a little smile.He walked me to the door.He kissed me on the cheek ,he had the sofest lips. So soft i almost melted hes so sweet."Ill call you tomorrow morning so we can have breakfrest" he said with the cutest smile.
She will be loved-dd started playing on my phone the next morning."Hello" i said into the phone. "Morning gorgeous im on my way be read, love yea" he said. "Ok love you" i said hanging up the phone.He arrived and i hoped in the car."So i have the perfect breakfest waiting at home you're not allirgic to anything right hon?"he askes."I cant wait im starving, and no im not allirgic to anything" i said with a grin.We get to Trevor's house and before i could open my door,Trevor runs around the car to my door and says "Here you are my lady" with laughter."Why thank you" i said in a rich voice.We walk in holding hands, i could tell he was nervious cause his paum was sweady but it didnt matter cause he was just trying to inpress me and thats sweat of him."You can sit ill go get the food" he says."Ok" i said taking a seat at the kitchen table.Trevor comes to the table "Ok i brought pancakes, whip cream, strawberries, blueberries, rassberries, syrup, butter and some good home made french toast" he said smiling. "It looks great, thank you so much Trevor" i say standing up to kiss him,but right before i get my lips on his he spraied whip cream at my face then he kissed me."Mhhm you're face taste wonderful with a lot of whip cream" he says with laughter."You and you're whip cream" i said with a little giggle.
"Haha, lets eat" Trevor says. "Ok aha" i said.I put whip cream and rassberries on my pancake it was so good Trevor put whip cream, blueberries,rassberries and butter on his it looked good."Can i have a bite of that" i said to Trevor. "Um no this is mine babe" he said.I eventaually got a bite,after chasing him around the house and giving him five kisses.The home made french toast was funomanal. Later that night Trevor and i snuck into a bar called The Chaumblah. That night we grinded to so many songs i couldnt name them all if i wanted to.
The next few days flew by me and Trevor hung out at my house all week.Finally saturday came around which was the day trevor had something planded for us. "So can i know where we are going yet?" i ask with a huge smile. "Fine, we going to go crash chuck norriss wedding he said with a serious face. "Oh my god.Trevor seriously were are we going?" i ask with laughter."To late we're here now" he says with a cute smile."This place is gorgeous!" i say. It had the biggest deck i have ever seen.He takes my hand and walks with me in side, we turn through this huge door, and end up at a home theater with a giant bed and a wide t.v. "Like it i made this place up two days ago just for you" he said looking at me."Its the best!" i say with a big smile. "Well what movies do you want to watch?" he ask taking a seat on the bed. "What about The Notebook?" i said with a grin. "Ok but after you and me have to watch Titanic!" he said. "I love that movie!" i said. "Good" he says taking my hand and pulling me on the bed.We were cuddling on the bed,my head leaning aganist his strong chest,his arm against my waist felt so nice. After the sex sence in the notebook i lifted my head a just stared at Trevor, i wanted to taste his lips they looked so soft. Trevor looked down at my face and locked his lips against mine, the night was going fast just like Trevor was on my body.Before we went to far, i got up and put Titanic on.Back were we started we were on the bed cuddling, just the way i like it.After the sinking out the titanic in the movie and jack dying i look up and see Trevor balling his eyes out.His eyes were watery and his face was red, i could see the tears running down his face onto my cheek. "Are you ok ?" i ask with a slight smile because i knew my tears were racing down my face as well. "Oh i just hate seeing so many lost lives of old and young people, i mean they had to make rich people first! it just makes me so mad to see that im sorry" he said while giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Thats ok ,i know its insane PLUS i would have moved over! exspecialy for you" i said with a smile."I would have never let you risk your life for mine" he said with a serious face."Would you do it for me?"i ask. "Of course you know i would!" he says with a caring tone."Then i would be aloud to do the same for you end of conversation". i said with a grin. "Fine, now lets get you home so i can go to bed and dream about you"he said before kissing me.He picked me up and piggy backed me to the car.He drove me home, as we got to my door step he blurted out "So are we dating cause if you're ok with that i would love that?" he says."Well seeing how wonderful tonight went, i would deffiantly love it if we dated" i said while hugging him."Good night love" he said. "Good night i-" i paused.i Put my arms around him i whisper in his ear "i know this is soon but i love you".
He puts his hands on my wasit and pulls me closer "Its ok because i love you to" he whispers while staring in my eyes.
The night ended and from their on every saturday was our movie night.
I wouldn't want him to be sad to.He leans and kisses me it was a big shock."Dont be sad tiffiany" he says great he knows i am sad,but how.. so many questions about him but i dont get answers. "come on we have five classes to study for" he says."I guess" i say, all i could think about is how soft, his lips were so soft and that look in his soft green eyes was the best thing i have ever see."What was that for i ask,happly."This will work" he says, i laugh "what will"i ask. "Us, i love you he says. "I love you to " i say excited .That night, all i could see was tears, all i could feel was hurtness , loneyness, and .. fearless, and all this had to do with Trevor theese dreams just started happening when he got here so its got to have somthing to do with him. I knew for sure theese were dreams, just i wasnt so sure why they were bad,Trevor isnt bad.is he? A few days came and pasted,i hung out with him everyday since we met ,every saturday we watch movies and order pizza. i think were dating now. It was the night of our special dinner, well as Trevor put it. I was getting ready in my room, trying to decied what to were. I really liked trevor, and hes 18 only a year older then me it was perfect. I hear i car pull up in my drive way, it was trevor he looked so good in his hockey jacket. I ran down the stairs and out into his sports car,"Hey babe"."Hey i say before he leans in and kisses me .before we droved off, he looked me deep into my eyes and said "you have lovley brown eyes",he smiled."Thanks" i said.Probaly blushing. Few hours went by we had the best time we ate at Denny's my favorite restrant, we drove to a park, getting out of the car i just had to say "this park is wonderful at night"."Well i had to take a wonderful girl to a wonderful place " he says smiling. he led me to a nice little hill,we were just sitting their when he just started to look at me.He grabbed me so tight and just held me in his arms for hours.Since that the feel of warmth makes me think of him. After hours of watching stars he drove me home.We were listening to she will be loved in the car,aparently he liked singing cause he wouldnt stop.We arived at my house. "i had a great time". "Me to " he says with a little smile.He walked me to the door.He kissed me on the cheek ,he had the sofest lips. So soft i almost melted hes so sweet.
The next morning i saw him walking to school so i got off the bus and started walking with him. "Hey babe" Trevor said. "Hey" i say kissing him on the cheek.We were holding hands when suddenly group guy steps right in front of me and one of them says "Hey sweet thang, can i take you home tonight with a laugh. "Get behind me " trevor said still holding on to my hand. "Oh look at romeo go guys" another one says.Trevor starts walking away slowy keeping me behind him "Come on guys you dont wanna get hurt now do you" Trevor said. "What you going to do about it"one of the guys said while pushing trevor. Trevor lets go of my hand, "You really shouldnt have said anything to my girl" he says. The brod guy with blond hair throw's a punch. "Good try" Trevor said laughing. Trevor swings his hand and it connected with the guys face.The guy's on the ground wimpering. "Any one else want to try anything on my girl" Trevor said but everything was silent. "Lets go honey" Trevor says grabing my hand. Almost at school Trevor askes for the second time "Are you sure you're ok?". "Im fine" i said.Were in school we made it just before the bell rang. "Love you see you in family studies" Trevor says. "I love you to see you! i said. Before leaving for class he hugs me and kisses me but dosent unlock his lips for a few seconds, it felt magical his lips against mine felt like nothing could ever brake us. Walking to Math, Gracie hampsin bumped into me, my books fell on the ground and went all over.
"Whatch it " i said bending down to pick up my books. "Oh my god what ever" she said."Wait Tiffiany you hang with Trevor the new guy alot right?" she askes. "Yea" i said with a confused look. "Ok well tell him i say heeyyy and to call me somtime" she says with a wink. "Wow" i said as i walked off.I thought of how nice it would be to see glacie get rejected from Trevor so i ran back to her."Actaually hes gonna be outside by his car today ask him out" i said.
"Realy should i?"
"! yea , why not"
"Ok then thanks Tiffy"
"Its Tiffiany"
"What ever" gracie said walking off.
The bell range, so i rushed out of Spanish to get to Trevor before Gracie did.
"Hey babe" Trevor greeted me then sneeked a small kiss from me.
"Hey!" i said right as Gracie came out the door heading our way.
"Can we wait a few mins its so nice out"
"Yea of course " he reasponed with a gorgeous smile.
"Hey Trevor!" Gracie said very cheerful.
"Um hi?"
"So i was like wondering - than she trailed off.
"Pardon" Trevor said.
"Do you wanna like go out"
"Sorry but i have a girlfriend as you can see" Trevor said while kissing me with pashion.You could almost see the steam coming from her face but she just started to yell daddy and eventaully stormed off.
"Ouch i would hate to be her" i said with a smirk."To be rejected by the best guy on earth"
"Well your never gonna get rejection from me, im 100% you'res " he said pulling me close to him.
"I know" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek, with my arms wrapped around him tightly.
All i could think of after that was his serious tone when he said he's 100% mine.It kept a smile on my face for hours.
Chapter two
Trevors pointerview
I saw tiffiany the next moaring, i wanted to tell her i was a fairy so bad but i couldn't , i couldn't take the risk looseing her. Ealie one of the trainers from the kingdom of misticsumer, is walking towards me , why is he here so far aways from the kingdom. "Trevor" he says, "yes Ealie" i say "where is tiffany"? he says. "Shes in class were i should be she'll get worried if i'm not there soon"? i say."We need to take her back to the kingdom, as soon as possible trevor"."Why its only been a month" i say. "Trevor she's the daughter of samual!" he says. "I know!!" i say."Well You father is getting mad, we cant start the rounds so we have to take her back today"!. He says starting to walk away. I run after him, i grab his arm."You cant! i havent made for fall for me yet" i say, "well you ran out of time shes almost their, you have her rapped around your fingure, your jobs done now" he said. Tiffiany comes walking out of the school, just as anger gets to me."Trevor i have bin looking for you class started where have you been?"she says, "Im sorry i was late i had to take care of some things". i say .She stands beside me "what's going on here, whos this?" she says with a polit smile. To me ,"Ealie" i say."I am one of your dads workers he needs you home so he asked me to get you".Ealie says."Oh well i'll just go grab my stuff" Tiffiany says."No,she can't leave yet" i say."what do you mean Trevor?".Ealie grabs her and flys away."Trevor"? she yells, I could tell she hurt inside she didnt want to go but i had to just stand there. Hes right she should go, i had her rapped around my fingure , but alittle to tight.. i hope shes ready to fight to death, the war has to end.
Tiffianys pointerview
"Were are we?!?!, i ask."Home sweet home, for you of course" Ealie says,out side of a kingdom it was quit beautiful, the grass was so green the sky was so blue and people's outfits here were amazing."no home is were you just kidnapped me from"i say. I hear a stange voice say," Tiffiany my sweet daughter Tiffiany".
I quickly turn around "who are you? Wait did you say daughter!?".It felt like i got hit with a million thoughts, "i am not your daughter dont call me that, who do u think you are" i say, He looked at me with tears in his eye,"you dont remember me" he askes, i haven't been more suprized in my life it was strange but i new him some how but he was not my dad thats one thing i knew."No i dont remember you? should i ? i ask."Who brought you here?" he askes."Ealie which i have no idea why, i bearly know him!" i say while i figured out hes gone. "i should have known,Im Samual" he says "holy crap" i say while Samual leaded me to a room in there home, "get some rest" he says ."listen i still dont know why im here or who you are or where this place is, so it would be nice to get filled in on all this stuff" i say. Beatraly is all i could feel now could Trevor let Ealie,someone i dont know take me away.Samual walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.I was so scared and stressed so i laied my head back on the pillow and i was out. i woke up a few hours later it was 9:29 am on my watch. I go out of the room turn down this hall filled with colours then i saw Samual."I sugest u phone Trevor" he damands. "But this will be the last no longer will u see him this call is to say good bye". Samual says. my eyes tear up ," i am not phoning him" i say. "Oh i think you are". he says. "your not my father, you can't make me". i say. He holds up a shape that was silver looked like a stone, it had carvings on it. "Call trevor he skeaped into the stone."I am not-"Hello? who is this Trevor says. Samual throughs the stone at me, i ketch it."Hello Trevor"i ask. "Tiffiany" he says weird."Why did u call? he says."To ask you whats happening"? i say."I cant tell you, you'll have to figure things out for yourself this time" Trevor says. I start to tear up.Then all their was,was silence on the other line.i droped the stone and tried to run around the corner but i heard Samual call out "do not speak of trevor Tiffiany you will reagret it if you do, than ran the rest of the way to the bed room.I was shocked cause i didnt even care that i just talked to Trevor through a stone. I was standing in a little crease in the hallway, i could hear Samual and someone talking about the war rounds, summer baddles, and that Samual was yelling no i have lost enough in my life now be gone charilson. What the hell was the war rounds, summer baddle?, Samual was coming down the hall i had to race back to the room, getting in the bed in 5 seconds before i hear (knock knock) "Tiffiany you in there" Samual says. "want do you want?" i ask "there is someone here to meet you" he says." Come in"i say kinda hopeing it was Trevor but i was still mad at him.Samual and this guy that was not Trevor came in, my dad closed the door. "This is Klaus "he says. Me getting out of my bed slowly, and "why did i have to meet him"? i ask
"To take your mind of Trevor" he says "you dont know me maybe i don't want to get him off my mind".i say with a very upset tone in my voice.Samual gave me a confused look." the poing is i dont know where i am or who im with,it is all new to me. I dont feel like meeting anymore people today. i say " Tiffiany dont be - Kalus cuts Samual off."its alright Tiffiany i understand we'll talk some other time " Kalus says with a smile."That would work thanks Klaus".i say . while klaus aproches the door with a smile. Samual closes the door behinde him. "You were very rude , do you hear me that boy is straight up nice and you act like you dont care about enything other than your self in this world!". Samual says upsted. I get up open the door, "I am sick and tired of you telling me what to do i have bin he for a few hours and you barley know me so stop! get out" i say. " i am very disapointed in you" he says while leaving. Laying on the bed again thinking how harsh i was about that conversation with Samual , i felt the worst. I should go talk to him, pulling the turqiouse blankets with black lase on them, off me , i grabed my silk robe and walked out, as i step into a pitch black hall.Where is everyone i thought,Hear as noise behind me i turn my head but nothing was their looking back forward i see Klaus with his brown hair and blue eyes entering a room."Kalus" i try to whisper. "Tiffiany!" he says quietly "what are you doing up this late" he askes , "its only 9:29am ?" i say "Tiffiany its fillence!". "what is fillence" i ask confused. "You know 12:00pm" he says."What! thats a big time diffrence" i say with a little laugh. "I guess so " Klaus says with laughter. " come to my room so we can talk we will get caught out here" he says quietly. "sure" i say.As were walking though the pitch black hall, we stop cause we hear footsteps behind us."did you hear that " i ask quietly "come on !" he says while grabing my hand and starting to run. We ran up two flights of stairs and turned the corner and were finally their." oh my that was tiering " klaus says while cathing his breathe. "Very" i say shutting the door behind me. "Nice room you have ". "Indeed Lady Dutches made this room for me" he said with a smile. "Who's lady dutches "? i ask. "Samual's wife" he say.Samual has a wife, i would have never thought he did. "Kalus how old are you"? i'll be 19 in a month".he says . "Tiffiany" he says "Dont worry about Samual he grows on you once tou get to know him". "Klaus i am just so confused , as my new and only friend here please tell me what this all is" i say cerious.I am so tried but i need to hear this. "Ok but not tonight come to Taurus revadent with me tomorrow morning " he says. "Why not tonight"? i ask. "Cause Samual is coming! and you need rest, hide in the mirror " he says quickly . not evening wondering how to hide in a mirror. I jump at the mirror, and suddenly i can see everything going on the outside of the mirror and none can see me inside the mirror. "Klaus have you seen Tiffiany"? Samual askes. bardging in. "Of course" klaus says. What is he doing, he's gonna get us caught i think. "When you introdused me to her earlier" he says. i was glad he didnt tell him." Ok well good night to you Klaus". "Good night Samual" Kalus says.After he leaves Klaus reaches into the mirror and pulls me out. "That was close" i say. "very close, but you should head back to bed get some rest its a long jurney" . he says with a smile. "Well goodnight" i say while we hug."Good night .
I wake up to the sound of "Winter Kingdom is calling".. "Winter Kingdom is calling"..
i see a bright matalic purple light , i see its the stone they use here for a phone. i get out of bed and pick it up.Feeling the coldness of the stone on my hand i speek into it."Hello" i say. "Tiffiany!? its me Trevor" he says."I dont have enything to say to you!" i say quietly but with anger."Look i know i messed up but you have to leave the kingdom go back to your world." he says worried. " What if i like it he, Trevor i think i might stay".i say "You cant stay please trust me you have to leave there is war here if all members of the kingdoms are here and unless you want to start the war, you have to leave! if you dont leave war summer and winter rounds will begin" he says. "Why should i trust you, i made that mistake once and i wont again!" i say while hanging up the phone. Tears running down my face i dont want to fight with him.That night i cried myself to sleep
Chapter three
"Morning bueatiful. Klaus says."Why is your pillow wet,were you crying all night ?" he askes."Oh um its a long story" i say while stretching and siting up. "Ok well you can tell me later, are you ready to go?" he askes "at 6:00 am" i say in a tired voice. "Oh come on ,darlin we got a long way to go" he says smiling.Klaus is cute. i think to myself. " Ok first thing about This colliney is we can all read mindes" he says.
Dose that mean he just heard what i said about him i think to myself."Yes i heard you" he says. "Ok note to self dont talk about you in my mind". i say with a little laugh. He smiles. "lets hit the road" he says while throwing a bag of clothes at me. "Who's are theese"? i ask . "I bought them this morning, you cant just wear that for two weeks". "Two weeks!?" i say suprised "Well i told you its a long way, now lets go before they realize were gone".he says I rush out of bed grabbing the bag and heading out the door with him.As we get in the car he blurts out "You have to change your clothes they know the sent they will track it". "Right here!?" i ask "Yes hurry dont worry i wont look".he says. So i hurry and grab a flowery tight tanktop and light skiny jeens. "Ok your good now" i said. "Thats a nice look for you" he says as he winks. Hurry throw your clothes out the window.I grab my old clothes and taues them out the window as Klaus and i drive off.
I woke up to Klaus dancing to moves like jagger."Nice dance moves their". i say yawning. "Thanks" he says with laughter. "I have been meaning to ask you Tiffiany,why Trevor?" he askes.
We were still in the car so i couldnt run for answering that question."We kinda just clicked i guess" i say sadley."Sorry to make you upset,i was just wondering" he says. "No its ok i dont mind answering that"i say. "So how about you kalus got a special girl?" i ask with a smile. "None grand" he answers. "So we almost there?" i ask. "Almost" he says." im starving can we get something to eat"? "Sure what do you want" he askes. "Anything" i answer. "How about we stop at Tatauras?" he askes. "Sure, i have never tried it before" i say. We pull into the drive through.a voice comes out of the wall speaker "How may i help you this fine day?". "Ronda hey its Klaus two of the usuall please". The wall opens up,and i see a lady there. "You brought a girl here oh my Klaus is she special!! The lady says excitedly. "Ronda this is Tiffiany, she just a friend" Klaus says."Hi im Ronda nice to meet you ,Klaus never travels with another person" Ronda says.
"Nice to meet you to and well theirs a first for everything" i say with a smile."Oh Klaus shes gorgeus and funny" she says handing Klaus our food." Thanks Ronda bye" Klaus says. "Here you go Tiffiany" he says handing me the food.Klaus pull out of the drive through and countinues drving.After being on the road for another hour we arived at a place that look like the kingdom but had more darkness than light.All i could think of was Trevor,i missed him but i had so much anger for him."Ok before we enter the Winter Kingdom we have to hold hands or i have to put my arm around you, everyone here is a couple so we have to blend in" he says."Winter Kingdom? ok put your arm around me than".i say as we walk into the kingdom. As soon as we walk in i see people in rooms with big windows , fight with swords and people working with bowen arrows.We walk untill we stand in a white room with a big window. "Ok we can finally talk now" Klaus says.
"Ok so tell me everything"i say. "Ok well first im a fairy and so is your dad/Samual along with you! and everyone in the two kingdoms. "ME ?" i asked. "Yes you to" he answers.Their is wars that happen every year but their hasnt been a war for 17 years because every member of the Kingdom hasnt been here . Your the one keeping us from war right now, if every member isnt at the kingdom the wars wont go on. Plus their is no relationships with our eniems its our law..but your the only one that's ever broken that rule, so none knows whats the punishment is. "What do you mean i broke the rule i have never dated a fairy" i say confused. "William which is the ruler of the kingdom we are in now is also - he pauses. "Is what!?!" i ask. "Trevors father" he says quietly."That exlapins why he called from the Winter Kingdom, i just thought he got captuard to" i say. "No.. he says."So trevors a fairy?" i ask."Yes" Klaus says."And so are you" i ask with a little smile."You got it babe" he says."We are in our enimes Kingdom only because none can find us here" Klaus says, "What enime? Are we in Trevor's fathers Kingdom?!!?" i ask with anger."Yes but dont worry Trevor is still in your world." he says. Knowing Trevor wasnt going to be in this Kingdom made me less mad."Why did Samual not want me to know any of this?" i ask."Because-- ."Tiffiany! i hear a voice come from the door ,it was Trevor..."Trevor what are you doing here?! i ask. "Me , i could ask you the same thing!" he says with rage."Why didnt you tell me anything thing about you or even about me!? i ask. "Yea trevor tell her really why you didnt tell her anything or else i will!' Klaus says with anger. "Tiffiany i was sent to your world to-"Trevor paused. "Tell her she desevers to know"klaus says. "Klaus stay out of this! Trevor says with anger. Klaus stood up."I would watch if i were you their is a little somthing i could say to tick off Tiffiany because you're not telling her" Klaus says."You wouldnt " Trevor says to klaus. "Watch me" klaus says with laughter. Trevor grabs Klaus by the shirt and throws him against the wall."Trevor" i say while slaping him in the face."Tiffiany no!" Klaus says. Trevor grabs me by the hair and throws me into the shelf of swords.I have never felt so hurt and betrayed in my life, and the feeling of my back hitting the shelf knocked me to the floor not being able to get up.Seeing throw my skwinting eyes.Trevor and Klaus fighting with swords.I can't hear anything,my sight is going and the last thing i remember before blacking out is the momment i first staired in his soft green eye
Chapter Four
"Damit Damit Damit!". "What just happend?" i ask holding my neck.I start to sit up.
"Your awake! oh thank god." klaus said while taking my head and kissing it a million times. "Yea i am but my neck really hurts so you pulling on my head dosent help ,oh my Klaus! your bleeding!" i said with shock!."Dont worry about me ill be fine, the real issue is if you ok ?!" he says. "I'm fine and why do care about me anyways, i've only know you for two days" i say. "Oh come on you know why" he says. "Well frankly i think its because you like me" i said with a little smirk."Me like you aha you cant be serious, you said it yourself we have only know eachother a few days" he says smiling. "Then whats the reason" i ask. "Samual would have killed me if you were knocked out.Especially if he knew Trevor was the one who knocked you out." Klaus answered. "Thats the only reason?" i say with a are you kidding me face. "Thats the only reason why" he says with the biggest grin. It was a long way back so i thought i would put some music on, as i reach for the cd klaus's hand gets in the way."You knew i was going for the music!" i say while smiling.He grins "maybe". "Dayum you Klaus, dont use that power around me" i said with laughter. "Sweet heart i cant help it" he says.Klaus pulls into a rest area,"I need some sleep you should get some to." he said. "Yea i am pretty tired" i said.I was sound asleep after putting my seat a bit back. "Tiffiany i love you", "Klaus i feel the same way!". He leans in slow and kisses me , i have never felt so great. No that did not just happen that was a night mare.
Sitting up quickly opening my eyes. I have a confused and worried look on my face. "You ok their?" Klaus askes."Fine" i say trying to hind the shame on my face."Just fine". "So you know you cant tell your dad about this right?" he says. "He's not my dad and i think he might be kind of curious why there is blood! on your shirt" i said. "Fine" he said pulling over the car.Then Klaus takes his shirt off and throws it out the window.I just cant help look to see what hes like with out a shirt, and Dayum is all that crossed my mind.He had a good six pack. "Well thanks love you have a nice body yourself" he says with a smirk across his face. I was beat red the moment he said that."Well you still didnt fix our problem cause when he see's you like that he will still be curious! i said with laughter."No i think he wont mind"Klaus said with a guilty face."And why is this?" i ask."Well lets just say he found out about you in my bedroom,so i told him you snuck in there and tried to seduce me". "Klaus!" i said while punching him lightly in the arm."I'm kidding, i'm kidding hand me that big bag next to yours in the back" Klaus says. I grab the big duffel bag and place in on my lap."Hand me a tee-shirt from the first pocket " he askes. So i grab the safire blue tee-shirt and hand it to him.I am now kinda regreting saying that now.He looked so good with out his shirt, not that he wasnt good looking with his shirt i just think he has a nice six pack. Klaus smiles."So darlin what song next?" he askes. "Call me maybe" i said with a grin. "Oh fuck yes" he says. Klaus starts to sing "I threw a wish in the well", then he points at me "dont ask me i'll never tell".Then he starts up again, "i looked at you as it fell and now you're in my way" . "Your stare was holding ripped jeans skin was showing , hot night win was blowing were you think you're going baby" i sang. "Hey i just met you and this is crazy but heres my number so call me maybe" he sang.
We sit in silentce for a while.From the corner of my eye, i see Klaus lookking at me sadley. His hand covers mine on the arm rests, and strange enough i dont pull away. "I know ill regret this Tiffiany but he didnt intend on hurting anyone exspecialy you! he would never and you should know that" Klaus says with care.He brakes our conection by pulling his hand off mine but quickly reconects when he pulls the car over he whipes the tears from my cheeks. "He dosent have controll of his power when hes in his dads Kingdom, it wasnt Trevor hurting us.It was his dad! his dad controlls Trevors power in the kingdom!"he said.His hands still cupping my face he leans forward closing his eyes but i pull away and jump out of the car.Klaus knows i love trevor , Trevors sweet and suprizing and handsom,so is Klaus though? Im so confused if i kiss Klaus than i betray Trevor.
But im mad at Trevor why should i care!.But thats still no right to kiss another guy.Klaus is just a friend and thats the way i want it.dont i?."Tiffiany, please im sorry" he says while facing the back of me. I can here the foot steps get closer. "Dont, just dont" i said confused. "Tiffiany please, i love you " he whispers. "You cant love me! i have only known you for a few days! i said with rage."I have known you since you were five! you were born here! dont you get that! You're dads name is samual and you are a fariy! youre dad sent you away to protect you! he yells back. "This is all bullshit everything faries,kingdoms,samual being my dad!, you,Trevor its all bullshit! i yelled walking away.
"You dont mean that" he says softly.I stay silent as i walk passed him back to the car and hop in.
He hesitates then takes his time making his way to the car. "Klaus im sorry, i am pretty mad still at the whole trevor thing i know its no excuse so im really sorry" i said softly."I know, im sorry to" he says pulling me into a hug.My arms wrap around him and my head just barries into his chest.
"Now lets get you home" he said with a smile.I reaturn a little smile.We drive in silence, not cause were angry but cause were both to tired to talk.Finally we arrive at the kingdom."Home sweet home" klaus says while yawning."Its about 5;30 so ill see you at dinner" he said. "Yea for sure" i say.We walk into the Kingdom and go our sepret ways.I open the door to my room and all i see is my big royal confee bed! i run and jump onto it and curel up.The door closes "You seem happy" a voice comes from the bathroom door. I jump off my bed and turn to see Trevor.
Chapter 5
"What are you doing here" i ask looking around the room so i dont have to stare into his eyes.
"Well see theres this girl that i love and i hurt her even though i wasnt the one doing it i still hurt her, and i just had to make sure she was okay and would forgive me?" he said with a tear rolling down his cheek. I run up to him and throw my arms around his neck. As his arms tighten around my waist,i glanced up " i forgive you " i said. "Thank you" he says.He whipes a peice of hair from my face and tuckes it behind my ear. His mouth pressed against mine, kissing me with that same fire i had come to know and love.He carried me to the bed still keeping his gaze on me he lowered me down onto the bed.He was on top of me, i loved the way he felt on me, he took off his shirt and i almost died he has better abs than Klaus.Covering me with kisses he pulled my shirt over and off my head in seconds,he was kissing me so hungrily a few minutes after his bare body was against mine. Realizing how far things might go tonight i got scared.
But didnt back out cause i wanted my first time to be with Trevor. i wanted it to be now.
Trevor stoped kissing me, "Tiffiany are you sure you wanna do this" he asked. "I want you, i need you trevor" i say pulling him against me while we kiss. The night ened up very hot. We were curled up under the blankets together."You were my first just so you know" i say gazing up at him. "Funny you were my first to0" he says with a smile stroking my hair. He gets up off the bed " i have to go but ill be back i promise" Trevor said putting on his clothes.
"Okay but please keep that promise i love you trevor" i say. "Tiffiany i have more love for you than you cant even imagin, i love you to" he says grabbing me and kissing me with so much passion, my tummy fills with butterflys. "Goodbye love you" he says running twoards the door he stops at the door to take another look at me."I love you to, keep that promise" i said smiling.
He nods while smiling and he gone. "Back so soon" i say hearing a knock on the door. Thinking its Trevor. I get up and put my rob on tying it so nothing shows.Opening the door i cant see Trevor but i see Samual. "Who was hear ?" he askes. "Oh none i had a dream i was talking in my sleep" i said. "Oh very well, anyway it dinner so get dressed and meet us in the dinning room" Samual said. "Ok" i say shutting the door behind him. I through on some yoga pants and a simple purple tank-top and put a brush trough my hair a couple times, and open the door.I walk till i stop infront of theese red and golden doors, i decied to push them open i see everyone staring at me with a smile, so i return a slight smile and take a seet across from klaus. "Now we can eat" Samual said with a big loud strong voice.
"So what did you do last night?" asked Samual while cutting his steak, Klaus looking like he going to die after hearing that question. "Uh-i-uh well i had a late night last night i was up all night reading " i said with a smile. "Who made dinner its so good?" i ask Samual shoving saled in my mouth.Trying to change subjects."Oh Chelsa, our cook of course" he said. "Oh well its great" i said with a smile."Everyone Everyone please listen!


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