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Strong love part 2 (the BIG mastaike)

Book By: teamjacob

Tags: (romance)

You all read part 1 well get ready for part 2 of Strong Love this story takes place were Ashira was trapped in one of the gas shower's in the consitration camps NOT to menshion she's pregnant WHAT will happen to her... WILL the babe live... and WHAT will Aviad do without his beloved Ashira!!! Read and find out SOON!!!!

Submitted:Feb 20, 2010    Reads: 83    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Suddenly somthing happen just when I thought I would soon give out the gasses STOPTED I saw a man standing out not looking like he worked for Hitler at all.But my body couln't take it I was holding my breath for to long I shed a tear thinking that this is the end and everything turned BLACK.A couple of hours later I woke up in a hospital bed were am I know it seemed nice...perhappes to nice out of all i've been throw.I looked around the enviorment seemed really safe there were flowers neer my bed a beautiful curten and white blankets.Sudenly I saw tis man walk in the room he looked freindly I was soo confused what is going on I said to the man he replied you've fainted and hit your head mighty hard on the floor soo you ended up hear he laughed.I looked at him rudley WERE IS Aviad I yelled there is somthing very inportent to tell him yeah like the fact that im pregnant I thought.He looked at me and sighed it was very uncompterble.The consintrashion camp prisoners have all been released...well the ones that lived enyway he sighed I DONT KNOW IF HE'S DEAD OR ALIVE!!!!!! I wanted to scream why did I have to be cursed with such pain of love.On thursday I was released from the hospital I looked everyware for Aviad but I couldn't find him.AFTER A WHILE i JUST ASSUMED HE WAS dead itwas hard at first I cried for months hopying it wasn't true I still cry till this day and my daughter is now 5 she still ask's about her dad and I tell her what happen's and even she cries it breaks my heart to see that but it's somthing I live withwell it's her birthday and my girlfreinds Ashley,Mirea and Jeff and I are going shopping for a cake just then when wewere at the check out counter I saw a man that look's just like Aviad I laughed thinking I must be CRAZY because my Aviad was... dead.he looked at me his eye's widened......Ashira? he askedummm Aviad I said my freinds looking at me crazy WOW we both said laughing come by my house later he said I will I said.. Oh DAMIT I cant my daughter's birthday is today oh I didn't know youwere married he said.I laughed Im not.... OH that's right Aviad never found out about Christian (my daughter) well I have a surprise for you.Thats great he said smiling hard.The next day after my daughter's b-day I told her I had a surprise for her.YOU DO what is itsaid Christian.WellI was wrong about what I said all those yearsyour dad's not dead I bumpted into at the store.WHAT she yelled WOW is he thesurprise!!! YESIyelled happly she criedtears of joy.around threeo'clock we both headed toAviad's house I pulled up to the house seeing this women with long black hair she was beautiful but I hopted she was a freind or his SISTER.Hey Aviadsaid greeting us in the warm cozy house WOW he clean's up goooood!!!! And who is thishe said lookingat christian your daughter.He paussed...ma ma mine he said YES said Christian happly he looked at her and smiled why dont youplay with the other kids in the back.The OTHER KIDS I thought what the hellwas that!!!!We talked for a while I explained to him what happen and it was very emoshional.Look Ashira I still do love you but BUT WHAT I said surprised I'm married he said WHAT....were's you bathroom I asked oh down the hall he said I stormed off to the bathroom cryingmy eye's out WHY..WHY..WHY when I was finally done mourning he introduced my to his wife and other kidsat that moment I had to leave but before I left he demanded to have some custody of Christian What know this was just a visit but she needs to see here dad ALOT MORE he said Your right I agrred and know every friday's Christian goes with herdad but this time I dicited NO I packed her bags As if she were to go to her dad's and ran off with her in my armsand never looked back it's christian's 23 birthday snd she's never sean her father eversince.Nor I saw her when she was about 10 she stormed off while Iwas asleep looking for her dad.anda couple days later I saw her on the new's she...GOT HIT BY A CAR all because of my one mastiake leaving me to wallow in the PAST!!!


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