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Daddy's Girls

Book By: Tender Kisses

Lauren and Casey share two men and yet are totally clueless about each other. The love of their lives are at war over them. Lauren being the #1 Girl to her 1st love rebellious Domonic and #1 girl to her cop dad who is married happily to her mom. Casey is girl #2 to Domonic and the secret love child of Lauren's dad. While the two men tries to destroy each other and keep their secrets hidden. Casey is determined to know who is it that the guy she is head over heels in love with happens to be so smitten with that he doesn't want to be with her.

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Lauren glanced at the clock on her nightstand. 12:30am and her house was silent. Positive her parents were asleep she slipped out of bed fully dressed. She saw her screen light up on her cell phone which caused her to smile.

"I'm outside baby" flashed across the screen

"Ok on my way out" she responded.

Examing herself in the mirror she was pleased.

She wanted to make sure everything was perfect for the night she finally decided to lose her virginity to Domonic. It had been six months and she felt she was ready and head over heels in love.

This would be a surprise to Domonic who never pressured her into doing anything sexually. He wanted her to be sure and never regret her choice of being with him. He wanted to make her happy and anyone who prevented that from happening he didn't mind making them disappear. Particularly her cop father. Lauren grabbed her heels and decided to carry them out. She didn't want to risk making any noise against the wooden floors. Her heart sped wildly in her chest as she crossed her parents door. Quickly making her way down the stairs and quietly slipping out of the door. Placing her heels on she looked around to make sure the coast was clear and met Domonic parked in his usual spot around the corner. Standing outside of his car smoking a blunt. Lauren hated that he smoked so he quickly put it out. Going around to the passenger side to open her door. She smiled ear to ear so happy to see him. Scooping her in his arms and lifting her off the ground her kissed her.

"I missed you" he said putting her down and grabbing both of her hands.

He looked her in the eyes intensely. Lauren loved when he did that. It was a look that she'd often see her dad give her mom.

"I missed you too even though it's been a few hours" they laughed in unison.

"Get in, I have a surprise for you"

"What is it?" Laurne asked excitedly.

"You'll see when we get to the house" grabbing her hand with his free hand and pulling off heading to his condo. Lauren was different than the other girls he'd usually date. Even though she was seventeen and the youngest she was beyond her years to him. He was twenty three and would usually date women in their thirties who were ready to settle down. He didn't prefer them older look wise but their minds were more equipped to work with. Lauren was unusual. She didn't get emotional and she didn't care about his money at all. She refused to take his money. Remembering that her dad told her to

"Offer but never ask and rarely accept" she was treated like a princess and anything she wanted her dad provided.

Domonic used his key fob to open the gate to his community. There were luxury cars in the driveways and obviously an upscale neighborhood. Lauren was used to that style of living. Domonic had a history of violence and crime that she was fully aware of thanks to her police officer dad but never witnessed or suspected it. She felt that everyone was capable of changing but her dad tried to persuade her that there was more to Domonic that she didn't know. Disregarding her dad warnings and viewing his opinions as normal coming from an over protective father. She decided that what she and Dominic felt was what mattered. Entering the house Dominic plopped down on the cream leather couch. For a guy his home was very neat and always smelled lovely. You would have thought a woman lived there if it weren't for the enormous flat screen tv and playstation3 hooked up to it. Domonic whistled and Lauren heard something jingle. Her mouth fell open when she saw the little puppy dart towards them from the kitchen.

"Oh my god Domonic" Laurne fell to her knews and swept the puppy up in her arms.

"It's a girl awww" she's so adorable she embraced her.

Lauren placed the puppy abover her head and began to talk to her as if she were a newborn baby.

"I'm going to name you Daisy" she stated noticing a shiny object on her dog collar.

Domonic ran his fingers through her hair anticipating the look on her face when she discovered the second surprise.

He removed the diamond ring from the collar.

Lauren placed one hand over her chest and exhaled.

"Domonic, is that" she paused amazed at the size of the diamond ring he held in his hand. It was larger the one her own mother wore proudly from her dad.

I'm just thinking oneday I want you to be my wife Lauren he slid the ring on her finger.

Lauren kissed him passionately.

"I would love that Domo" she said with tears in her eyes. It felt so good to know that Domonic took her as seriously as she took him.

"I have a surprise for you too" she unbuttoned her blouse.

Domonic was indeep surprised yet anxious for what he'd been patiently waiting for. Lauren slipped off her skirt and panties until she was completely nude. Domonic picked her up kissing her.

"Are you sure about this sweetheart there is no rush"

She placed one finger over his lips.

"Yes" she smiled.

He carried her up to the bedroom and her virginity was history that night.


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