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Loves Me Not Part Four/Epilogue (Oliver Adams)

Book By: thatdorkygal

Olly recaps over the years after his encounter with Laura. A sweet ending to the love story.

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Oliver Adams

After that night outside of the café, we were inseparable. Jess was wary of me at first but she came around. Dom was glad to have a guy friend, and Maria was very nice to me. I quit my job on account of the fact that I couldn't bear what I had done there. I had actually quit before I had even talked to Laura that night, but I didn't tell her.

She was shocked at first, thinking that I had given up the 'dream job', the job I had worked towards since I was 12 years old. But that didn't matter anymore, not to me. I moved to Basingstoke, with Justin trailing behind me. He said that he was planning on it anyways, but I know he didn't want to be alone. I wasn't exactly looking forward to leaving one of my best friends behind, so I was more than okay with him coming.

We shared a flat for a year, until Laura and I got married on December 3rd. I had gotten a job as an English teacher. They were eager to have me on board, and I had forgotten that my college degrees were useful for more than just a newspaper job. Laura wanted to get married in December so that we would miss the coldest weather on our sunny honeymoon. I readily agreed.

That last winter I had taken Laura to my parents' house to properly introduce them. My Mum had a few issues with her, I could tell. She was probably still thinking about Laura punching me back when we were teenagers. My Dad, on the other hand, loved her. He said she had spunk. Unlike my other girlfriends, who were 'flat' and 'uninteresting', apparently.

I took her back to our secondary school and into the English class where we met, or more accurately, where we clashed. She brushed over her desk and smiled. She checked underneath. "Look, Olly look my initials are still etched into the wood." She laughed and looked up to me on my knee. She raised an eyebrow and smiled slowly.

"Those jeans are new; they're going to get dirty." She said slyly. I laughed. "Laura, will you…" She rolled her eyes. "YES!" She shouted at me and I laughed more. It was perhaps the strangest proposal ever, but it was the absolute best in my opinion.

Our wedding was small, or at least the ceremony was. It was simple and quiet, with orange roses spotted around, one in Laura's hair, one in my jacket. There were bunches on the chairs, and Laura carried one as she walked down the aisle in a long silky dress, arm in arm with her Uncle. Justin was smiling wider than I was, and Jess couldn't stop fidgeting in her sunset orange dress, looking more nervous than any bridesmaid ever should.

We went to the Dominican Republic for three weeks, soaking up the sun. Four years, and two kids later, we remain in Basingstoke. We have a house now, a little further from the city center. Laura still teaches music, but other than that is a full time Mum. We both go out every Friday to the café still to meet our friends. Maria and Dominic got married last year, which Laura said was inevitable.

Justin remains single, but he doesn't seem to mind. Jess has a boyfriend who moved from America, and we predict they will get engaged soon. Our three year old son, Scott has curly blonde hair, and is always laughing. Laura wanted to name him that, but found it hard for a long while. She finds it easier now, especially after our daughter was born. I teased Laura about calling her Sally, but she didn't find it very funny.

Natalie Ann Adams was born just last year, right after Maria and Dominic's wedding. She has a thick mop of dark hair and light brown eyes. I've noticed that my job began meaning less and less to me ever since I got married. Now I have a family, and that means everything to me. I don't need a high paying or time consuming job to fill the gaps in my life, because there are no gaps. Not anymore.


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