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Butterflies In the snow

Book By: The Lost Girl

Pepper lives in Burns, Oregon. It gets freezing cold there, sometimes even 19 degrees. In the summer it can get to maybe 100 degrees. Joseph is her best friend, and helps her through all her problems. Pepper goes through a lot in her life. She's always waiting on the edge for something good to happen. When her whole life falls apart in front of her, Joseph is there. He is like her brother in her eyes, She loves him. He cares for her, looks at her with different eyes than what everybody else is see's. He loves her.

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The cold chill of his breath rolled over my skin. We were both dressed in our red coats. It was Sunday, the sun was brought high but it was 27 degrees and snowing. He looked at me with his warm dark brown eyes, and smiled. "Where you gonna be this Summer?" He said laughing. I shut my eyes and inhaled. "I don't know, Why?" I tilted my head up waiting for his answer. " I want to go to the gazebo with you," He said. "first day of summer, it's gonna be the warmest." He stared at me till i opened one eye and looked at him. "How warm, Like fifty degrees?" I said laughing. "Yeah maybe i wont have to wear seven layers of clothes." I said with scarcasm. "Yay!" He cheered joyfully skipping in a circle. I started laughing and picked up a fistful of snow and threw it at his chest. He stopped and raised his hands over his head. "Hey!" He said laughing. We chased eachother throwing snow at eachother non-stop. We didnt quit laughing until we got home.

I knocked on Ambers' door and stepped back. Mrs. Jackie opened the door. "Hey Mrs. Jackie." I said smiling. "Hey Little miss Pepper! Hows you mom?" She said almost exited to see me. "She's the same as always," I said with a glance down at the ground. I looked back up and she was starring at me with a rediculious smile. "Is Amber home?" I asked. "Yeah honey come in." She quickly said and pretended to brush me in her house like a pile of dirt under a mat. "Amber!" She yelled up he stairs. "Pepper is here!" I heard no answer. Mrs. Jackie rolled her eyes and looked displeased. "Just go on up there sweety, Shes probably just cleaning her room." She hallered back at me as she waved her hand up the stairs and walked away. I started up the stairs and as i go closer to the top i could hear music. I came to a long dark hallway with one lit up doorway. I walked towards it. I opend the door and peeked in. "Amber?" I called.


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