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Definately Not A Grudge, Only A Broken Heart

Book By: TheBroken

He was everything I wanted although letting him go was a big mistake. My name is Rain. I meet the 2nd love of my life and he slips from my finger tips and falls for another girl. But not just any girl...

Submitted:Jun 8, 2012    Reads: 23    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"Chris?... Christofer!" My eyes are stinging with tears... I can see him. Why cant he hear me?! Who's that talking to him... "I love you my cute little cheerleader..." He says to a blonde girl. She looks so familiar... Who is she? She turns around and my eyes widen. No... *4 weeks earlier* "Hey Bloo what's up?" I say with a smile. "Hey Rain not much. Come on let's go find the other guys." He smiles back. We walk around school looking for the others. First the library to check if Chris and Mark are there. Then to the snack bar to see if Mauricio, Fransico and Jayson are there. If we still can't find them, then their in the back of the school with Josh, Matthew and other Mathew. We finally find everyone at the snack bar. "Hey guys!" We usually just hang around while everyone gets breakfast in the morning. I look over at Chris. I barely know him yet I know everyone else here. I've said a few words to him now and then but we were never really close. He's really cute in my opinion. Dark slightly curly hair, dark skin and deep brown eyes. He's mexican. His hair is to the middle of his neck. Not long enough to be a scene style but not too short to were its like the typical boy hair. He's really funny. His jokes are idiotic but then again, girls mature faster than boys! He notices I'm staring at him... Opps! I was staring again! Ahhhh I didn't mean to! He just gives me a guestioning look. *The next day after school* "Hey Josh, do you have Chris' number?" I was texting josh. "Yah hold on... 559*******" he replied. "Thanks!" I start texting Chris n I find out that he was one of my friends boyfriends. Its a good thing she moved! He likes to skateboard and draw. He's outside a lot and school isn't his thing. He doesn't like to text a lot so we talked on the phone most of the time. We talked all week and got to know each other. I thought it was time to tell him I liked him. I call Chris n he picks up after a few seconds. "Hey!!!" "Hey." "Whats up Chris?" "Nothing. Outside looking at this cat. Its staring at me... I wonder why..." "Hehehe" I giggle. "What about you?" "Ah nothing intresting." "Oh." "Yup!" Later on he won't tell me somthing and that's when I accidentaly let it out. "Come on tell me!!!" "Nope" "Please?!" "Nope. Why should I?" "Because you know you love me and I love you." Oh crap! Did I just say love? Agh! I'm an idiot! "Did you just say what I think u said?" "Depends... What do you think I said?..." "I heard it!" "Heard what? I just said you have to tell me because you love me." "Nooo you said somthing after that!" "So what if I did..." "So I want to know." "Fine..." "Sooo?" "You heard right. I do." "I do too." "Really? Why?" "Because this past week its been nothing but fun scince I met you and started talking to you." "Oh... So what now?" "I don't know" "Oh really... I'm pretty sure you do because if you don't do it I'm hanging up!" "Ok, ok. Will you go out with me?" "Of course." "Meet me at school early?" "Ok what time do you get to school?" "7:15" "Why so early?" "I don't know." "Ok see you then." *the next school morning* Hmm I don't see him... Where could he be? The library isn't open... He's not behind the school. He's not at the snack bar... "Hey!" Its Erin. She's the only person in sight... "Hey..." "Who you lookin' for?" "My boyfriend." "Awh you got a boyfriend?" "Yah" "What's his name?" "Chris" "Oh cool" All of a sudden I see somthing at the corner of my eye...


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