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I was kidnapped by a vampire....by another vampire?

Book By: TheChemicaLillusion

“Excuse me,” a deep, booming voice demanded.
My head swerved to the right to see a lean man with dark grey hair, and wrinkles placed on his face that delivered tranquil comfort.
“Yes, sir?” I answered politely.
“Are you Jayden Banks?“ he said, crossing his twisted hands.
My eyebrows raised in amazement, considering this man knew who I was.
“May I ask who’s asking?” Although it came out as polite as possible, it still measured of eagerness and a little too much of audacity and arrogance.
“Oh! Please pardon my acrimony, your majesty,” he coughed.
“Wait, your wh-”

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My mother leaned over our black granite island in the center of the kitchen, and chopped the onions swiftly to prevent tears. Her auburn hair was fixed into a messy bun, little pieces of hair sticking out from the sides and bumps rising from the top.
"Hey mom, how's it going with the onions?" I spoke, ambling into the kitchen, setting myself on the bar stool close to the TV in the living room. My mom was a chubby woman golly, jolly, and optimistic in every way as possible. That was everyone's dearest aspect of my mother in every way, shape or form. Although, my little brother died in stillbirth my mother has tried to overlook the negative energy it seems to bring. Besides, it happened long ago and we are still trying to recover from the death of my baby brother.
"It's great. Um, Jayden people over at the house down the street are having a party and need you to be a servant there tonight," she said. "Do you think you'd be able to do it?"
My bliss went downfall into a deep black hole in the center of my mind, as my mouth pursed and my eyebrows rose with vexation. I had worked doubles all week so that my dad could pay off the water bill and now my mom wants me to work tonight? Have I done something to deserve this? Was this my punishment? Because honestly it was causing me the last straw of my sanity.
"Mom, I've been working doubles for the last week. Can I please take a breath and contain my serenity while I still can?"
Mom itched her forehead and set the knife down lightly, turning to look at me and resting her hand on her hip.
"Serenity, serenity, serenity. For all I know, that's your middle name. I want you to go upstairs, put your uniform on, and walk over the house down the street."
"Can you at least tell me the address?"
My mom's eyes flew to the corner of her eye ball and her facial expression seemed as if it were searching for something in her inner, hidden file cabinets located in the brain.
"Oh! It's the Patterson house, the one all the way at the end of the culdesac."
"What do you mean? That house has been vacant for the passed five years, and now someone decided to buy it?"
"I'm not sure," she said, peering at the clock stuck to the wall across the room, "but you better go get ready."
I stumbled up the stairs into my room, grabbing pieces of uniform scattered, hidden, and hung in various places. The last piece of clothing I need was hanging over my chair by my desk on the right side of my room. It was the blue and red tie my mother had given me on my first day as a servant, and although it wasn't the best looking tie, it held a lot of emotions and times in my life that brought me to the vital, essential bits when I have to start making my own decisions. I grabbed the necktie off of the wooden chair and strapped it around my white button down.
After I was properly dressed and embellished in accessories, I traveled down the street and to the creepy, bright-lit Patterson place in the far corner of the culdesac.
As I strolled up the sidewalk to the door, an usher welcomed me in, as a random Chef immediately placed a trey of champagne glasses with red liquid filled in them. Dismissing my curiosity of the peculiar odor of the substance, I walked into the preeminent area of the whole gala. Round tables filled with people, laughed at jokes frolicking around with each other, as others nodded their heads appropriately to their guest in front of them as they discuss a crucial business offer.
I strutted gracefully from one table to another, offering the drink to diverse guest.
Occasionally I was tipped, and thanked for my accurate timing and demeanor.
"Excuse me," a deep, booming voice demanded.
My head swerved to the right to see a lean man with dark grey hair, and wrinkles placed on his face that delivered tranquil comfort.
"Yes, sir?" I answered politely.
"Are you Jayden Banks?" he said, crossing his twisted hands.
My eyebrows raised in amazement, considering this man knew who I was.
"May I ask who's asking?" Although it came out as polite as possible, it still measured of eagerness and a little too much of audacity and arrogance.
"Oh! Please pardon my acrimony, your majesty," he coughed.
"Wait, your wh-"
Before I could finish my last word, my last syllable I had swiftly became unconscious by a quick sting in the neck…

3rd Person
Jayden fell into the arms of Mr. Hudson with one swift bite on the neck, and although her blood was as dry as a desert, the prince would still be extremely furious about the two puncture marks permanently marked on the girl's neck. It's funny how he'd been looking over this girl for several years counting each day until he could meet her, but he gets to meet her as a vampire and not human.
Mr.Hudson's nerves were overly dramatic with fear, as he brought her body to the black Audi.
The prince did not choose to live in his father's cryptic manner in the dark mountains of Dragomir, a concealed area of land that is only invisible to the human eye. Prince Markus did not enjoy the bright day light that his shaggy apartment gives off, but he'd do it to avert himself from being held under his father's prescripts.
One hour, seven minutes, and forty-six seconds later they pulled onto the curb in front of Prince Markus's apartment. Mr. Hudson's lungs felt like panic and dread were pushing the interior of his organs outward so that they'd explode into a million pieces, but he took deep breaths and wiped the sweat from off of his forehead.
He told, Liam, the driver to watch over her body as he went to go to Prince Markus and explained what happened to his er em guest.

"Hello, Markus how are you this evening?" he asked the Prince, his voice encased in anxiety.
"I'm very fine Mr.Hudson, but have you fetched my human yet?" he asked, his voice cloaked in excitement and eagerness.
"You see there was a difficulty retrieving you're…um…mate, your majesty."
Markus leapt off of his chair and onto the black chrome floors of the huge room studying the face of Mr.Hudson.
"You've bitten her, haven't you?"
His face twisted into several, different perspectives of what he has now seen Mr.Hudson. Anger balled up into his chest, as he walked out of his apartment and onto the sidewalk to find nothing. The black Audi was gone
I woke up with the sounds of a peaceful river flowing in and out of my ears. I began to open my eyes, but I immediately stopped because of how horrible they stung. I groaned.
"You might not want to do that," a deep voice answered, as a smooth hand caressed my forehead.
My eyes popped opened with force, and stung so badly I wished to pass out but I did not care.
"Who are you?" I demanded. "Why am I hear in the forest? Did you kidnap me?"
Ebony black hair fell over the forehead of a pale white face, as brown honeysuckle eyes glowed in the night's darkness.
"My name is Liam, you are here in the forest because you were about to be given to an extremely provoking vampire."
I then calmed down, because of how silly this dream seemed to me. First of all, the boy in front of me seemed way to perfect and secondly, why did this have to take place in a forest?
"Ha, okay. So after I, like, die then do I wake up?" I insisted staring at the man bent down in front of me. His facial features were more vivid now, as his nose was impeccably shaped as his lips were trimmed out by God himself.
"You don't die, and you do not wake up either because this is not a dream," he smirked, showing his fangs that seemed to pop out in front of me. I felt sort of woozy, trying to make out all of the things taking place in front of me - a vampire…
"You FREAK!" I shouted, before he could cover my mouth with his soft hands.
"Could you shut up? We are being hunted after, because I can seriously smell that beast anywhere, and I wouldn't be so fond of your opinions Ms.Banks because the last time I checked, you're a vampire too."
My eyes widened with fear as his eyes stared straight into mine, and for the second time of the night, I passed out in the presence of a vampire.


>Markus<<br />
I sat on the agitating couch, sulking because of how irresponsible and moronic Hudson could be over my damn soul mate. It's so inane to the point where I'm beginning to doubt my reliance on him, and maybe I should snap his neck into four pieces if he does not find Jayden.
"Are you doing well, my prince?" Hudson asked, offering me a can of blood. His presence sent the blood into my body to the highest limit as I sent him away with a glare. Why would Liam do this? Does he know about my anger issues? Is this the reason why he's decided to take her away from me?
"You evoked my affliction, Hudson sir, so hence I shall send you on hunt to find my beloved and bring her back to me intact and well," I finished, ushering him away.
Mr. Hudson strolled into the room with a survival kit adjusted exactly for a vampire strapped onto his back. The air around us was strictly peculiar as he walked out of the door and into the falling, frigid rain. I only yearned for Jayden, and no one else, and I do not care if he has to flight over the sky on his stupid air rock, all I want is her in my arms and near me. Liam has greatly forsaken me for the last time, and this time he will pay by being put to death.

>Liam<<br />

I ambled into the spacious corridor of father's manor in the dark mountains of Dragomir with Jayden's arms flopping vulnerably around like little twigs. I shook my head in complete despair as my blind mother strutted into the room, smelling the air of Markus's soul mate.
"Markus? Is that you?" she said, reaching out for the touch of Markus but to bad I wasn't. My parents had always prized Markus more then I, so every time I'd come here I'd hide up in the garret up the stairs, embellished with soft blue curtains and a view of all Dragomir, but my parents do not know. My father is barely here, as he spends time attending meeting in the Ancient Monumental located on the outskirts of town, and of course he leaves her here unguarded as he surreptitiously fucks his inamoratas on the slick.
I passed my mother, letting my feet hover over the floor averting the sound of my footsteps. Jayden stirred in my arms, but I set my hand softly over her mouth which silenced her. How could a girl as balanced as this, belong to a man as lunatic as him? Fate is fucked up now days, but there is nothing we can do about that, but I personally am trying to change the destiny of the unfortunate.
Jayden lay quietly on the bed, hugging herself from the chilly air that surrounded her. I removed my tuxedo, shirt and pants, and placed them over the arm chair stretching from carrying her for plenty miles.
"So pretty…So smart.." I trailed on, remembering a song that was suddenly stuck into my head. "Such a waste of a young heart."
Stumbling into my closet, I came upon a white tee and basketball shorts that I could wear to bed. Honestly, I did not know why I was sedate at the moment, when we were being hunted down by who knows what. Something about the girl calmed my inner organ, letting my blood process its way through my body almost as if I were human.
Jayden was still sleeping when I exited the closet, her white button down clinging to her skin. I changed her clothes respectfully, not glancing at her woman parts, and after tucking her into the bed as I planned to sleep in the room across.
"Where are you going?" she asked, rubbing her eyes sitting up, glancing around.
I folded my arms to turn around and meet her puzzled gaze.
"I am departing to another room so that you may procure your breadth, your majesty," I addressed correctly, ruffling my hair from frustration.
"Please don't leave me here in the place alone. I don't even know why I'm here or where I am."
Jayden's face distinguished aversion and panic, as if she were going to have an anxiety attack. I swiftly appeared to Jayden's bed lying next to her as she turned to stare at me with her huge brown eyes.
"I don't know why I am here, nor do I want to. I have a family to go back to, to help and support. I can't be here forever," she admitted, tucking her face deep into the pillow. I slid my arm away, realizing how depressing it is to be away from your family because you were kidnapped. Perversely, it affected me greatly, as I turned to stare at her shivering body.
"Your majesty, I-"
"Do NOT call me that," she shrieked angrily into the depths of the pillow.
My eyes narrowed, trying to break the news in the best way possible.
"Jayden, I do not believe you can attend back to your pedigree, for it is extremely vital so you do not harm them in any way, shape, or form.
She didn't have anything to say, but she broke out in tears as the surface of the pillow began to wet. Her hands clutched tightly to the edges, as I turned her over to look at me.
"Why did he pick me?" she demanded. "Why couldn't it be someone else."
Tears were flooding down her face and onto the shirt I had provided for her.
"I do not know," I stated softly, as she tucked herself into my chest.
"I know you probably don't like me, but I'm really scared right now. Can you please just stay here?" she said.
The only thing I did was nod my head instead of answering to her pitiful comment on my feelings. She does not know me, and I'd like to keep it that way. My obligation is to get her safely away from Markus and his minions, as she can live peace.
Jayden's eyes tilted down below her eyeballs.
"I'm a satellite heart…lost in the dark…" I sang to her, as the song flooded into my brain once again. And for the first time of the entire evening she chuckled.
"How convenient. That's my favorite song."
…I don't know what it was what about she just said, but it had me paralyzed…terrorized. Her and I could not form a bond, or else serious things could happen to us…to Markus. His brain wouldn't be able to take the pure agony, although he has to meet her to form the bond, he can still sense her if she's close.
"I'm spun out so far…you stop I start…but I'll be true to you," I continued, as she dazed away in a profound slumber, and soon I did the same.


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