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Layla Victoria Lopez isn't you normal gothic chick, she hides a deep and dark secret that only lived in you wildest dreams, she looked normal almost sane but she wasn't, she was a vampire slayer she has been since she was 12 when both her parents where killed on a fire accident. She and her friend Zander kill vampires for the living almost everyday. But what happens when she meets the Fernando, the guy that makes her heart beat out of her chest??? And what happens when this guy turn out to be a vampire??, Will she kill him?? Or let her heart take over??

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Hi people this is Raven well this is my first book to publish in this website, I hope you like it right now Im finishing writing the last part for chapter 1 I don't know when I would upload cause Im having Internet issues so yea well this is just a sneak peek ;) I hope you like it and thank you for reading PEACE OUT!!! I woke up in the nursery I stood up and I saw no one I got on my feet and my head started to hurt like if they where hitting it with a brick. A nurse with blond hair, blue eyes, tanned skin came in and she looked at me "What happened?", I asked "You fainted", she said "are you ok you look more pail and sick, you have been leaving the school for the passed days, are there problems at home with your uncle, Jorge?", "I'm ok, I just feel sick and there are no problems with my uncle", I told her "Well Im going to have to talk to the principle and to your uncle ok so tell him to come pick you up", she said with a smile I got my phone and I dialed my boss's phone number after a few rings he answered "What?!?", he asked annoyed "Are you here?", I asked totally calmed "Yes, I'll be in, in a minute", he said "Just hurry", I said and hung up the nursery door shot opened and my "uncle" came in "You wanted to see me nurse", he said "Yes I have to talk to you and the principle, Im afraid to say but she can't come back to school for a week not until a doctor checks her and says she is ok", the nurse said and I instantly hated her, I'll be working more "Ohh well I'll take her to the doctor and I'm sorry ", he said and I went to the door "Wait for me outside!", my boss yelled I waited outside the car for 30 minutes I was about to enter but my "uncle" came out with a grin he opened the car and I got in "So you done bonding with the nurse?", I asked and he just glared at me "Your going to get ready and go to the woods act normal like a mad girl that want to take her mind off things and decided to just go to the woods for a walk ok", he said and I nodded I looked at my hands when he stopped the car I grabbed my bag and got out he started talking to me again but I just got in my house and shut the door. Well that's it for now NO THIS ISN'T THE START its more in the middle or something like that well thanks again if you have questions you can ask ahead so umm I guess that's it well bye. Love you all - Raven


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