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Black Beans vs. Coffee Avenue

By: tht1bakaauthor

Chapter 1, Isao Goya is the singer, in a Japanese inspired visual kei band. He is trying to rise to success. But, could a love triangle somehow get in the way?



I was elated to work with Seiji. He was one of the current big names in the music industry. Everyone listened to “Black beans”. He is coming all the way from Shinjuku, Tokyo (Japan) to visit me. I started a band because I was inspired by Seiji. I first heard about his band when, I visited my family in Osaka. I then found some of my friends who could play instruments and formed, “Coffee Avenue”.

My band has grown in popularity. I was amazed and for the first time truly happy. I couldn’t believe all the media we were receiving. So many major recording labels wanted us. I was at first a tad overwhelmed, but wouldn’t you? It is like a dream come true, especially when I gained face in Japan. I was blown away as you may tell. I thought that it was going to get just as good as it could, then Seiji calls me. He wanted to work with me and have our two bands do a duo.

Out of all the bands there are he chose ours. I was scared that I was dreaming, and I would wake. It took me so long to realize it wasn’t infact a dream, but reality. I was glad; we’re going to gain so much publicity. I was more than willing to board a plane that night. I am still in a state of pure shock, yet complete bliss. I worked harder with my band to create music. I wanted everything to be perfect, even if that was a silly idea. I still tried and I had so much fun and still am.

I remembered the day when my friends, and I first decided that’d we pursue our dream. “Isao! Isao! Hey wake up!” Junichi punched my shoulder. My head snapped up and I glared into his laughing face. He joked, “Sleeping beauty has finally awakened.” I heard from the drivers seat, Masaru. We were on our way to Las Vegas. The air felt nice against my face. Kou poked Rokuro's cheek who was sitting in the passengers seat. He burst into a fit of laughter, Rokuro asked, “Kou are you drunk, again?”

Kou smiled and then pinched Junichi. “Hey pinch Rokuro! He is the one who insulted you!” Junichi wailed, “Calm down. The lights are so amazing.” I said Junichi smiled and leaned onto my shoulder. He pulled the blanket around him. “It’s a bit cool,” Junichi, explained I smiled.

Junichi is very sweet and adorable. He closed his eyes, “Hey, Isao?” He waited for me to reply, before continuing, “What were you dreaming of?” I tilted my head, “You want to know my dreams?” He gently pushed my shoulder, “Of course you sounded so happy. Plus you even said my name, twice!” I laughed and replied, “Sorry I don’t remember.” But in truth I did, but I was too ashamed, to tell him what it was about. “Hey I like that song,” Kou whined “Why can’t we be friends?” Kou smiled at me and I said, “Yes.”

“I like that song, too,” Junichi murmured thoughtfully. He nuzzled closer to me. Junichi whispered, “So Isao?” I pinched his cheek. “We’re almost there!” I smiled in relief, “About time it is so crowded in here, Masaru!” I heard him cough, “Sorry” I added, “You and your drums!” Masaru replied, “But we can’t play without me!” I nodded saying, “That is true.”

We’re heading to a new addition to Las Vegas. It was an impressive hotel called, “Centric Lovers.” It is the meeting place we all decided on. Seiji and his band will be there waiting, and both of us will be doing separate performances. I could feel the anticipation build. We’d all knew going to the agreed meeting place, and working with Black Beans would change our lives dramatically.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I pulled it out. “Oh Seiji sent me a message!” I opened the text and read; “When you arrive meet us in the bar.” Everything went smoothly and we finally met up. We didn’t have to do an introduction. We already knew each other not personally, but we still did. I sat with Seiji simply overwhelmed by just being in his presence. “I believe I’ve seen you before,” Seiji said softly.

“Me?” I asked pointing to myself. I was taken back by his sudden change in tone. Nobody seemed to notice except, Ichirou. Auden also seemed to be paying a little to much attention. I pretended not to notice. “Where?” I asked Seiji pressed his index finger to his bottom lip. “I don’t really remember, but I feel like I’ve seen you before.”

I smiled a little flattered by him. “You must have confused someone else for me,” I laughed “No. I swear I’ve seen you before.” I was a little nervous at how intense Seiji became. “Well, perhaps we met in a past life.” Seiji grinned and suggested, “Or perhaps we’re soul mates.” My cheeks turned bright tomato red. He gently ran his hand along my cheek.

“So cute,” He hummed I pried my eyes off him to the rest. They were all staring silently at us. I was being hit on my Seiji and we had just met! I turned brighter and squawked, “So who is thirsty?” I wanted to get everyone on a more normal track, again. I felt light and fluttery. I admit I love Seiji Choshi but not like this. He is my idol, and somebody I look up too. Seiji scooted closer to me, “So Isao do you have anybody you’re seeing?”

I was beginning to feel anxious. I excused myself, and headed to my room. Later the rest joined me. Rokuro and Masaru were grinning. “Oh Seiji was hitting on you!” I glared at them, “Was not!” Kou came over to me, “You do have very feminine features.” I sighed, “He rubbed my thigh” Masaru toppled over laughing. “I bet you liked it,” he joked I sighed, “And so what if I did?”

“I will not be sleeping next to you, tonight,” Masaru said. I laughed Junichi sat next to me. He was pouting, “How could you let him touch you?” I stared, at Junichi curiously was he jealous? “You just let him touch you? How could you? Why didn’t you stop him from hitting on you? You seemed to have been disturbed, yet you sat there! WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ANYTHING?” Junichi chided, swinging his arms around in rage.

I hugged him and said, “Don’t worry he’s joking.” I leaned back and added as an after thought, “Teasing me.” Junichi looked unconvinced, “He didn’t seem to be joking. He looked so serious and he rubbed against you.” I laughed and focused our attention on the view. I stated, “We got a fantastic room with a beautiful view.”

Rokuro jumped up and down on one of the beds. “Sure did,” Rokuro exclaimed falling on to his back. “I heard Seiji got a separate room from the others.” I felt my heart begin to race. “W-why?” I stuttered Masaru replied, “One, he’s rich and two he needs a separate room for you and him.” I threw a pillow at Masaru’s head. He caught it and giggled like a girl. I rolled onto my back and stared out the window. “I can’t imagine being alone. I love you guys too much!”

Masaru laughed harder, “Hey! Not like that! I like you guys, like family. You’re all my brothers.” Junichi rested his head on my stomach. I heard a knock at the door, “Yes?” Kou jumped up and hurried to the door. I felt my stomach drop as I heard Seiji’s voice. “Sorry to bother you,” Seiji said apologetically, “But I’d like to talk to Isao.” I sat up Junichi moved away, and I slid off the bed. I walked over to Seiji he smiled and stepped back.

I was very nervous, but I came anyways. I closed the door Seiji smiled happily. “I wanted to apologize for my earlier actions,” he said. I followed him down the hall, “Seiji may I ask you a personal question?” Seiji looked slightly apprehensive and asked warily, “So. What is your preference in love?” Seiji didn’t answer at first, “Well I like… Both men and women…” I was stunned I stared at him with my mouth open.

I didn’t think that he would be bi-sexual. He grabbed my hand, and pulled my along behind him. I stumbled over my feet. He stopped at a door, and pulled out a key. He opened the door, and led me inside. I was hesitant, but I managed to enter after a few seconds. The lights lit up and I heard the door shut. I swore I heard the locks. I turned around and Seiji had a weird expression. He smiled wider, and took a step closer.

My heart started to race, and the blood pulsed through my body. I took a small step back. He walked straight at me and grabbed my arms. He steered me towards the wall. My back slammed against the cool floor. Seiji pinned me under him, “Now you can’t escape.” He had an evil smile on his face. I was able to struggle out from under him. He watched me as I tried to open the door. So I had heard the locks as he trapped me in.

He came over and pinned me against the wall. I was beyond blown away by Seiji pure aggressive sexual manner. He dimmed the lights, “Seiji what are you doing?”

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