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Love of a time

Book By: tomke001

16 year old Dan has always wanted someone to love
but feels he cant find anyone in the world until he meets lura they are both extremly happy but lura is keeping 2 secrets from dan
but just how and when will he find out?

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Dan woke with a startle as his teacher stood over him and shouted so loud they heard him down the corridoor "sleeping again dan" sighed his english teacher miss Relton shakeing her head. Dan lifted his head slowly his dark browm eyes met her cristle blue eyes "umm i wasnt sleeping " he said rubbing his eyes and scraching the back of his brown curly hair. Miss Relton rolled her eyes and carryed on with the class "Does anyone know what day it is tmorrow?" she asked looking round the class. little Jack breaton stuck his hand up in the air "Valentinse day?" he said miss Relton noded her head and smiled "i thought it would be a good idear to do some love poems for your loved ones" the class sighed "i know its not the most exiting thing to do but it will cover poetry" she said.
an hour passed and all the students worked hard well all exept Dan who sat there with his head in his hands "Dan are you joining in with the class" Relton asked sitting on dans desk. Dan didnt reply he just shook his head back and forth and then lay his head back on his old oak desk. "whats wrong Dan you must have feeling for someone" said his teacher kneeling down so she was at dans leve. "well achely i dont i cant understand why but i just dont mabey i just dont have a heart or something" he said. His teacher laughed "eveyone has a heat dan you just obvesly havent found the right person to give it to." she said getting back up to carry on her lesson.
That night the words of his teacher played on his mined " eveyone has a heart but you just havent found the right person to give it to yet" but Dan kept asking him sefl "how will i know when i find the one." He sat at his desk just thinking of all the possible signs but couldnt think of anything. Just then his phone began to ring iw his freind Jack "yo bud geuss what" Jack said sounding very exited., Dan sighed "what?" there was a pause for a moment before his freind replyed. "well you know the really fit girl in our class the one with blond hair and red lips. always sits at the back." "oh yeah sarah?" said Dan starting to fell worse in him self . "yeah her well she just asked me out get in" cheered jack then hung up the phone . All the colour drained from Dans face and he just sat there stairing at his pail blue wall
The next day dan went back school and sat in his form room he was trying to look happy but didnt know if it was working or not because his from teacher Mr weston kept giveing him a consernd look. He was a small man with white hair ether side of his head but his scelp was buld. he wore a olave green jacket with a red top and blue jeand and big think black glasses. Mr weston cleard his throte "attention please today we have a new student starting with us today. Her name is Lura Thompson and i expect that you will all make her feel welcome". Dan sighed but his eyes grew wider as the door flung open and in walked a tall skinny girl with dark brown hair that came down just below her brest eyes as blue as the sea her lips were bright pink .
Dan's heart started to race he felt tingly. He didnt know what it ment he just knew he liked it.
Lura walked over and sat by Dan "hi" she said in a shy voice.
Dan looked at her his eyes still wide "h h hi" he stutterd.
Lura giggled then looked away.
Just then dans teacher rubbed his chin "i need someone to show Lura around hmm dan could you do it for me?" asked his teacher pointing to him.
Dan didnt reply he nodded his head and smiled
That afternoon Dan was showing Lura around "so whats your name" lura asked still feeling a bit shy.
"Im Dan" he said trying not to look at her. "It looks quite nice round this school then ive alredy been to about 5 of them". Dan looked at her quite shocked "really how come" he asked rubbing his neck and still trying to avoid eye contact with her. "oh no reson forget i said that" she replyed very quickly. Dan wast going to argue he just didnt say anougher word "so anyone you know come here?" he said. Lura didnt reply she just shook her head "i got bullied alot i didnt have any freinds at all" she sighed.
Dan looked at her "really well thats suprising" said dan
Lura smiled "you think so what makes it so suprising" she asked
Dan turned a bright red "oh i um because you just look like a popular kid you know how you dress n stuff. and what about your perents thy cool?".
she srugged her sholders "my mum died just after i was born and dad never remarried so hes all i got but he's the best dad i could ever wish for" she said.
Dan smiled and then shook his head "we better get to lesson now we should of been there like 10 minuts ago"

when it was time to go home both lura and Dan walked out together "so same thing tmorrow?" lura asked.
Dan looked at her with suprised and nodded his head.
Just then miss relton walked upto him "i saw that" she said and then started to laugh.
Dan moved his eyes left and right "saw what" he said.
His teacher smiled "you like her dont you" she said.
Dan bit his finger "um yes i mean no" he said chokeing on his words.
she looked at him "ok but alls im saying is why dont you invite her round you house for tea or something like that?". He sruged his sholders. His teacher winked at him and walked off.

Weeks past and Lura made lots of freinds even ones in the classes Dan wasnt in with her.
Dan still hadnt told the girl about how he felt one day he finelly got up his corouge "Hi Lura i was wondring if you would like to come mine for tea tonight?" he said.
Lura nodded and smiled "sure why not she said and walked off to line up for her lesson.
Dan gave a sigh of releaf and as he turned round he bumped into his teacher miss relton again.
"Finely asked her then" she smiled putting her key into the class room door
Dan nodded "thank you" he said his teacher laughed "no need to thank me i didnt do anything" she replyed walking into her dark class room.

That night after Lura and Dan had there tea he took he to his room.
they just talked about anything until Dan looked at Lura she seemd a little norves. "Hay you ok" Dan asked Lura looked at him twiddled with the bottom of her purple top "umm yeah theres something i want to do and please dont hate me for it".Dan looked at her with comfusen "what do you mean" he asked looking at her. Lura didnt reply she leand over towards him and kissed his lips.
Dan frozeLura looked at him "please ont hate me i i i" she stutterd.
Dan caught hold of her hands "you what" he said gentely and gazeing into her eyes.
"I love you" she said looking away and hopeing to god Dan wasnt the knd of boy who would take offence.
Dan smiled "i was hopeing you would say that ive been trying to tell you but i couldnt." he said pulling her closer and gentely kissing her.
just then they heaard a car arlarm sound "oh thats my dad i better get going see you tmorrow" she said getting up from the bed.
At supper time his mum had made him some scrambled egg on toast
she was a pritty women with pail white skin and dark blue eyes a rosey red lips in fact you could say Dan looked exactly like her.
she smiled "whats got you so happy tonight then" she said clutring dishes as she took them to the sink.
Dan gulped "well you know that girl" he said.
his mum look "oh yes Lura" she said as her smile got bigger and bigger
he nodded "well i um i" he stopped he couldnt say it he wanted to but couldnt.
His mum laughed "i alredy know i was listining".
Dan rolled his eyes and shook his head "does dad know?" he asked.
his mu shook her head "but he will" she said staring to laugh again

The next morning at school Dan and Lura couldnt wait to tell there freinds about what happend eveyone was happy.
"Dan can i talk to you" asked his english teacher dan nodded.
she smiled "so it worked out then alright didnt itand belive me if i know you as well as i think i do it will last forever" she smiled.

the years pastby and things seemed and they had both started college Dan was studdying to be a doctor and she wanted to be jornilist eveything was going ok.
on her 19th birthday Dan took her out for the night they had so much to drink they couldnt remember what happend so Dan wasnt supprised when he didnt see her the next day

Aslife wentby and they had the odd argument eveything was ok until he hadnt seen her for a few days.
When she came back he kissed her "hey babe where were you this week i missed you" Dan smiled.
Lura didnt reply she pushed past him and burst into tears.
Dan turned around sharply and ran after her but couldnt cach up with her he stoped "whats wrong babe?" he asked his heart felt hevy and a tear ran down his cheek.
That night Dan and Lura went for a walk around the park.
"So babe why were you so upset?" he asked putting his arm around her
Lura started to tear up again "i cant tell you babe" she cried.
Dan took her hand "we have been going out for 3 years now of corse you can" he said kissing her forhead.
She shook her head "im sorry i got to go" she cried and ran off.
Hestood there alone he couldnt understand what was going on.
Days went by he tried calling her but she didnt awnser he tryed talking to her and she just walked past him with a sad look on her face.
for weeks and weeks he tryed to get her to tell him what was wrong but then she just didnt turn up for college.
Dan had enough and went to knock on for her.
Her dad awnserd the door he was a tall skinny man with jet blck mopped hair.
"What do you want" he said in a very sharp voice Dan looked at him feeling a bit imtimadated "is Lura there im her boyfreind." he said.
Her dad put hod hand on his head "oh im so sorry yeah shes up stairs why?" he asked.
Dan looked at the floor "its just that she seemed to be upset last time i saw her and i havent seen her at all in 3 weeks".
Her dad shook his head "you mean she hasnt told you" he said.
Dan looked around "told me what" he asked and his eyes grew bigger with fear.
"You better go see her shes in her room just knock on and go in as she cant open it" her dad said putting his hand on Dans sholder.

Dan ran up the stairs as quick as he could and flung the door open.
As the door opend he clapped his hands to his mouth and the colour draind from his face.
"Whats going on babe" he said looking at his love who was lieing on her bed with an oxegon mask over her mouth.
"Im sorry" she said weekly and her eyes were half open.
"I dont understand whats going on babe?" he said startting to get upset.
Lura took her oxegon mask down"Ive got cancer i couldnt tell you babe i dint want to upset you because i love you thats why i wasnt in last week. ive been fighting it for 2 years now but last week the doctor said there is nouthing else they could do for me" she said gasping for breath and putting her mask back on.
Dan couldnt talk he just kneeled down beside her and sobbed loudly into his hands.
"Babe here" she said handing over a letter to him "read it at home and could you get my dad please"she asked .
Dan kept sobbing he whiped his eyes with his sleave and nodded at her.
Her dad came up strate away and his eyes filled up with tears.
"Dad" she asked sounding even more weeker.
Her dad walked towards her "yes baby" he cried.
"It hurts i dont want to hold on now" she said struggling to breath.
Both her dad and Dan looked at each other and nodded "you dont have to anymore" they said together.
They both said goodbye to her first Dan then her dad.
"Listen babe i just want you to know i love you so much you are my first and only." Dan sobbed and gently hugged and kissed her before backing away to alow her dad to have some time.
"I love you prinsess you dont need to hang now your mothers waiting for you" he said he also gentely hugged and then kissed her forhead.
the both caught hold of her hand as she pulled her mask down and closed her eyes slowly.
the 2 of them sobbed for hours before Dan said "I better go" and her dad drove him home.
When dad got home he went strate to his room and opend the letter she gave him it read.

Dear Dan we have been going out for almost4 years now
and although im not hear anymore i will always love you.
i will be your gaurdean angle and no matter what
when your down and dont know what to do anymore
just listen to the wind and you shell hear me.
and i never told you this but you have a son
talk to my dad he will explain eveything
from your love Lura.

Dans eyes started to well up with tears.
At the funeral all her freinds and famiy were there includeing Dans mum and dad.
After the funiral Dan talked to heer dad about they baby
"i didnt want you to find out because it would be to hard on you both but i've realised now its your son and its upto you if you want him or not" he said.
Dan nodded and went with her dad to fech his son.
Dan smiled "whats his name" he asked
her dad looked at him "liam" he said
That night after Dan took him home he rocked him to sleep and wisperd
"remember your mummy will always love you and so does daddy" said Dan


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