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harry love story

Book By: unoriginalxhipster

I'm Maddie,Maddie bass.I live in america,and im 17.my friends are one direction crazy but i dont know why, yea they are cute but way out of our leagues! but so i thought....

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I'm Maddie,Maddie bass.I live in america,and im 17.My friends are one direction crazy but i dont know why, yea they are cute but way out of our leagues! they are so happy that they have an america tour.They are now dragging me along.but sense they are in america they are staying in a hotel,right down the road from MY house...

we had to wake up at 8:15 to get a special free breakfest at crakel barrel.i didnt want to go but my mom forced me to go sense it was sunday.i wore skinny capris rolled up,brown belt,white plain shirt,peach sweater/cardigain,my cute brown bag,the solid feather earing the color gold some cute shoes,my hair down and some cute brown aviators. when we arrived alot of people where there.there was alot of girls there,they were loud and wouldnt let us though.after awhile we got through.we sat at a booth,mom,dad,infront.Me,my toddler brother and my baby sister.the waiter came by and got us our drinks.i drank half my soda and had to pee really bad.i fought my way though the crowd and make it to the rest rooms."Whats wrong with you people?!?!!"i yelled at the crowd.one girl pushed me into the boys bath room.it blacked out for a second.when i awoke i was being held down."are you ok?"i heard this ,this nice,but deep voice,charming voice.i opened my eyes to see this adorable young man.two other guys were holding me down and pulling him away."uh, i ne-"i whined jibberish but you could hear ow sometimes,that push was really hard!!the boy got free and held me up so my head was on his knees.the gaurds backed off,staying near.i got over the pain and tryed to focus on his face.*my mind-ok green eyes...cute face...cur-OOMMMGGGG*I freaked out and jumped up and ran into one of the stalls."miss you seamed hurt..are you ok?"he was so sweet.i slowly walked out of the stall...


she seamed hurt,she came flying through the door,and she was pretty cute..she looked at me,she looked shocked,she squeaked and kept biting her pretty pink nails pacing around.i cant get a good look at her..i grabbed her are and spun her to me so i could really see her face.she was gorgous.."now that i have your attention,what is wrong..."i ask slowly."well,uh i came here to eat,had to use bathroom and got pushed in here and got knocked out.."she said that nervously and fast."wait..."she said confused and slow."what?"i let up have some distance between us."my family is waiting for me!!"she trys to run out but i sill have a grip of her hand."what?!"she sounded jumpy and freaked out."you cant go youll get trampled!"i said trying to calm her down.she got out her phone and texted her mom."ok...*sigh* im stuck with somebody i have no clue about..."she said trying to calm her self."no clue?"that explains alot..i sit down next to her and i get out my phone."smile!"i take the picture out of surprize."wait what?! give me a chance to smile! lemme see!!"she tilts the phone and sees her derp face. she pressed "DELETE" before i could stop her i saw her blushing. "just wait a second.."she says and gets make up out of her purse puts some purfume on and sits next to me again."mmmmm smells good"i said smiling at her.i see her have a smile but trys to hide it. we take a amazing photo."why did you want to take a picture?"she askes.i wonder what was her name,maybe i can find her..."whats your name?"i ask before telling her."Maddie,Maddie Bass" she said proudly.we talked,and talked,and talked.


about 30 mintues passed and ive already fallen for her."so what about that picture?" "oh look watch.."i got my phone back out and logged into twitter."stuck in the boys bath room with my new best friend @Maddie_Bass!" he typed into twitter and posted it with the photo."how did you know my twitter name?" "its pretty clear it your name..."we giggled together."hey, dont peek.." she said as she walked over to the stalls.


i walked over to the stalls,and so did harry."hey! go back"i started laughing"nah,im good..."he said smiling."that was a demand not a question..."still laughing. i went in one of the stalls and locked it.he looked through the cracks."damn if this is how you want it,listen to me pee..." i said,still giggling.i got my really big scarf and it covered me like a blanket.."here ya go mr styles.."i handed him earplugs connected to an ipod playing harrys favorite song.i started peeing and harry saw my embarassment in my eye.he turned around walked away with the head phones in his ear and started singing it


end of chapter 1! its 2:20 am... sorry:) comment on what they should do in the next chapter!!



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