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Lorenzo- Chapter 1

Book By: vampirebreather

I used to slay vampires... I used to hate the idea... Ive just found out that that isnt true... Im a new born... and heres my story... (cue plinky plonky piano music...)

Submitted:May 22, 2011    Reads: 58    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I ran as fast as I possibly could. He was about to catch up with me and I couldn't let that happen. I turned a corner my breath sharp and my heart pounding out of my chest. I took a quick glance round the corner. No one there.
Great I must have lost him, I thought.I turned around ready to run again but stopped.
"Well you were nearly there,"
Nathan stood in front of me. God he was one damn sexy vampire hunter. I sighed and let myself slide down the wall. He slid down next to me.
"You tried your best you just have to remember to keep running. Maybe next time."
He smiled at me, eyes glistening in the moonlight. I sighed again resting my head on his shoulder.
"I know but will I ever get it right? I mean I have tried, what, 50 million times already?"
I was really disappointed in myself. I just wanted to prove to him that I was good enough. Maybe I wasn't. Maybe this will never happen for me.
"It takes time but once you..."
He cut himself off and shot straight up. He used himself like a shield against me.
"What's going on Nathan? What's wrong?"
He didn't answer. Just stood there glaring into the dark.
"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. A vampire hunter and his companion. Wonderful,"
A tall shape stood out from the shadows. Walking into the moonlight I noticed that he was glistening like a diamond. His skin so beautiful it looked untouchable. His long brown hair hitting his shoulders and his red eyes as piercing as rubies.
"What are you doing back here? I told you to leave and never, EVER, come back."
The anger in Nathan's voice made me cringe. I'd never heard him so angry in my life.
"Now, now Nathan. There's no need for unkindness. I just wanted to pay my good friend a visit. There's no harm in that is there?"
The vampire walked towards Nathan and me. He was so beautiful. He looked so surreal.
"You are NO friend of mine,"
With that Nathan shot forward. I stood up legs shaking. I hadn't so much as blinked and Nathan was on the floor. The vampire picked him up. Then, with gloved hands, raised his neck towards his mouth and bit hard. Nathan screamed with agony. I knew what was happening. I couldn't stop it. I stood there and watched the vampire drink deeply. He was quick and I was surprised to see that Nathan was still alive.
"Well. That was satisfying."
The vampire walked towards me wiping his mouth with his gloved hand. He smiled showing his brilliant crystal like fangs. I whimpered and pressed myself to the wall. To my surprise he held out his none bloody other gloved hand. I reached mine out and he kissed it softly.
Well this is a little different than training, I thought.
"Excuse my attack on your friend my dear. But I tend to fight back when someone attacks me."
"Umm... Well..."
He laughed. So soft you wouldn't believe he was a monster.
"I assure you he will be ok. Just be a bit different in the tooth and the appetite if you know what I mean."
Oh god. He didn't. Did he? Oh shit. Nathan was a vampire. He has transformed into the one thing he has fought all his life.
"You bastard,"
Well I couldn't say anything else could I? He just laughed again. Still holding my hand he spun me around so my back was against his front. He ran his ice cool lips up my neck. I just stood there. Like I was frozen in a trance. He lifted his head up looking me straight in the eye. I stared back. Those ruby red eyes. I could see into them. I could see the pain he had had. The loss and the gain of this wonderfully new life. I looked away turning my gaze towards Nathan. He was screaming and writhing with pain on the floor.
"He'll be fine. Anyway I'm not interested in him. I'm only interested in you."
I looked back. He flashed his teeth and softly ran them along my neck. The bliss of his fangs kissed me. I'm ashamed to say I liked it.
"I can change you too you know. You can live forever. Be with your friend. You can be with me."
I shuddered and he laughed again.
"What would you want in return?" I asked.
"Nothing, but yourself my dear. You're very beautiful you know. "
He moved a piece of hair out of my face. He was so gentle with me. Nathan was a vampire. I wanted to kill vampires. But this one had changed my mind. I finally understood why I was so fascinated with them. I wanted to be one myself.
This was the strangest moment of my life. I cringed at the sight of Nathan on the floor. But there were some things I would have to do if I were to stay with him.
The vampire smiled at me. A low groan rising from the bottom of his throat. He tilted my head to the side. Still as gentle with me. I closed my eyes waiting for him to bite.
I could feel his ice cold breath on my neck as he opened his mouth wide. He bit. A rush of heat flowed through my body. I began to burn. Sweat was pouring off my head in thick beads. His fangs were still there but after a while he removed himself. I fell to the floor. My body began to shake and all I could see was the moon and the stars. I screamed as the burning continued from inside my body. Blackout.


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