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Lorenzo- Chapter 2

Book By: vampirebreather

The second chapter....

Submitted:May 22, 2011    Reads: 48    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I woke up two hours later. Nathan was standing over me. I swear he was crying. I stood up nearly knocked off my feet by the speed. I fell backwards but Nathan caught me.
"What happened?" I asked.
He closed his eyes and sighed.
"You were stupid. You changed yourself too. For me. The only thing I don't understand is why."
He opened his eyes. They had changed from that gorgeous chocolate brown to a sharp piercing red. I gasped.
"I... Well... I love you."
Is what I should have said but I was cut off by a loud crashing noise. Me and Nathan looked over to where the sound had come from. The vampire had a sword and was swinging it at some bins.
"Take that you metal fiends!"
I laughed. But Nathan just stood there looking at him. He sighed again and looked back at me.
"This is all my fault. God this is all my fault!"
Nathan was angry again. I didn't like seeing him angry. I remembered when he had run up to the vampire trying to fight him off. I shivered.
"Nathan. No it's not your fault. Its loony-tune's fault over there."
He laughed slightly.
"Yes but look at us Isabelle. We are shit sucking vampires. The one thing we have been fighting for half our lives."
The vampire flit over to us.
"I see you have adjusted. Oh and by the way, dear, just because I fight some bins doesn't make me a 'loony-tune'."
He laughed. I laughed too, but Nathan had turned and started to walk away.
"Nathan!" I shouted.
He didn't turn back. I noticed something glinting in his hand. A knife. He stopped where he was and fell down onto his knee's.
"NATHAN NO!" I shouted flitting towards him.
It was too late. He had driven the knife right through his heart. He screamed out in pain but didn't move. He just sat there on his knees staring at the wall ahead.
"Nathan?! Nathan can you hear me? Oh god please say you're not dead,"
"I'm not dead," Nathan said.
I blinked in surprise. He turned his head towards me. There were tears in his eyes.
"I must have missed. I didn't want this. It's been four hours and I hate it."
Nathan was bleeding a lot but didn't seem to care.
"I know. It's going to be ok. We'll stay together."
I gasped. He'd never shouted at me like that before.
"I...I don't."
"No I didn't think so. Look I'm sorry but i'm going to need time to relax and figure out what I'm going to do. Just leave me for a couple of days. If I'm not back by next Monday then I've probably killed myself."
I shuddered. I didn't like the way he was handling this. I was fine. Obviously choosing to be a vampire wasn't a mistake for me.
Nathan stood up. The blood on the floor started to fade and so did the blood on his clothes. He walked towards the vampire.
"I hate you for this. I want to kill you but I trust you to look after her. Do not let her out of your site. If she ends up dead because of you, just remember that I'll come and kill you."
Nathan looked back at me and walked towards me. The vampire looked stunned but the corners of his mouth pulled up into a smile. Then all of a sudden Nathan kissed me. It was full of passion.
"I'm sorry Isabelle. This is all too much for me. Be careful and I'll be back soon."
With that Nathan took off. I stood there looking like a lemon. I didn't have any other choice. I just hoped Nathan didn't go too far.
"Well that was very dramatic. Sort of Shakespearian id say,"
The vampire walked over to me. I looked at him still amazed by his beauty.
"Hang on. I still don't know your name,"
It was true he hadn't mentioned his name once in the past few hours.
"Lucian darling. Best werewolf fighter of the century,"
He bowed to me. Then took my hand and kissed it softly, again. (What was it with vampires kissing your hand all of the time?) Memories of the past two hours flashed back at me. It felt like the way he had kissed my neck.
"Wait. Werewolves? I thought they were a myth. Vampires are about the only thing I believe in,"
I was so confused. Now there were werewolves too? Wow Nathan wasn't going to be happy.
"Oh then you have a lot to learn my dear. Yes werewolves are real but so are fairies, trolls, witches and wizards. Of course we have good and evil sides but most werewolves, wizards and witches are evil. You might have heard that they are ever so nice in fairy tales. I assure you my dear this is not a fairy tale,"
There was a flash of light in the sky. I looked up to see furry dog shapes coming towards us.
"Oh shit," I said looking at Lucian.

"Yes. Shit coated in a load of crap,"


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