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Lorenzo - Chapter 3

Book By: vampirebreather

Life is like a chain reaction.... once one thing has happened the other follows straight after....

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The dogs came closer. Well I say dogs but these were so much bigger. I watched as one changed in mid air to human. Werewolves. Damn it Nathan couldn't you have at least taught me how to attack werewolves?
"What do we do?"
I looked at Lucian, he had dropped his cape and had his sword at his side. He looked over to me and pulled a dagger out of his pocket. It was beautiful. A rose for its handle and a blade of pure silver.
"Use this. Aim for the backs of their necks or their heart. Don't touch the silver though. It'll burn you,"
He handed it over to me. Then burst out laughing.
"What?" I asked.
At a time like this wouldn't think there was any need to laugh.
"You believed me. Silver is fine with us just gold and blessed items you have to look out for,"
I nodded. A loud thud came from nearby. I looked towards a beautiful man. Tall and had a good build. His eyes were a brilliant blue and he had long hair.
"Well Lucian. You've done it again. Changed another one. Ruined another person's life. You're brilliant aren't you?"
Lucian smiled walking towards the guy.
"Ah thank you Leo for finally admitting how fabulous I am. I know and I can't help it. But this time she chose."
Leo laughed.
"Oh dear my friend. It has been a while hasn't it?"
Lucian held his arms out hugging Leo.
"It has. I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Isabelle?"
He gestured for me to come over. I walked over completely aware of the puzzled look on my face. I watched as Leo's two partners changed into human. Again both beautiful. But one had shorter hair and an evil look on him.
I reached Lucian. It took me a while to realise that I was shaking.
The werewolves and Lucian laughed.
"Now Isabelle there's nothing to be worried about. These are on our side."
I stared at Leo.
"I...um well hi,"
I held out my hand to Leo. He took it with both hands then dropped one and kissed the other.
"Isabelle. Beautiful name, beautiful face. Seems like you have it all. I'd like you to meet my boys, Ryan and Mark,"
Ryan grinned, his teeth shining in the dark. He stepped forward taking my hand and kissing it. Mark stayed where he was but smiled at me.
Well I could have said more but when it comes to meeting new people I get very shy.
Leo looked back towards Lucian. A serious look stole the smile from his face.
"He's back. He's looking for you and my only piece of advice is run, my friend,"
I stood puzzled. Looking up to Lucian I could see the fear in his eyes. He brushed a piece of his hair from his eyes.
"What does he want this time?"
Leo sighed putting a calming hand on Lucian's shoulder.
"You. He wants you blood spilled upon the Table,"
Lucian laughed nervously.
"Well he'll have a hard time trying to get that to happen,"
Leo laughed slightly. I watched as Mark and Ryan transformed themselves and started play fighting. They didn't seem to be paying attention.
"That's what I wanted to hear. We would offer our help to you but..."
"I know Leo. It's fine. Better one person dead than four,"
I gasped. This guy was going to kill Lucian?
"I must leave for now. I see you around soon my friend. Watch your back,"
Leo and Lucian hugged again. Leo snapped his fingers at his partners and they were off.
Lucian turned around walking towards his cape. I followed like a lamb.
"Lucian. Who is after you?"
He sighed picking up his cape. He looked over to me as he tied it around his neck.
"An old enemy of mine. A werewolf. The one who started me off fighting the beasts,"
I shuddered. Something about this guy made me really angry.
"His name?" I asked.


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