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Lorenzo - Chapter 4

Book By: vampirebreather

As i said life is like a chain reaction >:] ....

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I didn't want to ask any more questions. His name creeped me out enough without knowing every little detail.
"Yes I feel the same," Lucian said.
He laughed.
"I can read your mind. That's how I knew you wanted to change. You have dreams don't you? Ones about being a vampire."
I nodded my head.
"Seriously though, you can read minds? I mean that's awesome!"
He laughed at me. I felt myself going red.
"Yes pretty awesome indeed. Every vampire has one special ability. For instance some have the ability of the elements; Fire, Water, Earth and Air."
I took all this in. If I were going to be a vampire I wanted to be a damn good one.
"So will I have one too?"
He nodded. Then laughed.
"I think we already know what yours is,"
He looked at my arm. It was on fire.
I patted my arm down. The flame went out. We both laughed.
"Mind reading isn't my ability you know. That's just something I was taught."
"Can you teach me?"
To be taught how to mind read would be awesome. I mean nothing would be a secret.
"If you wish. Are you not going to ask me what my ability is?"
"OK. What is your ability?"
I stared at him. His face came forward and he stared into my eyes. A mix of colours came to my eyes. I watched as pretty swirls and patterns moved about. I heard a snap. It was like when an elastic band breaks.
He was laughing again. I looked at him. He looked up to me. Either he was getting smaller or I was getting bigger. I looked down. Shit! I was flying! I was about six foot up and had nothing to grab hold of.
"You ok up there?"
I was shaking again. If there was one thing I didn't like then that was heights. I didn't like the thought of being stranded in thin air with nothing to grab onto and the ground way below. I was getting higher and more stressed.
I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I thought of Nathan and his eyes. I floated down as soft as a feather.
Lucian was nearly crying with laughter. I didn't find it funny but couldn't help laughing myself.
"Well I certainly won't be doing that again."
I reached the ground my legs still a bit shaky.
"Oh I think you will. Now we need to practice more on your element. They come in handy during battles. They make easy defence or offences."
"OK. First though I suggest we do it in our training arena. It may have a few hunting things so we'll have to be careful,"
"Fantastic. I did forget for a second that you used to slay vampires. Maybe I could teach you how to kill werewolves too,"
"Great lets go," I said and we took off.


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