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Lorenzo - Chapter 5

Book By: vampirebreather

As love goes on life slows down to a heartbeat....

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We reached the arena. It was still lit up from before so we could walk straight inside. I jumped ten foot when a loud crash came from the storage room.
I flit towards it, Lucian at my heels. I pushed the door open slightly so I could see in. Without noticing it I had set the door on fire.
"Shit!" I murmured.
Lucian pushed past me walking straight through the fiery door. I held my breath following him inside. A human stood with stakes, crosses and garlic covering him.
"Shit!" I heard him whisper.
He ran through the clutter and out the fire escape. We followed. Lucian flit forward in front of the human.
"What are you doing here?" The human asked. There was fear in his voice.
"I should ask the same of you young man. This is Isabelle's property. I ask of you to kindly replace it where you found it,"
The human turned round. He looked familiar.
"Damien?" I asked.
"Isabelle?" He asked.
Oh dear. This was the boy I had spent year seven, eight and nine with.
"What are you doing here Damien?"
"I slay the vamps now. I needed some equipment and you had plenty enough so I thought I'd... you know take some for myself,"
This made me furious. An ex-boyfriend stealing from you is not good for a seventeen year old vampire.
He ran but I was faster thanks to the scary vampire skills.
"How did you..? Oh Isabelle. You're not are you?"
"I'm not what?"
I knew what he was going to ask I just wanted to give Lucian some time to come up behind him.
"A vampi..."
He was cut off by Lucian gagging his mouth. A sudden pain hit my stomach hard. I felt hungry. Like I'd been starving myself. (Believe me I know what it feels like from past experiences)
"Isabelle? Are you ok my dear?"
Lucian had tied Damien to a lamppost; he was struggling and wriggling around.
"English please?"
"I think I'm hungry,"
It felt weird saying it out loud. But I had to admit I was starving.
"Well that's normal. When you come within a few feet of human's you will get hungry,"
"What do I...uh do?"
Lucian laughed.
"It's simple really. Just think of blood. Your fangs will appear and you can feed."
"Is that what you did with me and Nathan?"
Lucian just nodded.
"Now I suggest you feed from this trouble maker here. Maybe he will learn his lesson,"
"I wont...uh change him will I?"
"No that's only if you intend to change someone. But I didn't intend to change Nathan you know. I was thinking about you too much,"
I smiled to myself and walked towards Damien. He was really struggling now. He tried spitting out the gag but it wasn't happening. I cupped his face in my hands.
"I'm sorry Damien. But you're a bastard and I think you deserve this more than anything,"
I heard Lucian laughing slightly behind me. Damien squealed and squirmed but I held his head and neck still. I thought of blood. I thought of a warmness that filled me and sure enough my fangs appeared. It didn't hurt but they felt weird in my mouth. Like the fangs you get for Halloween.
I bit into his neck.
A warm flow of blood flooded my mouth. It was so good that I drank until I was satisfied. I looked at Damien. His eyes were closed and he had gone limp.
"Lucian! I haven't killed him have I?"
Lucian checked out Damien. He smirked shaking his head.
"No. He has just fainted."
We laughed. Then Damien came back to reality. I ungagged his mouth, bad idea.
"You BITCH! Ugh, Isabelle? What the hell have you done to yourself? Was it him? Did he do this to you? If he did I'll fucking kill him!"
I stood back. Watching as Damien went red with fury.
"No. It wasn't him. It was me. I chose this Damien. And if you don't like it then fine you can fuck off! I told you I never wanted to see you again anyway! Why do you think I moved school?"
I was furious with him. Thankfully Lucian was there to keep him quiet. He walked over to Damien getting behind him. He put his hands over his eyes and whispered something in his ear. Damien went limp again.
"What was that? Hypnotism?" I asked.
"Yes. It has wiped his memory of anything to do with us vampires. It's also knocked him out so I think we should just sort of dump him somewhere,"
I nodded. Damien was a bastard anyway. I didn't really care what happen to him. Lucian picked him up and walked towards the gates. I followed not wanting to be left alone in case there were any other crazy ex-boyfriends who wanted to kill me.

I waited whilst Lucian ordered a taxi to take Damien away. After he had left we walked back inside to start some vampire training.


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