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Lorenzo - Chapter 6

Book By: vampirebreather

Life's heartbeat has now slowed... so has my love....

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When we were in the centre of the gym Lucian took off his cape and sword placing them down on a bench.
"Right. First you need to learn how to actually summon your element. It's basically the same as how you feed accept you think of your element."
I nodded taking all information in.
"Can I just get something?" I asked.
Lucian nodded whilst I flit over to the storage room. I opened the cupboard named 'Emergency Supplies' and took out four fire extinguishers. Picking them up I flit back into the gym.
Lucian laughed when he saw what I had brought. I smiled.
"Just in case?" Lucian asked.
I nodded placing them on the bench besides his cape and sword.
I walked back to the centre of the gym.
"Right," Lucian said "First close your eyes,"
I closed my eyes.
"Ok. Now, in your mind, see fire. You would do the same thing if you had any other element. Now concentrate on a part of your body and imagine it was on fire."
I pictured my fingers on fire. They started to tingle. I opened my eyes and stared at my fingers. They were on fire. I screamed and ran towards the fire extinguishers. I heard Lucian laughing behind me. I figured that he likes to laugh.
"It's not funny. My fingers could have burned off!"
I said but I couldn't not laugh. I got rid of the fire and wiggled my fingers to make sure they were alright.
"We don't have to do this now. We could..."
Lucian flit to beside me.
"What?" I asked.
Lucian froze.
I jumped and hid in the supply room. If that was what he was going to say I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I thought he might have asked for something different. Something to express the feeling I have felt for him ever since we met. I know it was like 7 hours ago but I think I might love him, or it could just be a silly crush. ( I often get those, hint to the bastard Damien.)
Anyway back to the action. I hid behind the door in the supply room. I heard a lot of shouting and crashes.
I jumped, hitting my head on the fire extinguishers above me. I groaned and entered back into the gym. I wish I hadn't. Lucian was in the middle of the floor. He was being dragged around by well something. There was nothing there.
"Lucian?! What should I do? I cant see anything!"
Lucian started to lift of the floor. He screamed as whatever it was threw him to the floor. Blood started to seep through his shirt.
I nearly started to cry. I didn't want anything to happen to him. I needed Lucian right now. He was the only thing I had until Nathan returned.
I cleared that thought out of my mind and focused on the area around Lucian. A glow of light hummed in the air. I focused hard and the glow formed a figure. A wolf shape figure.
I didn't know what to do. I racked my brain. Well I had only been trained for about two seconds on how to set fire to myself. It really didn't help that I needed the loo and a leak was drip drip dripping behind me.
This made me think of water. And without realising I had sent a wave towards the wolf figure sweeping it away.
"I...I...I uh..."
I was left with random words tumbling out of my mouth. Lucian had stood up and flit towards me. He made me jump when he spoke, his voice was as high pitched as a chipmunk.
"How did you? I thought you... Whoa,"
Was all he said. I was still stunned by what I had done.
"Does this...um...mean I have two powers? Or abilities even?"
Lucian stroked his imaginary beard and examined my face. He looked straight into my eyes.
"I'm not sure. I haven't seen something like this for a long time. It has to have been at least a century ago when something like this happened."
"Since what, Lucian?"
I was really confused. My ability, or whatever, was supposed to be fire. End of. But no, now I can use water?
"Well a century ago a woman was changed. Just like you and I. She thought she had no power what so ever. But it turned out her power was spirit. Spirit is the most powerful power you can get. It enables you to use each element. Water, earth, fire and air. She was so powerful that she became the leader of the Triolon Clan. She was killed in a battle between her and another spirit user."
I gasped. So my power was spirit. To be honest I thought that was pretty awesome.
"What's the 'Triolon Clan'?"
Lucian smiled and brushed the hair out of my eyes.
"The Triolon Clan is the made up of the most powerful beings in the world. There is a powerful leader for each type of being; werewolf, vampire, fairy etc. Lorenzo used to be part of it. He was the most powerful there but he was kicked out because he was killing other beings,"
This made Lucian freeze. I wanted to know more but a feeling inside urged me not to.
"No I shall tell you Isabelle. He killed my parents when I was just a young vampire. See he came to get me. He knew I didn't belong in the human world. He tried to make me werewolf but I said no. He left me stranded in our world until Calbri came. She found me alone. I was seven when I was changed. I was attacked in my own back garden by a Tracker. My parents still loved me but I knew they were scared of me. They gave me blood. Only a pint a month but it lasted. Anyway I was enjoying my ninth birthday party when Lorenzo came and killed my parents. He said they were nothing and tossed them aside like trash. I knew from them that I definitely wanted to kill him from there on. Taking innocent lives like that. But before he left me he changed form to werewolf and did this to me,"
Lucian lifted up his shirt and showed me the horror. Bite marks covered his chest. Each one had several stitches. But the worst part was the area around his heart. It had a massive indent in it.
"What did he do to your heart?" I said laying my fingers on his chest.
"Well he tried to force me to become a werewolf. And to become a werewolf you need a heart. A human heart. See when you become a vampire the venom in the blood disintegrates the heart. So whilst in human form Lorenzo knocked me out and tried to give me a human heart. My body rejected the heart and disintegrated it. When I awoke I was stranded in a forest. Naked and clinging on for life. I was worried that I was a werewolf. But I realised that my will power against werewolfism is what saved me that day."
Lucian pulled his shirt back down and looked me in the eyes. Something churned inside me. I realised how serious this was. Becoming a vampire and being free for the rest of my life. I realised that Nathan had a reason to be angry. It just blew past me. But then most things just blew past me in my old life.


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