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A troublesome kind of kiss

Book By: Vampirekiss17

Alex has a loving boyfriend who loves her too but there's a guy who like her and teasing her cousin bu pretending to kiss alex but what will teasing lead to this time???

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A troublesome kind if kiss Alex pulled him in for a kiss with a hand inbetween thier lips to annoy her cousen but Chris pulled her hand away when they were a milmetre away from kissing and Alex acually kiss him by accident. She'd been wanting to kiss him for a long, long time (two years to be precise!!!) The kiss wasn't very long but it was her first kiss with Chris, it was a peck & only a peck but feeling his soft full lips on her big pink-lipsticked lips were wonderful, her sisters dream had come true!!! Janice (Alex's cousen) opened her white and blue curtained window half open & started shouting & slaging them as she finaly pulled away with her mouth wide open. She gazed at him, her wide black-eye-linered, blue eyes sparkling like a saffire twinkling in the sunlight. Chris looked back at her both eyebrows raised and his lips parted slightly, just enough to see the bottom of his front teeth. He looked at the window and flicked up the middle finger at Janice & took Alex's hand then started walking down to the woods with her, hand still in his, while she followed him just like that. Chris took her to the lake down at the left of the woods. She wasn't sure what was happening but she thinked she liked it. When they got to the lake he took hold of her face, cupping her cheeks with his hands & kissed her properly not a peck on the lips but an acuall kiss. Chris ran his tongue agianst her bottom lip first like he was looking for a button to open her mouth but he didn't need one, Alex opened her mouth to let him tangle their tongues together as much as he liked. She grabed at his hair while he let go of her face and shifted his hands down to her hips & pulled them closer. She ran her hands along his neck & hair twirling his hair with her left index finger while his hands ran along the bottom of her back. There was one years, one month & nineteen days between them but that didn't matter at that precise moment in time, as long as they were together that moment was perfect. He pulled her leg up to his hip and she lifted herself on to him with his hands holding on to her bum to support her wieght. Even though his mum was shouting for him to go inside his house for supper, they stayed there out of sight, snogging for fifteen minutes only kissing & breathing. To her nothing felt better than the feeling of his body pressed agianst hers. Her phone started ringing and she just maneged to pull her purple blackberrie phone out of her back pocket of her skinney jeans to see who was phoning. Crap. It was her boyfriend. She pulled away just in time to awnser before he hung up. "Heya Darren, babez how are you???" "Hey you remembering about tonight honey???" "Emmm, tonight???" "Yeah we're gonna see a movie and get supper remember???" "Yeah, yeah 'course I do Darren why wouldn't I???" "hmmm. Well ok. I'll pick you up at seven sharp, ok???" "Yeah brill. Love ya babe byesabye" and with that she climed off of him & started pacing back & forth. What was she gonna do??? She had a date tonight with her wonderful boyfriend but a minute ago she was happily snogging of the face of a boy who finaly warmed up to her!!! 'I've got to go and ge ready for Darren but what about him??' she thought to herself. She kissed him once more then said she had to go & get ready so she did. She walked home which was five minutes away & looked at the time on her phone. 6:30. Crap she had to get ready within half an hour & she knew Darren would be here seven sharp just like he said. She had to brake up with him, after that kiss with Chris she was in dreamland but that kiss wasn't with Darren-her boyfriend-but with her best mate. GRRR, life was so difficult but mabey tonight would be easy. Darren would pick her up with his brother driving, they would get dropped of at the cinima, go see a movie, get their supper and then she would pay for the food & brake up with Darren, go home & start daydreaming about him like there's no tomorrow. But what about Darren, he'd be heart broken & she knows it because everyone knows they love each other, or does she really love Darren??? What if he brakes up with her??? That was NOT her reputation. The lucky boy would be with her for up to a month or so (she gets bored with them quickly) then she brakes up with them, no one has EVER broken up with her. Yet. But unlike every one else that's been the lucky guy, Darren has been with her for about five monthes now, that's why they were going out tonight, to celebrate they're anniversary. 'Hmmm' she thought 'I love Darren but i also love Chris what am I gonna do???' Alex thought back to the day Darren asked her out, he was nervouse but she was used to it so she wasn't nervouse. "emmm" he had started " do you wanna go for lunch sometime?" "yeah what about today. I'm free" " hey you going to lunch with & Sandra remember?!?!?!" speaker Alex's mate, Ashliegh "Shut up, Ashliegh" commaded Sandra"we don't mind go on you go Alexwe'll see you in class!!!" & with that the two of them went to spread the new of Alex & Darren going for lunch. 'What a day that was!!! Darren had won Alex a giant panda teddie later that night when he took her to the carnival. Unlike most boy-who love football best- Darrens favourite sport was darts so of course he got one hundred & about twenty as a score and won a giant teddie & he picked a giant panda 'cause he knew Alexs' favourite animal is a giant panda. She had kissed him on the cheek after that & knew that he was a keeper & this time SHE was the lucky one. Thinking back on that wonderful night a tear or two started to race down her cheeks, she didn't bother wiping it away. Alex lookedat her phone agian, Darren would be here in ten minutes sharp. She looked at wear the giant panda was now, she tried hard to remember what she called it, 'Carrny!!!' she thought she called him that because it was a carnival she got Carrny. Her mates almost always smirked or giggled & called Carrny Horny because they sounded the same then she got up gave Carrny a big hug and got herself dressed in her favourite black strappy top, her blue, elbow short sleeved, waist long cardie, her light blue, ripped skinny jeans aswell as her black & white convers that she got for her thirteenth birthday from mum & dad & then came the knocks. Alex rand downstairs to the front door & opened it to see Chris standing there with Darren& stern looks on there faces but it was obviouse Darren was trying hard then Alex relized she was holding Carrny with tears holiding on to her un-foundationed cheeks. She went to close the door but two diffrent shoes went in the way. Alex looked at the faces of the two boys & knew what was coming, or so she thought "ok what's going on here???"she asked trying to play stupid but that didn't work for the first time. " oh come on don't play stupid with us, Alex. You know why we don't look happy" said Chris sternly "I know why Darrens here but as for you, Chris I don't know" " I thought I was here to pick you up for our date, but I guess not" commented Darren softly. "I guess you know". I whispered gently "I wish I didn't though" " I'm so sorry Darren I really am, but please he the one that pulled my hand away! I was using my hand to pretend to kiss him to piss off janice!!!"I pleaded as I pointed at chris. Then I grabed Darrens face " Darren I love you not him" and with that I kissed him hard


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