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Love Can Be Different - Chapter One

Book By: WerewolfWyeth

When Violet Smith, walks home from the libary in Lerwick, Shetland. She soon discovers that she has a stalker... In a panic and runs, she heads for the nearest alleyway. Trapped by the dead end she sees her stalker...

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Violet Smith moved quietly, trying not to disturb the others that shuffled through the books and other of the sorts in the libary of Lerwick, although the town was small, it attracted lots of touristes. She could hear the recieptionist typing away on her computer. There was nothing Violet wanted or Liked to read, so she headed home. Walking out the door she stepped to her left to let another couple of tourists enter, "thank you" one of the tourists said, obviously he was foreign, because his acsent shone through in those simple phrases. Now that the tourists have entered, she continued out the grand old building and headed for her house.

Darius stood on the rooftops, watching his future lover walk by again, he even knew her name through listen other speak to her, Darius like her long blackhair and her small build, and also on Darius's mind was how could he let her know? should he make a move for her?d if so how?

Violet enterd the door of her one bedroom flat, she moved towards the kitchen to make her a cup of coffee, while putting the kettle on she heard a bang, did she close the door? she must not of, so she walked towards the front door, closed tight as she thought. She diverted her gaze to the envelopeon the floor, picked it up and went to kitchen to continue making her coffee, setting it down on the counter side and then poured the boiling liquid into the mug containing one spoon of sugar and another spoon of kenco instant coffee. She sat down at her cheap pine table and opened the letter and released the paper leaflet from it's paper prison.

It read :

To Violet,

I am your secret admirer, i have been watcjing you for some time now,

i would like to meet you, tomorrow night 12:00pm

please, be there

your secret admirer

was this a joke? is this real? not some sick, sadistic joke? well, what ever it was it could wait, Jenny Harper was coming around in ten minutes, and Violet knew she needed some company, life was getting lonely, and with some bastard playing a prank like that on her...well words cannot be used to describe the anger and confusion that buzzed around her brain. Jenny Harper is 5ft 4 and has bright ginger hair that sways down to the bottom of her jaw, and her face had freckles that look like they have been delicately placed by angels.

there was a knock at the door, of cours it was the guest that Violet has been expecting, when Violet opened the door she saw Jenny Harper, and greetings were exchanged, as Jenny walked in holding a plastic bag. 'whats in the bag?' Violet asked Jenny, Jenny turned around and replied with 'chocolate, lots and lot's of lovely chocolate', 'all foryou greedy, or are you gonna share?' Violet mused and then escorted Jenny into her Livingroom. Violet's living room was filled with a cream couch, bookshelves and a couple of picture dotted aroung the place, aswell as the usual electrical appliances like steroes and t.v's.

While the two saton the couch muching away on their chocolate, like pigs in their troff, the subject od the letter was brought up. 'oh yeah, i got this freaky letter' Violet said to her red-headed companion, 'really' Jenny said trying to look interested 'who from?'. ' that's it though, it doesn't say' replied Violet, 'what?' Jenny said while turning her head to look at Violet instead of her half eaten chocolate, 'let me see?'. so Violet went into the kitchen to fetch the letter and showed it to Jenny. 'this is freaky and wrong' Jenny said with a look of concern on her face, 'what should i do?'. 'report it' Jenny said sternly, 'do you think i should?' asked Violet, 'of course' exclaimed jenny, 'there could be some sort of sick perverton the loose, or even...*gasp*... a peedo or rapist!'. Violet took in Jenny's advice and said 'ok, i'll do it tomorrow'. with every bit of chocolate eaten and many cups of tea and coffee drank, Jenny bided farewell and left Violet to ponder on her options...

The alarm clock rang with it's annoying monotonal voice as it always did, it was 11:30am and the erst of the world was already dressed and working, but not Violet, not lazy old Violet, instead she was unemployed, and lived off benefits for govermental subsides. Even though she did't work she still like to think that she had to get up at the time she does, so she can poter around with no intention to anything useful to society, but instead to just take. It's not that she was a bad person, she just was lazy, no harm done right? so she headed out f her bed and lazily moved towards the shower, got undressed, and then got in and turned the knob and released the at first cold watery jet and shivered when it hit her naked skin. the water eventually got hotter and then Violet lathered up and rinsed the bubbles off. After the shower, she got dressed and had breakfast,her usual breakfastcornflakes with sugar and a cup of coffee. Then she headed out, to her local shop, got a newspaper, The Daily Mail, was the paper she desired to buy today, the purchased paper was folded and shoved under neath her armpit. then she headed for the nearest starbucks, when she foundher usual one the asked for the Americano she soughted. While slurping at her Americano she read the paper, nothing interested, another murder, teenage drinkers and corrupt politicians. she finished her Americano and left for the shopping centre, as she did she felt the most uneasing and unnerving feeling, almost liked she was being watched. this was london though so stalker were common, Violet herselfhas come across a few stalkers and perves in her lifetime, butthiswas a feeling, it was almost as though her stalker's gaze had penertrated her skin andit was able to see her thoughts. the feeling went just as soon as it came... the she headed off.

Darius hid in the alleyway, people looked at him, but with little looked directly at him, as though he was invisible.although she couldn't see him. he could see her. heLOVED to watch her,to see her naturally.

When Violet entered the St.Vincent shopping centre she browsed around for a while at a clothes shop, she didn't have any money...she just liked to look around, 'maybe i should het a job?' Violet thought to her self,naaaaah!, no point in wasting her prescious time! Violet left the clothes shop, nodded at the lady who was on the tills then continued towalk. There was nothing she wanted and she started to feel tired, was it from walking? or was she ill? what ever it was, she left for the safety of her own abode, then she started to stumble to and frough, bumping into people.Pedestrians didn't help her, they just watched as though she was drunk. She got to an alley way before shefell over, and she layed there unconsious until someone picked her up.

Dariussaw her lying there, Violet was unconscious, she must have been for some time, what was more surprising was that no one had found her yet, Darius picked his fancy up and walked off, while stroking herhair and whispering to her...

Violet knew she was being carried away, she couldn't see who though, her vision was blurry.

Darius knew that she was awake, then layedher down on her bed (Darius knew where the flat was, he watched Violet go into it everyday), he bent down and whispered into her ear, "love can be different" kissed her on her lips and continued to whisper, "and i love you, please don'tforget that, i will see you again".

Violet heard these words, then fell asleep...


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