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My Summer Camp

Book By: winterbites

Beth goe to a summer camp every year, she has no friends. But will that all changes when she bumps into a cute boy ?

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It's this time of year again. Were my mum and dad send me off to a summer camp for eight weeks.
I don't really enjoy going and I'm not looking forward to it this year. I have no friends there, everybody ignores me. My parents only send me here so they don't have to put up with me over summer break. My name is Elizabeth, but people just call me Beth, I just turned sixteen, two weeks ago.
I like wearing tight jeans and loose black or white singlets , that's probably why people don't talk to me, they think I am a 'emo' but I'm not! Occasionally I will wear different colored tops and short shorts.
This year my mum made me pack shorts and different colored tees and singlets, in hope I will make friends. It's so much different then what I usually wear, but I'll be okay.
"Bye sweetie!" my mum yelled after me. "We'll miss you!" Oh yeah, right if you did you wouldn't be leaving me here. I put on a smile and waved back at them.
"Bye" I said quietly as they walked away.

This camp is a mixed camp, so it's been divided into two separate parts the boy cabins are over the far left side and the girl's to the right. There were a couple of new faces that I haven't seen before, or I just haven't noticed before.

As I was walking towards the cabin I've been assigned to stay in for the next eight weeks, a tall cute looking boy bumped into me. He was wearing skinny jeans and a plain blue shirt. His dark black hair fell to one side over his eye. His blue eye's studied my unhappy face, "Sorry, I'm Reece." He said in a British accent.

"Hi." Really, that's all you could say Beth? I'm such and idiot.

"Are you going to tell me your name, or do I have to guess it?" His voice swept me out of my daze.

"Oh, um, Beth… Elizabeth." I said nervously.

"Beth, Elizabeth?" He said lifting one eyebrow.

"You can just call me Beth." I said feeling embarrassed.

"Well Beth it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." He shook my hand and smiled. His hands were so soft.

"Reece, get back over this side now! Dinner is soon and I want you ready." some random male teacher called him.

"I'll see ya' around?" I didn't realize that it was a question until he spoke again, "Will I?" he persisted; I nodded my head in approval. He gave me a quick smile and ran over to the teacher that called him.

I was still staring at the back of him when he turned round and gave me a wink.

No boy has ever winked at me before now, what does it mean? Do I wink back?

I just stood there with my suitcase and watched him walk into a cabin.

Once he was out of sight I walk towards my cabin.

To be greeted by a girl about fourteen or fifteen.

"Hey, my name is Jacky, and this is Jess, and Daniela but we call her Danny. Danny and I are both fifteen and Jess is fourteen, what's your name?" she asked nicely.

It's like everything this year has suddenly changed; people are talking to me, what's up with that, maybe it's because I have changed my style of clothes that I wear now? Maybe it's my new attitude or my confidence that, that strange boy gave me?

"Elizabeth, but you guys can just call me Beth if you want to and I just turned sixteen." I said with a smile.

Jacky's green eyes sparkled in the light, "That is a beautiful name." she said flattening down her already straight jet black hair; she was wearing faded blue jeans and a Black 'Asking Alexandra' tee.

Jess jumped up and hugged me, her hair was light brown and a little curly. It went down to the small of her back. She was wearing a black waist skirt and a fitted white singlet. She was very pretty with her big brown eyes.

I hugged her back and put my stuff next to the bed Danny showed me.

Danny wore a pink dress that stops just above her knees, she looked the same size as me, like me she had pale blue eyes and sun bleached strawberry blonde hair. She wasn't pale like me she was more tanned like she would spend a lot of time at the beach.

"Here, this is where you can sleep," she said with a smile.

"Thank you." I said sitting down on the bed; I looked around at the smiling faces of my roommates. "So, do you guys live around here like everyone else?"

"Yes we do, about three hours away and this is our first time here, what about you?" It was Danny who spoke first.

"Yes, I do live around here; it's about one and a half hours away, so I'm not far from home." I said with a sigh, then the bell for dinner rang, "Is it seven already?" I looked at them confused.

"No, this year dinner will be at six instead of seven. Didn't you read the pamphlet they sent out?" Jacky asked.

"To be honest I didn't, but thank goodness I've got you guys." I stood up and walked to the door with them.

The dining room looks different this year than last, it has been decorated much better and there is lively music playing in the background, but the voices of everyone over power the music.

I looked around to see if I could see Reece, but I couldn't see him anywhere. The girls took their seats and gestured for me to sit with them. As I sat down I noticed Reece walk through the door, he scanned the room like he was looking for someone, his eyes met with mine he smiled and started walking towards me.

Could have it been me he was looking for?

"Hey. Beth." He said putting one hand on my shoulder. I looked down at it. "Is this seat taken?" I heard a few whistles around the table after I shook my head. "Thanks." He whispered in my ear, I could feel my face burning. Jess was smiling at the sight of me blushing.

Why am I blushing, I've only just met this guy?

The food was brought around; it was mashed potato, sweet potato and sausages.

I wasn't very hungry so I just ate my potato and left the sausages untouched.

"Don't you like sausages?" I random boy across from me asked. Some other boys snicked as if I were a joke, I knew what he meant by it, but I wasn't going to let him ruin my night.

"Will you shut up Caleb? If she doesn't want to eat them then she doesn't have to." That made him quiet down.

"Do you want to go for a walk with me later?" he asked, his voice was softer than just before. I nodded my head in approval.

A walk with what I think of the cutest, no hottest guy I have ever met.

By the time everyone left the table it was past seven-thirty, they all stayed behind to catch up with each other.

"You seem very quiet, are you alright?" Reece whispered into my ear.

"I'm fine, just listening to people's convocations." I said looking him in the eyes. They are so captivating it's hard to stop staring into them.

"Did you want to go for that walk now, before lights out?"

"Sure." I said nervously.

"Beth, it is okay you can trust me." He said standing up.

He excused himself and drew me away with him.

"So, is this your first camp?" Reece asked me.

"No, I've been coming here since I was thirteen, so about four years. What about you?"

"It's my first, I'm seventeen and you must be sixteen or fifteen?

"Sixteen." We fell into a long silence as we walked over the small bridge.

I could hear the rushing water below us.

He looks so beautiful, with his back slightly arched as he looked down at the water. Can I really like this guy even tho we've just met?

In the light of the moon I could see his reflection in the rippling water. I don't know how long we stayed there for. All of a sudden it got quite cold, and little goose bumps appeared on my arms.

"It's getting cold, I think I might go to my cabin now," I said lightly touching his arm to get his attention.

"Okay, I'll walk you back." He said, turning my direction.

We walked in awkward silence; he kept open his mouth to say something then changing his mind and shutting it again. My cabin wasn't too far away from his. After walking for a while we made our way to the door, "So, I guess I'll see you round sometime?" he said leaning on the door.

"Yeah, I guess you will." I said shyly.

"Beth, Reece, what are you two up to?" I was jess that had opened the door. She must have heard us talking.

"Hey, I'm just saying goodnight to Beth." He said putting his up in defence. "Night, Beth." He continued.

"Good night to you to." I said steeping inside the cabin. Jess closed the door behind me.

"I'm sorry for interrupting whatever was happening out there." She said frowning.

"Jess, I've only just met Reece. Nothing was happening and nothing will." My heart sunk when I said those last two words.

"I don't think that's how he feels about you." She said lying on her bed.

"Who was the other girl that was meant to come?" I said staring at the bed above mine and changing the subject.

"I don't know what her name was, but apparently she got sick or something and she won't be here until Friday or something. I know what you're doing trying to change the subject but you can run away from things like this."

"Thanks Jess, but I don't want just an eight week relationship with some random person I don't even know yet he could be a total jerk." I said putting my headphones in my ears, "Good night." I heard her mummer something but I was too busy concentrating on listening to Escape The Fate.

It felt like I was only asleep for ten minutes, then I had some rare' person shaking me, "Beth, Bethie, ugh ELZIBETH!"

"What I'm up." I said opening one eye the light pierce down and I saw jess bending over me, I closed them again the light was too much.

I heard Jess walk away, and then return. Then next thing I know I'm drenched in freezing cold water. "What was that for?"

"That what my parents do when I don't get up" she said shrugging.

"Well let me give you a tip, don't do it to other people especially me." I said ringing out my hair from the water. "Anyways I'm sure they don't use the whole jug!"

"Come on breakfast is almost over and you have to eat." She said violently pulling me out the door.

"Wait I can't go like this, I'm wet." Jess obviously took it the wrong way, I glared at her.

"What, are you worried Reecey will see you wet." She said trying to contain her giggles.

"Fine let's go then." I'm mad!

There was hardly anyone in there besides the people we were with last night and a couple of other people I've seen from last year.

"I'm really not that hungry, can we go now." I said looking in the direction Reece was sitting.

"You hardly ate anything last night, and we are going hiking at eleven and it already ten o'clock. So you have to keep your strength up for that." She said pushing me closer to that table.

"Ladies, care to join us." Reece said, moving his hands to our backs to usher us to the table. "Morning, Sleepy Head. Why are you all wet?" He gave me a cheeky grin.

"Bethie, you're finally up." Jacky came at me detaching Reece's arm from my back "Why are you all wet!" she said raising her voice which drew everyone's attention toward me.

"Umm…" I can't think of anything to say!

"I poured a jug of water on Beth to wake her up." Jess announced, I gave her what I hope looked like an evil glare.

"Interesting, Jess, I told you not to do that while we are here" she gave me an apologetic smile.

"Who is going on the hiking trip in an hour? I have been assigned leader for a group." Everyone around the table put up their hands except me, Jacky shoved me in the arm when she realized everyone was staring at me. I let out a sigh and raised me hand. "Great that's everyone; I'll see you all in half an hour." Reece said looking around at everyone.

"I don't see why I have to come." I said to Jess as we were packing our backpacks, "I still have five minutes I could pull a sickie. Do you think that will work?"

"No, you're coming whether you like it or not." She said crossing her arms over her chest.

"But we four are gonna' be the only girls in the group" I moaned.

"Well then you won't have any competition." She said grinning, "And neither will I. His friend Louis is really hot."

"Ugh! Whatever." I said walking out side with my bag over my shoulder. It was really heavy.

What did Jess put in this?

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I jumped at the touch, "oh, it's just you." I said relaxing; I saw Reece's blue eyes flicker across my face.

"Sorry for scaring you like that, it's just you looked like you are struggling with that." He said pointing at my backpack.

"I'm fine." I said putting it back on my shoulders again. "See?"

"Mmm, okay." He said not believing me.

"Shouldn't you be with the other leaders?" I said, trying not to sound like I was trying to get rid of him.

"Ouch, that hurt. If you want me to go, just say it." He said in a fake offended voice. I lightly punched his arm, to show that I was annoyed. "Nahh, we should get over there or people will start thinking things about our disappearance." He gave me a cheeky grin then winked. "Come on." He said pulling me towards our group.

We got there five minutes late; everyone was staring at us raising their eyebrows.

"That's where you got to." A boy with dark brown hair said. Everyone laughed with him. Reece glared at him. "Sorry man someone had to say it." He said laughing harder.

"Come on guys let get going." Jess said putting herself between Reece and I. "That's him over there." She said pointing at the guy that was just speaking.

"What guy?" I asked confused.

"That one Jess likes." Reece said butting in on our convocation.

"Excuse me?" Jess said looking at him. "Since when were you in this conversation?" she said. Crossing her arms.

"Since you positioned yourself in between Beth and I." He said looking at the tree we just passed. "Anyway, Louis is my best friend and I do know everything about him." He smiled to himself. I was deciding on whether I believe or not, I must say he is quite convincing, "and I have a feeling he may like you a bit too." Jess ran off towards Louis.

"Do you always lie?" I asked politely. Reece looked generally hurt.

"Do you think I was lying?" he said stepping closer to me.

"If you are trying to intimidate me it's not working, we are the same height." I said, then realizing he was a bit taller than me.

"No, he likes her and I am the slightest bit taller then you." He said laughing quietly, putting his hand on my head.

I raised my hand to remove his hand off my head.

"Oh. Sorry." His blue eyes shimmered in the light of the sun. Reece smiled

His smile makes me happy, and his teeth weren't perfect they had a gap in between the two front ones just like me; we also both share the same the same habit of bitting on our lower lip.

After a little while of silence I asked him,

"Do you like spiers? I hate them, I have a phobia. They freak me out, that's why I don't like going on hiking trips."

"I have a really big phobia of them to. Just between you and me, once I screamed so loud my mum through that I saw a snake then she got really angry at me." He said looking embarrassed, well that's another thing we have in common. "Do you wanna' play a game?" He asked. I nodded in agreement. "Okay I'll ask you something about yourself then you ask me something about me. Hmm, do you live around here?"

"Yes, where are you originally from?" I had to know if it was England cause, I would be quite Ironic.

"England." I giggled when he said it. "Why did you just giggle?"

"Is that your question?" he nodded his head. "Because when I was younger I used to say 'I am gonna marry an English boy, because I like their accents.'" Reece cracked up laughing, he had the cutest laugh but it was loud! So it drew everyone's attention towards us. "Reece, Shhh. Your drawing attention to us and it's not that funny." I said shaking him, he was still laughing.

"I'm sorry, anyway it's your turn ask a question." He said holding back a laugh.

"Umm, how many piercing do you have?" I said studding his ears.

"Two pricings in my lip. Two through each of my ears .A bar through my left nipple." He said pointing at his snake bites then ears then his chest.

I wonder what it looks like. His ears are really cute and his nose so... I guess the rest of his body will.

"Okay, I'm gonna change the game so now I have to tell you something and you have to tell me something. I am a very musical person. I play piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums and I sing." He said smiling

"I sing, play piano and a little bit of guitar. That's about it for my musical talents." I said, looking around.

"Something I have noticed about you since yesterday. You have the same habit of chewing on your bottom lip, like me."

"You have gapped teeth like me." I said smiling showing my teeth.

"You have blue eyes like me." He said looking into my eyes.

"We are both terrified of spiders." I said. That's the last thing I can think of.

"Ugh, can we please stop now?" It was Jacky, "My feet are killing. How much longer?"

"We have only been walking for about two hours." Louis called out.

"Pfft, can we just stop. Please, please can we stop?" she complained.

"Fine, but if we keep stoping it will take ages." Reece called out.

"Then can we go back?" Caleb asked.

"I agree." I said sitting on the closes rock.

"Fine, let's go." He said, turning back the way we came. I looked over at Jess and Louise; he was giving her a piggie back.

"Naww that is really cute." I said to Reece, pointing at them.

"Told you. He likes her." He said smiling. "Do you want one?" he said standing closer to me.

"Umm. No thanks." More like no way!

"Awwh, come on, for me," he said doing the cutest puppy face.

"Fine." He is just too cute to refuse.

"It's my puppy eyes isn't it?" He said lifting me on his back. I lost my balance for a second and I tightened my grip on him. "Uh, Beth, I can't see." He said shaking his head.

"Oh? Sorry." I said moving my hand from his eyes.

We finally got back at about two-thirty. Reece put me down from his back. "You're really strong." I said looking at his muscles.

"Thanks." He said smiling. I smiled back nervously, could I already like him? I've only known him for a day and a bit. No I can't like him. "What ya' thinking?" he said bringing me back from my thoughts.

"Nothing… Why?" I asked curiously.

"You have a serious face." He said looking into my eyes.

"I'm thinking about home." I lied; I'm a really bad liar though.

"You're lying, I can tell in your voice, please tell me." He begged as we walked up the steps to my cabin.

I unlocked my door, to see a girl in a really short skirt and a short top that stoped just before her midriff. She had long hair like mine besides it was a really bleach blonde colour.

I saw her look from me to Reece, her eyes lit up as soon as she saw him.

"Reece!" she jump at him, "Baby, how are you, I didn't know you came here." I watched in awkward jealousness as she hugged him around the neck. "Hey, I'm Tammy, your new roomie." She said still hanging onto Reece. "What's your name?" she said, looking at my hair and body, I feel really insecure now, she is staring at me like I'm annoying her or something, "Well?" she said tapping her foot.

"Beth." I said awkwardly looking at the ground then at Reece, but Tammy had her fingers wound through his hair and he was looking at her.

So I walked out, not bothering to look back, it hurt too much, to see him with her.

I managed to avoid everyone from when I saw Reece and Tammy, but now I'm going to have to see them because the bell for dinner just went, I walked in and the first thing I saw was Tammy sitting with Reece flicking her hair, what a flirt.

Just as I was about to turn away Reece caught my gaze and gestured me over to him.

"Oh. Hi Beth," Tammy said coldly, I really want to slap her face so bad.

"Hello." I said back coldly and went around and sat next to one of Reece's friends, "It's Ethan, right?" I asked him politely.

"No, Vincent." He said laughing. I laughed with him.

"I'm sorry." I said smiling, Vincent had big brown eyes and black hair, it kinder comes down in a side fringe and sticks up at the back, his skin is flawless and pale.

"And, your Beth, It's nice to meet you." He said putting a hand on my shoulder.

I glanced over at Reece; he was looking at us, while his little Tammy was flicking her hair and talking to him at the same time.

I made some more small talk to Vincent, he is really sweet and caring and he loves animals just like me.

It was nine when I last checked my watch and now it's just hit ten, we are all sitting around the fire. Jess is sitting with Louie over the other side and I'm sitting in between Vincent and Reece, Reece's 'friend' is sitting next to him with her head on his shoulder, that should be me.

"I'm going for a walk." I mumbled to Vincent.

"I'll come with you." It was Reece. Tammy sat up straight and held onto his arm.

"Oh. No I couldn't split you to up from each other." I said in a mocking voice.

"Well someone has to go with her." It was one of the counsellors.

"That's why I offered." Reece said getting up.

"Vincent will come with me." I said sending a pleading look his way; he looked from Reece to me.

"Sure, I would love to." He said taking my hand in his.

"Uhh, Beth, can I talk to for a sec?" Reece asked.

"Sure." I said putting my full attention on him.

"In privet?" he said looking around.

"I'll be back in a sec, kay?" I said in Vincent's ear, he nodded in approval.

Reece took me behind one of the cabins.

"Please make it quick." I said turning towards him.

"What are you doing with him?" he asked flinging his arms up in the air.

"Vincent? I'm making friends." I said annoyed.

"No, you're not, have you seen the way he looks at you? He likes you." He said running his fingers through his hair.

"And you care why? I'm pretty sure you're too busy with Tammy on your arm, to worry about anything." I said crossing my arms.

"Huh?" he said confused.

"Tammy." I said sarcastically.

"Nothing is going on with Tammy and I." he said, putting his hands on my shoulders.

"Yeah. Anyway I have to get back I'm going for a walk… With my friend." I said walking away.

"Beth, don't be like that, Beth, please." He said catching up with me. I kept walking ignoring him, cause I don't need to be messed up with any of this. "Beth, come on." He said clutching my arm.

"Reece, I'm going for a walk." I saw Vincent standing there with Tammy talking his ear off, he looked so bored, when he saw me his face brightened. I smiled back at him. "You ready?" I said to Vincent, he nodded his head in approval.

"You guys have fun, 'cause ya know I will." Tammy said, circling her arms around Reece.

What a dog.

"Yeah, about that I'm going back to my cabin." Reece said looking at me.

"I'll come with you." I heard Tammy say as Vincent and I walked away.

"So, you and Reece?" he said rising and eyebrow.

"Nothing is going on with us." I wish there was, with no Tammy that is.

"Tammy and him used to be 'friends with benefits', but they never got to second base, 'cause she found another play toy that was ready for it." He said explaining what happened between them.

"So do you have a girlfriend or like anyone?" I asked changing the subject.

"No, I don't like anyone, really…" he said not looking at me.

"You do I know it, so who is she?" I said resting my chin on his shoulder as we walked past Reece's cabin."

So what I'm trying to make him jealous, it sure as hell was working before.

"Him." He said looking away from me.

"Huh?" I said not understanding.

"Luca." He said blushing at his name. "I like Luca."

"Aww, that's so cute, Luca is the guy with the glasses, right?" His face was full of shock. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No! You're the first person, I've told and you totally cool about it." He said grinning.

"I should probably get back to my cabin 'cause it's..." I looked at my phone "10:40, but I'll walk with you to your cabin." I sad turning around.

"I share it with Luca, Caleb, and Reece." Oh joy! I have to see him again tonight. "I know what you're thinking, but he wouldn't go back to her, not with someone like you around." Someone like me, what's that supposed to mean? "He likes you Beth, even though you don't know each other well; just give him a chance, for me at least." He said with a smile.

"Yes Sir." I said laughing as we got to his door.

Reece opened it before we could say anything else.

"It's almost elven." He said looking at me.

"We were having so much fun that we lost track of time." Vincent said putting his hands on my shoulders. "Wait here, I have to get something, kay?" I nodded my head. Reece stared at me like he was gonna eat me.

"Stop staring at me." I said folding my arms over my chest, out of insecurity; mine were defiantly not as big as Tammy's.

"Did ya' have fun with your play mate?" I said instantly regretting it.

"What?" he said leaning on the door frame.

"Here, this it for you." I was Vincent handing me a piece of paper.

It said my number 0447635277. <3

"Thanks." I said smiling up at him. Reece coughed, someone is jealous.

Vincent leaned down and pecked my lips. "Goodnight Vincent and Reece." I said walking away. I heard Reece in the background saying,

"What the hell man?" I smiled and kept walking.

Why did he kiss me, was he trying to make Reece Jealous? I know I didn't mean anything because he is gay.

I got back to my cabin and into bed, I decided to text Vincent.

Hey it's Beth…

Hey, Beth, sorry bout the kiss, I just wanted to make Reece jelly. ­­­

Ahahahah, it's 'kay. I think it worked. Lololololol ^-^

Ahaha, yeah, he's been raging at me since you left. He still is. >.<</span>

Oh really, does that mean he likes me?

Are you friggen blind?!!?!?!

Ummm, I'm guessing that's a yes?

Of course he likes you!!

Really, you're being serious, right?

Yeah, I am.

But, what about that whore?

Nahh, like I told you they're nothing, they never were.



Imma call you kay.

'Hey. Bethie.' I heard his voice through the phone.

'Hey." I said back.

I hate being on the phone to people, why did I suggest it?

'Who are you on the phone too?' I heard Reece's sexy husky voice through the line.

'Beth.' I heard what I think was Reece grunting, 'Do ya wanna talk to her?' he said.

'No, Vincent.' I said in a whisper.

'Bethie,' Reece said mocking Vincent's voice. I stayed silent. 'Nothing happened, with Tammy and I.'

'I didn't ask.' I said coldly.

'You did before.' He said.

Ugh, why did I even say that!

'Imma, go to bed now, can you put Vincent back on?' I said cutting him off.

'No, not until you believe that nothing is happening, she was in the past. I don't like her, I never have.'

Why does he do this to me, I can't stay mad at him.

'Kay I'll see you tomorrow, I guess. Night,' I said.

I hung up and drifted off in to a dreamless sleep.

"Wake up its six-thirty and breakfast is at seven." I pushed Jess away. "Do I have to pour water on you, again?" I jumped out of bed.

"Kay' I'm up now put the water down." I said walking to the bath room.

Not looking at 'tammy' ugh she annoys me, she is perfectly pretty even when she is sleeping, I'm like 'ugh' when I stand beside her.

Stop! I can't talk like this is bad for my self-esteem.

"There is someone at the door for you Beth!" Danny yelled from her bed.

Better not be a teacher asking about last night.

"Who is it?" I yelled back.

"I can't tell you. Just get out here."

"Ahhh. Fine!" I yelled. I walked out and saw Reece. "You got me out here just to see him?" I whispered to Danny as I walked past.

"Ouch, you said you'll see me tomorrow, on the phone last night." Reece said putting his hands to his chest.

"Can we just talk outside?" I said when I saw Tammy waking.

"Alright." He said stepping outside. "Why are you with Vincent?" he said running his fingers through his perfect hair.

"I'm not with anyone." I said looking him in the eyes.

"What the hell were you guys doing back at like almost twelve at night?" he asked shaking his head.

"We were walking." I said. "As just friends." I added.

"Oh yeah sure, cause 'friends' stay out with other 'friends' 'till twelve at night." Yes he did the quotation marks at me.

"Nothing happened and nothing will happen, with Vin and me."

"Oh, so now you guys have nicknames, Bethie." Oh this is it.

"Just stop. He doesn't like me and I don't like him."

"Mhhm, that's why you stayed out with him last night, and insisted he'd go with you." He said pushing his hair off his face.

"I didn't wanna' split Tammy and you up." I said coldly.

"Tammy and I are nothing."

"Oh, so it's okay cause you guys are just 'friends with benefits'" I said using my hands as quotation marks.

"Who told…Vincent?" Anger shot through his eyes.

"Yeah." I laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" Reece said with a serious face. I shrugged.

"Come here I have to tell you something but you can't say a word to anyone, promise?" I said dragging him to the bridge.

"I promise." He said stopping when we got there.

"Vincent and I are just friends, because he likes someone else." I said. "Luca." I added softly.

"What?" he said in shock. "My best friends gay, is that what you're saying?" he added.

"Yes." I said slowly.

"Oh." That's all he could say, what about 'sorry Beth for accusing you of messing with my best friend. "I'm sorry, this is a mess." He said leaning on the railing of the bridge. "I've messed everything up."

"No, don't worry." I said touching his arm. "But I am worried about what is going on with Tammy." I said looking away.

He lifted my chin up and looked in to my eyes, "Nothing I swear." Reece bent down, brushed his hand across my face…

"Elizabeth and Reece," Oh fudge. "Reece get your hands off her now." It was the teacher I saw the first day that called Reece over.

"Hey there. Mr Peck," Reece waved at him. "There was a fly on her check." He added, with a smile playing around his lips.

"I'm sure there was." He said walking over to us. "You're quiet Beth. Have you anything to say?"

"Umm. What now?" I asked politely.

"I'm going to leave you two. I was just having some fun with you kiddies." Mr Peck said laughing and walking away.

"Well… That was awkward." I said rocking on my heals.

The bell for breakfast went off.

"Let's go have breakfast." He said.

We walked in and Vincent waved us over, "Vin, don't shoot me but I told Reece your secret, he was cool with it though." I said hoping he'd understand.

"He won't tell anyone, right?" I nodded my head, yes.

Reece came up behind me,

"What you guys talking about?"

"Nothing, I'm just talking to a friend." I said looking over my shoulder to see him.

­ He placed his hands on either sides of my hips.

I wonder how it felt to him.

He nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.

"I see you two are getting along again." Vincent said smiling.

"It was just a little misunderstanding, nothing much." He said into my neck, I could feel his voice vibrate through it. He lifted his head and added, "Wanna get something to eat?"

"Sure." I said walking away with him.

We go our food and walked over to the table were everyone else is. Reece pulled out my chair and we sat down. Tammy gave me a nasty look, as Reece put his arm around me. I smiled at her.

Ha! He's mine now.

Tammy walked out with some random, poor guy.

"So what do you want to do after this?" Reece asked, turning to me.

"Hmm. What do you wanna do?" I said smiling at him.

"I asked first." He said smirking.

He has the cutest smile.

"Wanna go swimming?" I said tapping my chin.

"It's raining though." Reece said looking out the window.

"So… the water will be warm."

"Do you really want to go through all the trouble just to go swimming?"

"Fine swimming is out." I said pouting. "What's you great idea then?"

"We could stay warm in your cabin or mine?" he said grinning.

"Tempting." I said leaning my head in his shoulder.

"We'll be warm and have stuff to eat." Now it was his turn to pout, "Awwh come on."

"Fine but we are gonna watch movies. You can get the snacks." I said getting up.

We decided my cabin would be better because Luca and Vin were playing Go Fish, well that's what they told us -winky face -.

Reece got us loads of snacks.

"So, baby, what do you wanna' watch?" Reece said sliding his hands around my waist as we sat on the top bunk.

"Hmmm, a movie?" I said sarcastically.

"Fine I'll choose for you." He said picking up some movies.

"Nothing scary. It'll give my nightmares." I sighed at the thought of the last scary movie I watched, The Grudge. I shivered thinking of it.

"What about…" he flips threw some more films. "This one!" It was Charlie St. cloud.

The film started but I could feel his eyes burning in to the side of my face. I turned my head slightly so I was half facing him. I smiled an looked out the window as the movie continued.


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