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Give Me Love

By: WriterNotAFighter

Page 1, Kirsten thought life was all about love. She had to have it. Yet, she thought she didn\'t have it. She did, but she just never realized it. Kirsten has had a rough relationship with love. All of her relationship\'s had changed her, especially a very particular one. It just had to end. It wasn\'t her fault, or his fault. It was love\'s fault. Charlie wanted to be loved too. He was loved, by a lot of people. Except for Kirsten, and her ex, Evan. Charlie had to ruin it all. Evan had to do something about that. So he did, but he knew he would never get Kirsten back, but sometimes love has a mind of its own.


I held Evan's hand to my belly. We both smiled at each other. The twinkle in his eye's shined brighter than ever. It shined bright like a diamond.

I looked down at my belly. The baby bump stood out. It was so obvious I was pregnant.

Even put his hand onto my cheek and stroked it. I looked at him and giggled. "You are too cute." Evan said, as he turned the smile into a grin.

"I know." I grinned at him.

Evan put his hand down into my lap and held both of my hands. "I love you, Kirsten." Evan said, quietly.

"I love you too, Evan." I mouthed.

Evan put me into his lap. My shirt fell down when I landed on his lap. I fixed my shirt.

I turned my head around and pecked his lips. Instead, Evan grabbed my face and kissed my softly, yet passionately, but every time Evan kisses me it is full with passion.

I let go. "Evan. Don’t leave me." I whispered and nestled my head into his shoulder.

"I won't. You don't leave me." Evan says, and he puts up his pinky.

"Pinky promise?" I asked him.

Evan nods, so I put up my finger. We did the "pinky promise."

I set my hands in my lap and looked at them. Evan started kissing my neck. I jumped. It created a tickling sensation.

I started to laugh loudly. Evan stopped.

"Are you okay, baby?" Evan asked. His warm breath escaping towards my neck.

"Yes. It just," I could sense Evan grinning. "It tickles, Evan." I told him.

Evan turned my head to him. He didn't make any comment's. He just kissed me. Evan kissed me roughly.

From that night on, they made love.


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