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The Intertwined Ashes

Novel By: writingurl14

Angela Houser loses her memory and believes she has been kidnapped. She doesn’t trust her kidnapper but she also can’t trust her heart. After all, every instinct she has says to trust Wayne Hagen and that she might even love him but how can that be? She doesn't even know him! Yet she can’t deny what she feels when she's around him.

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Chapter One

"Where am I?" is the lone thought in my head. Till a new one joins it. "Who am I?" then another thought joins my train of thought. "What happened?" with those thoughts in my head I get up off the floor and run toward the door.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"I, oh, I, um, I'm trying to find the restroom?"

"Well that's not the bathroom, so follow me."

He begins walking down a hall and I have no choice but to follow. Its once white walls are now brown from dirt and grime. The cement floors are covered with debris. The corners of the walls have slimy green stuff in them. When he flips the light switch less than half of the lights come on. The hall in the warehouse like building is only about 15 feet but it felt like 15 football fields. My feet are getting heavier, all my dread collecting in them. Somehow I know I'm walking further and further from freedom. I now know one thing I do not trust this man. That is for sure. His brand new sandy brown work boots with the pink souls go up to his ankles. He's wearing light blue jeans with white spots at the knees. He does not have a shirt on. I know I do not have a chance of getting away from him. I can see his muscles rippling as he opens the door for me. His six pack. His dark brown hair. His green eyes. I look into those green eyes and can almost get lost in them. Almost. In those two seconds that I am looking into his eyes all I can think is how he is standing there like a Greek god. How he is holding the door with his right hand his left by his side. And then my feet, moving on their own, walk me into the room. After I walk in, to my despair I hear the 'click' of a deadbolt. (Putting emphasis on dead) I head to the far side of the room, but in the dark I stub my toe.

"Owe!" I cry as I fall to the floor. But to my great luck I fall right onto the bed. It's a single bed with one pillow and a small blanket. I lie down and cry, cry because I do not know who I am, or who my family is. I do not know what is going on or where I am, I don't even know what I did to get into this predicament. I don't know how long I lay their crying but then again I'm not sure about much. Then I hear the same 'click' that sends chills down my spine. The sound must carry for miles. Do people in other countries hear it? Does it send chills down their spines as well? I look up to see light seeping in from the door that was slowly being opened. When the door finally gets all the way opened I can see my captors outline.

"Time to go" he says. Those simple words are enough to make me get up and follow him. I notice I am wearing black Nike running shoes, white mini shorts and a light blue V-neck t-shirt. "Where" I ask as we hurry along. He doesn't respond. After following him down countless halls just like the first I yell
"are you lost? I'm about to drop from exhaustion and have been running the whole time because you can't keep a slow pace!"

"No we are not lost; and stop overreacting!" he says calmly not even a little out of breath.

"I'm not overreacting you are underreacting!" the nerve of some men, well this man! I know I cannot keep this pace much longer yet I know I have to or he will drag me! Finally we come to a stop.

"Your new room." Again with the short sentences, yet somehow that is all this mystery man needs.

"Who are you? Where am I? What is going on? Who am I? What are you going to do with me?" I yell at him as he motions for me to go into the room.

"Angela don't you already know all this?"

"How could I? I don't even know my name!"

"Angela, you name is Angela that is all you need to know"

"Well, what is your name?"

"Wayne." And with that he walks away, not far just far enough that I get the message that he is done talking. So I walk into the room and close the door. This time my room has lights. It's a small room, it has a single bed in it with a light blue blanket and a pillow without a case. The once white steel walls with those groves that look like waves are now grey from dust. The concrete floor is also covered in dust. I lie down on the bed and close my eyes to rest. My last thought is on the family that I never knew, and how much I miss them.

I hear the door open and I mumble "who… uh… what?" what it's so not my fault that's the best I can do, I just woke up after all give me a break."

"Angela get up, my boss wants to meet you."

"Ten more minutes" I state as firmly as I can manage. I really wish I knew what time it is so I can add that to my argument. But oh well, add that to the list of things I don't know.

"Get up and follow me or ill come over there pick you up and carry you, your choice." I could hear the smile in his voice. If I had my eyes open I'd bet that I would see him trying to hold back a laugh.

"I want to walk but I want to walk in 10 minutes." I say then add "not now!" then I roll over. Big mistake! "AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" I yell as I fall off the bed. Thud! "Ouch!" I moan as I sit up and rest my elbows on the bed.

He laughs.

"So not funny!" I say seeing red that he found it so funny that I fell off the bed, saving him the trouble of doing it himself.

"your right that wasn't funny, that was fucking hilarious!" he says when he was finally about to stop laughing.

As I stand up he grabs my elbow and steadies me. Then he slides his hand down my arm and is holding my hand. Then he pulls me along. Two halls later, he suddenly tackles me and we fall to the ground. A millisecond later I hear a gun firing! The sound echoes in my head as I glance up and see a hole where my head had been a second ago. Wayne pushes my head down and another shot goes off. Suddenly I am very nerves.


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