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The Thunder In My Heart: Chapter 1

Book By: xthepaleshadowx

"The tree swayed and then, it crashed down to earth. I felt my body being broken into unrecognizable pieces and then...and then...it was dark." After being crushed by a tree one day when she's hiding in the forest during a storm, Crystal thinks she's dead. But is she really? Find out by reading on-ward.

BTW, the rating is just for safety. It's going to actually get like that later in the story. Enjoy!

Submitted:Nov 30, 2009    Reads: 95    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

I was in so much trouble. Marie (my oh-so-lovely step mother) had told me not to leave. There was a storm coming and it was going to be nasty. It would be easy to get lost in the forest. But I hadn't listened to her. I never did. Instead, I hurried right into the forest and started to hike on one of the new trials I had found a week ago. It seems that somehow, I always get punished whenever I disobey Marie. She isn't the one who punishes me, though. Usually, it's just that something really bad happens to me. Like, that's Mother Earth punishing me for being naughty. You would think that I would obey Marie more often because of this. But no. I'm an idiot. Now, I was being punished again. The storm hit the forest like a rock thrown at glass. The silence was shattered by loud growls of thunder and the constant roar of rain gushing down to earth. The forest had barely any light left in it. And I, well,... I was completely lost. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! I settled for finding a tree to lean against. I only had two layers on and I didn't want to get any wetter than I had to. Finally I found the perfect, large tree to sit under. As I was sitting there, I had a connecting-with-nature moment. The tree seemed to be acting as my protecter. It was so big and powerful looking. I slowly closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the forest. It must have been peaceful (even with the storm going on), because next thing I know, I'm asleep. My dreams are filled with dark forests and watchful, guarding, beautiful eyes that stare out at me from the under-brush. I was jolted awake by a loud crack. I was blind for second or two in my sleepy state and then I realized I was still in the forest. All light was gone now. The storm was still raging, so I could rely on the lightning for light. I needed to get up. My back was feeling pretty bad. I stood and stretched. That's when it happened. I had turned to look up at my "protecter tree", when all of a sudden, BOOOM! FLASH!, a fork of lightning hit the tree. I thought it would burst into flame, but no. It just wobbled menacingly. A moment too late, I realized what was about to happen. The tree swayed and then, it crashed down to earth. I felt my body being broken into unrecognizable pieces and then...and then...it was dark. And I was dead. I knew it. My punishment was death. I loathed Marie. I know it's stupid, but I totally did. Wait. I was feeling and thinking something! But I was dead!? What the hell?! That's when I felt a touch. I couldn't be dead. But I was! I opened my eyes, just to see if this was some kind of alternate reality. The sight I saw was...amazing...and impossible. A pale, kind face looked down at me. I couldn't tell if this being was crouching next to me or holding me or whatever. He was too amazing. He had such beautiful, soulful green eyes. They seemed to hold me and warm my entire heart, soul, and body. His perfect, very-kissable lips were shaped in a softly sweet smile. Then I blacked out again. It was the shock of dyeing, then waking up again, and seeing the most beautiful face ever when I opened my eyes.


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