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I'm Fine Without You. (Carmell's Challenge)

Book By: XxTrIgGeRxHaPPyxX

Isobel Grent can't stop cutting herself. When she cuts herself up so bad, almost succeeding in killing herself. Her family gets petrifid, and sends her to a mental hospital. Can Isobel stop cutting herself? Or is her heart too cut up to put back together?

My first... Story/challenge/post. Be nice please

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"I'm not hungry," Isobel stated as she pushed a plate out of her way as she stood up and walked toward the stairs."Oh, Isobel! You need to eat, you can't be like this forever!" her mother chirped annoyingly."Says who?" Isobel whispered.
Isobel was obviously upset, can't they just leave her alone? She walked into her room, which had walls an off white color. There is a mahogany desk in the corner of the room, with a white lamp, a pile of books a foot high, and what used to stand there was a picture of two teenagers. A guy and a girl. The boy had his arms securely around the girl, the girl was slightly bent over laughing. The boy looking down at her smiling. That was where the picture stood. Main word, was. Where the picture stood and now it's lying on the floor. Shattered. Like her heart. The books were scattered all over the floor and the lamp is smashed on the ground. The chair to the desk flipped on the ground. Her dresser which stood in the opposite corner, now all messed up. Draws flew everywhere, clothes scatter all over the floor. Her bed, which was on the opposite wall in the middle, now unturned, and blankets all over the floor. And there lying on the floor, was a little brown book. And on this little brown book was All my secrets, forever keep is pink stitching on the front. But the little brown book was torn up. Beige papers lying all over the floor ripped into a million pieces.
Isobel walked over to the broken frame of the picture that once stood on the mahogany desk in the corner of the off white room, she stared at it for a couple minutes as the tears started to fall. She walked over to her bathroom and locked the door shut. She stared at the refection in the mirror for a few minutes examining the girl in the mirror. The girl with light brown hair down past her shoulders a bit. The side bangs ruffled from rubbing her head to rid the headache. The light pink lips set into a frown. Light green eyes covered in water, with black smudges down the checks.
Isobel was so disgusted and upset with this girl she throw her hand against the mirror, shattering it into thousands of pieces. "Ughhh!" She groaned as she held her hand in pain and pulled a fairly small shard out of her hand. She was working on impulse and ripped off her sweat-shirt. She stared viciously at the X pattern starting at the joint and working its way to the wrist. She toke the piece of glass and made three more X patterns down to the bottom of her wrist.
"Ahh! Ow, ow, ow, ow!" Isobel flinched, her arm quickly went numb. Her vision was blurring quickly, and she heard frantic knocking on the door and the jingle of the door knob moving. "Isobel?! Isobel?! Are you ok? I heard a crash!" Yelled her mother. "J-Just Le-Leave m-me al-al-alone!" She stuttered.
Seconds later, the door busted open, and Isobel's dad stumbled into the room with the keys falling from his hand at the sight of his daughter lying on the floor covered in her own blood. As Isobel's eyes shut, and she turned to the deep slumber she has wanted for the last week or so, she heard her parents frantic movements and the shout, "Call 911!" And into darkness Isobel fell.
When Isobel woke up, she was in a bright room, a white room with a light pink strip in the center, with pink furniture. And her mother staring out the window sitting in a chair next to the bed. "Mom?" Isobel's voice was very low and raspy. "Isobel? Oh my god! Isobel!" Her mother smothered her in a hug. "Mom stop! My wrist hurts." She complained. Immediately after speaking her mother delivered a giant slap across her daughter's face. Isobel's head snapped to the side. "Ow! What the heck was that for?!" Isobel yelled. "Don't you ever! Ever! Go near a knife or something sharp ever again! Why? Why would you do that to me?" Her mother's eyes were watering at the memory. Isobel put her hand on her check and turned her entire body to face the opposite direction of her mother pulling on the chords she was hooked up to at the moment. "I don't want to talk about it."
"Oh, Isobel," cooed her mother. "Just go away. Now!" Isobel said coldly. "But-" Isobel cut her off "Go. Away. Now." Isobel paged for a nurse. Seconds later a nurse walked in. "Ohh! Your awake I'll just go get your doctor one moment please." She said politely. As She left the room, so did her mother.A couple minutes later ,the doctor walked into the room."ah, Miss Grent, I see your awake.Well, you were extremely close to death. It was quite a hassle" He smiled kindly at Isobel. "then why didn't you just let me die?" She asked bitterly. "Well I'm sure many people would have missed you, like your parents, or your friends." He looked at me shocked. "Well my parents use me for publicity and I don't have friends anymore." Isobel Grumbled
2 days after admissions, Isobel could hear her parents talking about her situation to one another.
"David, I don't think that she's healthy enough to come home." Her mother contemplated out loud. "What do you mean Fiona? They doctors have her on 2 different meds.?" David questioned. "No, no, no, I mean mentally, I think we should admit her into a faculty. Like an Asylum." Fiona spoke with concern. "Okay, hunny whatever you think is best for her." David said hugging his wife.
A day later it was time for Isobel to leave. She stood in the door way staring down the hall way. Dress in denim skinny jeans and a Three Days Grace band tee. Black converse and a plain black hoody. Her hair was thrown up into a messy ponytail, and she had no make up on, and her eyes were red and puffy. Under the sleeve of her sweat-shirt, was a white wrap going from the wrist to the joint on the left arm.
Her parents timidly walked over to her afraid to tell her what her plans are. "Uhhm, Hun-hunny?" Her mother, Fiona, stumbled out her words. "we have to tell you something, Your mother and I" Her dad, David, finished. "I already know. I already freaking know, your throwing your only kid into a mental house. So just go away and don't bother bearing the bad news." Isobel snapped viciously, not even looking at her parents. Isobel turned back into the hospital room and grabbed her duffle bag of clothes that were brought over a couple minutes ago. She walked right past her parents and went straight for the elevator. She stood in the elevator of a second then hit the ground button and turned her head a bit so she was looking her mother in the eye. Then the doors closed and Isobel was alone in the elevator.
The drive to Hadley Mental Asylum was quite, Isobel had her iPod firmly in her ear blasting 'Feathers' by Coheed and Cambria. Within 10 minutes and various artists, they reached their destination. The Hadley building was made of brick red bricks. And a white flat at the top for the roof. All the windows had bars on them and you can hear shrill screams coming from inside, outside. Isobel stepped out of the car and stared straight up at the building, looking it up and down. She grabbed her duffle bag out of the car and walked straight through the doors with her parents following her. She looked to her left and say a cafeteria filled with a bunch of people, it looked like some had to be feed they were so messed up. And to her right were rooms. With metal doors and a small slot for food. And a small window with bars.
"Jenny! Jenny! Calm down you need your shot!" Shouted a nurse, there were doctors holding down a girl, as she was thrashing around. "No! No! No! I'm not supposed to be here! I'm not mental! Help me!" this girl, Jenny stopped thrashing for a second to stare Isobel in the eyes and beg her. Isobel was just about to yell for them to stop, "Hey!" When her parents pushed her along the last she saw was Jenny getting ejected with something, and her chest arched forward in pain, then a doctor come and close the down as her shrilling, spine-shivering, killer scream came out loud.
Isobel fear-full for her-self and that girl, turned to her parents and questioned them.
"What happened to her? Is she going to be ok? What's wrong with her?" Isobel agitated her parents until she got answers. "She isn't mentally well, she needs her shot to stop her from hurting herself and others." Her mother whispered raspy-like.
They reached the front desk and Isobel turned around, she tuned out everyone at the front desk including her parents. She stared at the room ahead it looks like the cafeteria. White walls, gray long tables, with royal blue stools attached to the table by metal. Except instead of people eating the people were playing games like checkers chess and card. But there was this boy. He has black hair covering his left eye, snake bites, and brown eyes. Isobel thought to herself that he was absolutely beautiful. But she wouldn't be captivated by him, she refused. She looked at him curiously.
He had a piece of paper in his hand. He noticed her and smiled kindly than showed her the paper and on it in big bold letters was
'Kick me I'm an asshole Doctor' Isobel couldn't hold it in and started to giggle as he taped it to a doctor talking to a nurse in the hall way. The nurse and doctor both walked opposite ways, and as the doctor passed another boy being scolded by a nurse say how he should abide orders, walked by the doctor. The boys saw the message and kick the doctor's butt and laughed. "I'm just following orders doc." The kid laughs and gave a high five to the boy who wrote it. Isobel had burst out laughing by then. The two boys smiled at her, and she turned around.
Seconds later she heard two cat whistles catching everyone's attention at the front desk. Isobel turned around to see the same two boys as before winking at her. The one with black hair seemed more sincere. The other boy had blond hair with brown highlights and blue eyes. His hair also covered his left eye. He seemed like it was more of a joke. Isobel blushed and turned forward again. "Ignore them, That's just Eric and Devon." The old lady shook her head, "Shoo, you two get going!" She dispersed them into the 'play' room. "If you'll please sign here, ah, here, and here, then follow Miss Moline to the showers where you'll be cleaned then dressed into a white Johnny." Isobel nodded, and as soon as her parents signed she toke off to the showers. Miss Moline was nice she asked if Isobel needed help, and she gave her shampoo, then dried her hair and braided it. While She was drying Isobel's hair another nurse but older walked in supporting Jenny, that girl from before. "Just get in the shower. You know how to do the rest." She grunted then greeted Miss Moline. "Hiya, Josey." Miss Moline turned around and greeted her back. "Oh, Hi Mrs. Natalie." Miss Moline smiled. Isobel looked down as she started to braid a nice tight braid. She couldn't bring herself to look at Jenny.
"There you go, it's all done. Would you like yours done to Jenny?" Miss Moline asked. "could you? If it isn't much trouble." Jenny asked exhausted. Isobel looked away quickly as she sat down next to her. "You don't have to avoid me. I know you were trying it isn't your fault your parents are heartless." Jenny said as she looked at Isobel. She smiled kindly and Isobel just wanted to hug her. Jenny Remember specifically what happened Isobel tried helping her, but her parents wouldn't let her plus the doctors shut the door right in time for the shot to come. Just as she finished remembering, Miss Moline had finished braiding. "Okay ladies put your Johnnies on."
So They did, as did they become friends and they walked to the 'play' room together. There Jenny directed her to her two other friends, "My two other friends are guys, but they're cool and nice. Hah." Jenny smiled widely. She lead Isobel to a table with two boys. One with black hair that covered his left eye, snake bites and dark brown eyes. The other had blond hair with brown highlights and blue eyes. Isobel smiled widely as she saw them. The guy with Black hair cat whistled her . . . again. Jenny smiled and said "Isobel This is-" Isobel cut her off. "Eric and Devon. Nice to finally meet you." Isobel Held her hand out to be shaken by them, The one with Black hair popped up and kissed her hand. "That means 'Very nice to meet you beautiful Isobel,' In Devon language" Said the guy with blond and brown hair a.k.a Eric.
Eric got up and hugged Jenny tightly lifting her off the ground a bit. "Hey Jenny. You ok?" Eric asked moving parts of her hair that came out of the braid along with the side bangs out of her face. She put her hands on his wrist and nodded her head and he kissed her forehead. Isobel looked away it brought back memories that she didn't like. Her left arm tensed and she grabbed it as it throbbed. Devon who had been watching her noticed and slammed his fist on the table, making everyone jump. The white wrap was still on Isobel's arm she didn't want to take it off. Devon beckoned everyone standing to join him at the table. And so they did. Eric sat down next to Jenny and Devon dragged Isobel next to him.
"So," Isobel started. "Are you two…" She hesitated "Going out, or boyfriend/girlfriend or Crazy place lovers… or whatever there is in this place." She asked looking around shifting uncomfortably. Eric chuckled a bit. "Heh, no, we aren't." He shook his head, "Were just friends." Jenny nodded. Devon waved his hands till Isobel had her full attention on him. Devon pointed to Eric then made a heart with his hands, and then pointed and Jenny, and visa versa. Isobel smiled and said "Awwwww! How cute!" she put her hand over her heart and tilted her head to the side a bit.
Eric and Jenny blushed and Jenny whined. "Shut up Devon! Not true! I'm just friends with him." Jenny blushed and looked away. Eric looked a bit disappointed but he quickly got over it. For a couple of hours Isobel, Jenny, Devon, and Eric had talked getting to know each other, along with laughter, jokes, and a lot of hugging. Some where in the middle of that Isobel grabbed a pencil, a piece of lined paper and started writing. After she finished: "So," Isobel sarted "You all look perfectly sane. Why are you here?" "Well, Jenny's got an Anger problem, I'm just to handsom. And Devon is a mute who resufes to talk." Eric stated matter-of-fact like. Isobel giggled and stared at him. "Ok, ok I'm here 'cause I couldn't handle being at home and I snapped." Isobel's mouth made an O form.
"What about you?" Eric questioned. "I, uh, see the bandages though." He pointed and Isobel hid her arm under the table. And looked away. Jenny slaped him behind the head. "Eric! You asshole don't do that! God, your such an idoit sometimes." She rooled her eyes at Eric and Smiled shamefully at Isobel. Isobel nodded an ' it's O.K.' to Jenny.
"Uhh, Well. Uhm. I'm here because, my mom didn't think I was mentally stable enough to go back home." Isobel said just above a whisper. "Well, why?" Eric questioned again. And Jenny, again, served him another blow behind the head. Isobel smiled at Jenny. "It's ok, uhmm you want the short verion, or the accually heart blowing story?" Isobel asked semi-serious. "Short," "Long" Jenny and Eric responded at the same time.
Isobel looked to Devon. He put his fingers a lengtth away. "Long?" Isobel asked, Devon shook his head. "Short?" Isobel asked again. And again Devon shook his head. "Then what? Ohh, medium?" Devon nodded his head rapidly. Isobel smiled and nodded.
"Ok well I had this boyriend and I really, really, really loved him. But he would always be bussy on Saturday nights, and I didn't know why, but in my relationships I build off trust and I trusted him, so I never asked questions. But on Saturday nights while he was god knows where, I would call my best friend ever, but she was bussy to, and since she wasn't my boyfriend I would ask her, and she would say, 'I am going to hang out with my boyfriend!' and be all chirper about it, I haven't met this boyfriend though. So one really boring staurday night, another friend of mine wanted me to come to this party really badly. So I went and She said that there was something I had to see because if she just told me, then I wouldn't believe her. So she toke me up stairs past a bathroom and into the master bedroom and there was my boyfriend, with my best friend, in the bed, 'having fun'. If you get me." Isobel spoke breathfully. She grabbed hold of her throbbing wrist again. Devon was the first to hug her tightly, the jenny, then Eric.
Devon held one finger up as a sign to hold on for 1 mintue. A second later he was back with colored markers but no paper. He pointed to her wrist and before she could answer he signed his name put a heart next to it then gave the pen to Jenny who then signed it herself putting a smiley next to her signiture, the Erics turn who the put another heart next to it. Devon toke a red marker and flipped it upside down. So her cuts were facing them, and on that bandge covering the cuts he ever so gently wrote. I love you<3. Then he pulled her close and in her ear he whipered "remember." The first time in 3 years Devon talked, and it was to her Isobel felt so loved. She loved the sound of his raspy, deep baraton voice. It was like sweet honey to bees. Eric and Jenny both knew that he had said something but his voice was to low to hear.
"Oh, my, god! Devon just spoke! Isobel what did he say?! What did his voice sound like? Come on. Gimme details!" Jenny was estatic. Devon just smiled and hugged Isobel closer refusing to say a word. As Devon and Isobel were hugging a higher pitched voice then Devon's but yet still deep, came. "Already hooking up are we? At an Asylum too. That's low I thought you loved me?" The voice teased a bit. Isobel tensed and sat up straight and let go of Devon. She then held her arm tightly. "Sweetie? It's me Carol. Look we came to say-" Jenny intrupted them. "Leave." Was all she said. "It s'okay Jenny, thanks though that means a lot to me." Devon was mad and everyone can tell. He stood up and got it there faces. He growled.
"No, Devon it's ok, I'll handle them." Isobel stood up and faced the people she hated most right now. "So how have you guys been? Did you guys hook up after I left the room crying my eyes out?" She said saracsticly with a wide smile. "Listen it wasn't like that. We were drunk." Said her ex-boyfriend. He had blond hair spiked in th front really short. Better picture, prep(no offence). Nice bright blue eyes that Isobel fell for instantly.
"I don't care! I'm over you. So hows life been treating you? Why are you here 'cause if you're here to apologize then don't bother." Isobel said.
"how could you treat them like decent human beings after what they did to you?! Why should you be talking to them?!" Jenny was getting mad, because in her eyes Isobel is being nice to the exact people that were the worst to her. "No, no. Jenny. It s'okay. Everything is fine." Isobel winked at Jenny showing her that it was a bout to get ugly.
"Please sit down." Isobel pointed the vacant seats next to Jenny and Eric. Carol turned to eric, "Hi. My name is Carol." She spoke really slow and clear. Eric stared at her with a blank glare. "Carol, shut the hell up! He isn't mental, he knows how to speak." Isobel was gettign aggitated. Carol weas very shocked that Isobel would have that out burst. She never did before. Jenny on the other hand was happy that, she was getting what was coming to her.
"ok, sorry." Carol mummbled. Justin, who is Isobel's ex, spoke up. "Well, we're here to get you out. So you can come home and we can be toghter, and I promise, I'll never cheat on you every again." Justin said it with the most sincere Isobel has ever heard anyone say, he grabbed hold of her hand and sqeezed, Carol looked a bit jelous but got over it quickly, now she looked smug. Isobel didn't like that look, so she quickly declined for more then one reason.
"Justin wanna come with me for a second? I have something for you." Isobel said, sweet-like.
Justin grabbed her hand as they walked down the hall toward a nurse. "Miss. Moline? My I please go into my room for a second, with Justin. You can watch but we need to talk." Isobel asked nicely. Miss Moline nodded and let those two into a room.
"Justin wait right here," Isobel bent over for a second, the re-appeared with an envilope. "Here, it's a letter." Isobel turned back around and grabbed a picture. "And here, I don't need this anymore." She handed him the letter and the picture and walked out of the room.
On that picture was a guy and a girl. The guy had his arms securely around the girl, the girl with light brown hair, light pink lips, and the light green eyes, the side bangs, she was bent over, laughing. They looked perfect, but everyone knows looks can be deciving.
Justin looked down at the picture with his mouth wide open in shock. Isobel walked back out into the 'play room' with the rest of her friends and Carol. "I think it's about time you left." Isobel said seriously. "But we can by to get you out, come on you don't belong in the loony bin." Carol smiled. She stood up and grabbed for Isobel's hand, but she pulled away. "No, I like it here, besides it isn't the 'loony bin'. It's a place where people are put to deal withwhen their family have no clue what to do with them and think that their need mantal help." Isobel was getting beyond mad. "Jenny; anger problems, fixed easy with theripy. Eric, to must stress, again theripy. Devon, nothing absoulutly nothing, freaking wrong with him! He just won't talk! That doesn't mean his mental, Carol!" Isobel was getting furious. Justin was back now, just in time to hear her blow up at Carol, and to see Devon come up and hug her from behind calming her down a bit.
When Justin watched her he noticed she smiles more, she is more out going, she was (and boy did he hate to addimit it), happier without him, with Devon, Jenny and Eric. She was happy. Justin was jelious.And he was realizing, he was in love with her. Justin Domaine was inlove with Isobel Grent, but he was to late. After everyone found out about Isobel, and what she had done, and where she was going, they started talking, and no nice comments either. Justin was so furious he knocked some guy in the nose for making fun of her. "We'll leave Issy. We'll leave, but you can call me if you ever want out, ever." Justin went up and asked for a hug, relectuntly, Isobel hugged him back. In her ear he whispered, "I love you Isobel Grent. I am so sorry it toke me to long to see these things." Justin Squeezed her harder, let go and left with Carol tailing behind.
Justin's brother was waiting in the car, "Ok, let's go." He shouted and they drove off. Justin looked down at the letter, "Hey, baby what's that?" Carol cooed in Justin's ear. "Get off me. It's none of your bussiness, Carol I think it's best we stop whatever we have going on ok?" Justin said sharply, quickly and harshly.
He looked down at the un-opened letter. Justin tore it open, and on it, it said:
Dear sweet Justin,
I love you, or loved you. I can't contimplate what I did that made you cheat on me like that.
But I'm over it. I accually like it here, with my friends. As much as I want to come back to you, though you probably won't take me, I won't, I won't go running back to you, not after what you had just done to me, but I do have a feeling. I feel that I will be fine without, and maybe, just maybe we can be together again. Someday but for now. I'm perfectly fine without you.
I just wanna be alone tonight
I just wanna take a little breather
Cause lately all we do is fight
And every time it cuts me deeper

Cause somethings changed
Youve been acting so strange
And its taking its toll on me
Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, Im seein myself so differently
I didnt wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought id say
Im fine
Without you

Called you up cause its been long enough
And you said that you were so much better
We have done a lot of growing up
We were never meant to be together

Cause something changed, you were acting so strange
And its taken its toll on me
Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, Im seein myself so differently
I didnt wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought id say
Im fine
Without you

Cause something changed, you were acting so strange
And its taken its toll on me
Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, Im seein myself so differently
I didnt wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought id say
Im fine,
Without you
Without you
Without you
Without you
I just wanna be alone tonight,
I just wanna take a little breather.
Forever and turely yours,

Isobel Grent






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