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Love cannot be seperated between the two.

Book By: yourawesome

Tags: Romance

A girl falls inlove with boy and her father forbids it and goes to far.

Submitted:Feb 18, 2013    Reads: 15    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

"You have to leave. It isn't safe here, and it's not right for me to be talking to you." I frowned. Coby wouldn't leave. The love of my life wouldn't leave.
"I musn't leave you, my love for you has gone too far, please forgive me." He pleaded. I love him from the moon and back but I cannot do this to me or him anymore, this was all part of what my father wanted, and if he found out that I love Coby I would get into so much trouble.
"I forgive you. Please, for me, you have to leave. I'm not certain that I will never see you again, I'm saying you have to go right now." I cried.
" I don't understand, what are you hiding from me? Why can't I stay? Why can't we be happy together?" His eyes teared. In that moment, I realized I have been lying to him this whole time. I can't believe my father would go this far to prove me wrong.
"Coby, I will have to explain later. If you love me, you will leave. You will leave right now and you will wait for me, without coming back." I scowled. Time was ticking, and then we both looked at the door only to see that the door knob was turning.
"Quick! Hide!" I shouted alittle too loud. He hid under the bed.
"Father, how are you? I heard you wanted to speak with me." I greeted my father.
"I'm fine, thankyou. Yes, I do rather have some information I want to share with you." My father said.
"What is it?" I asked.
"We have decided who you are going to marry," He hesitated, chacking my expression, wich was anxious and confused.
"His name is Prince Kaerten. Very royal, mannerly. Now listen," He hesitated.
"I know you've been spending time with that poor boy-"
"His name is Coby and he might not be rich physically but he is on the inside!" I scowled.
"Emily, I need you to cooperate! Now, Coby is not like our kind, and he's been excused so many times.... Since you are getting married very soon, I am forbidding you to see him again." My father said coldy. I couldn't believe it, I wouldn't be able to see him again. I am going to be crowded and busy and given responsibilitys the rest of my life, no spare time to see Coby. What do I do now?
"Not even a goodbye?" I whispered.
"I'm afriad not, and that isn't my fault, actually, its Prince Kaertens idea. I have always dispised, COBY, but if I had the choice, I would allow a goodbye. Prince Kaerten Is very serious on you not seeing him again, and so am I. I will give you some time to accept this, and you are excused from dinner." After he shut the door and after I heard him reach the dining room, I went under the bed to meet Coby.
"What do we do now?" I whispered, staring into his crystal blue eyes. He didn't answer, he just lay there and held my hand, resting my head on his chest. I cried and cried on his ragged white t-shirt.
"It's okay... Everythings going to be okay...We'll figure this out, I can promise you that.." Is the last thing I remember him saying when I drifted off to sleep.


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