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The Lucky One Awesome

Book review By: 14rholac

It is a romantic book.

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The Lucky One

I am doing my book review over The Lucky One. It is written by Nicholas Sparks. In my opinion it's a great book to read. There are so many great parts to the story I couldn't name them all. Personally this book can represent the perfect relationship. It makes you want to believe there is hope, fate, and happiness.

Logan Thibault is a U.S. Marine he found a picture of a smiling young woman. He picks it up and takes it back to camp. He asked was it anybody's there. No one claimed it. He began to think the picture was his good luck charm. He wanted to find this woman. Elizabeth is the woman in the picture. He found her in North Carolina. He began to work for her at a dog kennel. He falls in love with her. He keeps from her about the photograph. Finally, her ex husband Keith tells her the truth, of why Logan was here. Elizabeth forgives Logan and they are madly in love.

I loved that the book makes you really want to believe in things. We all want to live a happy life and have a happy ending. It is a great romantic novel. I like to read love stories. Logan is a great guy to fall in love with Elizabeth. I could not name all my favorite things about this book, in all it is just great!

I personally can say I have never experienced this type of excitement in my life. This is truly one of a kind thing to happen. The book is so ironic. If I could experience this I would. The fate and luck that you could find the one that easy is unbelievable.
Nicholas Sparks, the author of The Lucky One, uses many literary elements to develop the book. It helps the reader understand his theme. The main theme is fate or luck. One simple decision or action can seemingly change your fate or luck. Some literary elements and devices that helped shape the theme were the point of view, conflict, symbols, and foreshadowing. The book is written in a third-person omniscient voice. That is, each chapter is written from a specific characters point of view. You only hear the thoughts from that single character. For example, a chapter labeled Thibault would have only his thoughts included. Other characters in that chapter would be as seen by his perspective. This literary device allowed the reader to really get to know each character and feel a connection to theme. You could almost tell which character voice you were reading about without even looking at the chapter title. Knowing the background information of the characters helps you to better understand their luck.

Conflict is present throughout the book. Logan, the protagonist and main character, experiences man vs. man conflict as well as man vs. self. When he returns from Iraq he isn't sure what he wants to do with his life. He had found a photo of a woman during his last tour in Iraq that he believes brings him luck. He can't stop thinking about the woman in the photo and decides he is going to leave Colorado and head to North Carolina to find her. When he arrives, he encounters her ex-husband; a deputy named Keith Clayton, and has a series of man vs. man conflicts with him. The conflict begins with the first meeting and continues to their very last meeting! When he meets Elizabeth Green, the woman in the picture, he finds himself very attracted to her and they soon begin an affair. However, he keeps the picture a secret and doesn't tell her how he found himself in North Carolina.

I would highly suggest anyone to read this book. I want others to believe in love just as it happens in the story. The book makes you really think there is that one out there for you. You just need to get out and find them. Fate is always something to look forward too. You always wish it would happen to you. Everything happens for a reason. This book proves it.


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