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Breaking Dawn (My Book Review)

Book review By: IcyDibs402

This is my opinion of Breaking Dawn.

Submitted:Aug 23, 2008    Reads: 815    Comments: 15    Likes: 1   

This has spoilers. So if you haven't read the book, I suggest not to read this book review. Please remember that this is MY opinion. I would be happy to hear yours but do not be rude to me. Everyone has opinions.

Breaking Dawn started the way I wished for and more. I was taken surprise by the whole beginning because I hadn't read anything about the book. I wanted to be surprised. I wanted to be caught off guard, so I REFUSED to read anything about Breaking Dawn.

Although, when I came to the whole baby situation....I was disgusted and disappointed. Stephenie Meyer always described her vampires as not having children. Like Esme had one before she got turned but she couldn't have one now. So it made me think that vampires, girl AND guy vampires, couldn't have babies. But I guess I was wrong. The whole thing was digusted...From the start to when Bella gave birth. Edward had to tear the fetus open...Eww.

It also made me mad that Bella was like this 'totally awesome vampire'. Like she could do just about everything that Edward could do and more. She was stronger than Emmett and I know it was just because she was a newborn but still. Being strong is like his only power...she took it away from him. She was 'graceful'? Bella isn't graceful. She is Bella. That's what we love about her. She is clumsy and accident-proned. That makes her real to the readers. But after she was turned...she lost all the connections to her fans.

Jasper was not even needed in this book. His power is to control emotions...well he thought he was going to be useful to Bella but she didn't need him at all. She could control herself, she didn't struggle at all. I'm sorry but that's just so fake. Stephenie Meyer said it was because Bella was 'prepared to be a vampire' but that's just like saying someone is prepared to have cancer so they aren't going to struggle. Sorry but the world doesn't work that way.

Reneesme. She was this powerful little baby that almost killed Bella. And did I mention that Jacob imprinted on her?! That's kinda sick...I mean don't get me wrong....I want him to be happy but imprinting on the daughter of the women he used to love? Eww.

Don't even get me started on Alice. She was just not there anymore because she had a headache. She couldn't see the future because of Reneesme. Yea and to make things worse...she lost total personality. Rosalie was best buddies with Bella because of Reneesme. And then after Bella gave birth Rosalie lost personality as well. Carlisle was a little girl because he was afraid to speak, at the end, with the Volturi. Wow.

Oh...and Jacob is a shape shifter? Okay...so for New Moon and Eclipse we are lead to believe he is a werewolf but he could have chosen what he wanted to be?! Again...sorry but if Stephenie Meyer was going to change it then she shouldn't have started with the whole Werewolf thing. We sat through chapters, learning the history of it. So why change it in the last hundred pages of the LAST book of this series?!

Everyone in this book was flat. They lost total personality and that just made me sad. To be honest, the only character that had personality was Jacob and his chapters were the best to read. He was funny and reading his point of view made me like him just a little.

I love Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. But Stephenie failed with Breaking Dawn. She totally lost all the characters in this book. Most of them were flat and not even there anymore. They all changed. Edward wasn't the gentleman that you fell in love with in Twilight. He wasn't they guy you cried over when he left. He wasn't the guy you jumped in joy with when he came back.

This book was a disappointment because of all of these reasons. The Twilight Saga was better as a Trilogy and it will be a Trilogy to me. Breaking Dawn just isn't what was expected. The series ends with Eclipse.


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