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The Mystic Diaries: Desire of the Heart

By: JamesBryne

Page 1, Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Book As her life becomes in grave danger, will a young small town girl be able to continue her first loving relationship with a secular spirit from the town\'s evil past or will her best guy friend win her heart and destroy the spirit?

The whole story of a young small town girl and her love story with a secular spirit made me buy this book. I am a big fan of fantasy romance books and I have to admit that I love this genre. I watched some TV shows on this subject but nothing compares to a well written book - in this case, 2 of them, because it's the second of the series.

The moment when Jay suddenly disappears and Lexi is pushed to hook up with Dave was unexpected but I'm not going to tell your more about this. You should really read this book, you can buy it from Amazon (paperback or ebook - I went for the paperback version - there's something exciting when you're holding the book and not reading it from your ipad).

I recommend this book if you're into Fantasy and Romance. Great choice! 

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