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'One & Only' Character Biographies

By: Moustache Girl

Page 1, The character biographies for my first novel: One & Only.

June Milton

A typical teenager living in England. She’s known as the crazy girl in her school ever since she dyed her hair red. But everything in her life turns upside down when her parents announce their leaving to Los Angeles after New Year’s Eve and that they’ll continue their life there. How the hell is June supposed to handle this much?

Art Banes

The popular guy with a strange name. His parents called him that hoping he’d grow up to become an artist, though he does have a secret talent for drawing. Being the most popular guy in school, and the quarterback in the school football team, he gets all the girls drool over him and melt by the sight of him. Now that his birthday is coming up, his pals in school are secretly planning him a surprise party, though what happens when he finds himself weak in front of one specific girl?

Patty Mills

She’s not exactly the popular girl. In fact, the totally opposite, she’s a nobody that spends her entire time studying – kind of like a nerd, but with beauty. She’s had this life time crush on Wesley Hunt, though she’s never talked to him. But when June arrives to town, she finds herself getting much closer to her biggest crush.

Wesley Hunt

He’s best friends with the popular crowd. He’s got everything he could get, except for the girls that is, since they all go to his best friend. Though Wesley’s never had eyes on a girl before, so he never got jealous from Art. But when Art starts getting attached to the new girl, Wesley’s got to be his wing man, and that’s when he finds himself falling for her best friend.

Esther Milton

She’s got beauty and boys knocking on her door, and it turns her older sister mad. When Esther first meets Art, her goal in life is to make him and his sister as far away from together as possible. But will that plan ever work, or will her looks win as always?

Zona Barnes

The 21 year old is Art’s sister. She’s a famous model in America, and is drop dead gorgeous. When she meets June, she senses danger, and tries to keep her little brother away from her. Esther alone might not be enough, but if Zona and Esther both unite, will June and Art get separated?

Julia Lewis

Head of the cheerleading squad, she is the prettiest girl in school. Every man wants to be with her, one of them being Art. But ever since June comes to school, her chances of being with Art are decreasing. What will she do to get her old life back? Remember, she’s a bad girl, and she could kill and get away with it.

Mackenzie Chapman

Being best friends with Julia, she has to be on her side all the time. Though the idea of getting rid of June scares her. What will she do to change her best friend’s dangerous plans?

Zachary Johnson

He has those angel looks, which makes him look so innocent. But every person has a devil inside of them, and his could be the most dangerous. All his life was based on ruining his enemy’s life. When he finds out that Art is getting close to June, he’ll try his best to win June, and destroy Art. Will he ever be able to win against the great Art Barnes?

Trevor Richards

Son of the school principle, which means he can get away with any trouble he causes. Where there’s Trevor, there’s chaos. And when he’s paired up with June for a biology project, not only is he planning to get an A+ on his grading book, but also on his chick book.


Hello everyone!
First, I wanted to thank all of those who commented on the character pictures! I hope you enjoyed them and that you'll keep up with me throughout the novel.

Second, for the people who still didn't check the character pictures, I'd love it if you do and give me some feedback! Unless you want to keep the character's looks for your creation, then that's fine with me!

And third, I've finished writing the first chapter, and hopefully will be updating it next weekend!

Other than that, enjoy your week everybody!

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